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The New York Time Style Magazine – 27 Jun 2018

An Astrologer Weighs In On Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello

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Mediacorp iWeekly Magazine – 19 Jul 2018
Fun With Destiny

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The New York Time Style Magazine – 11 Jul 2018

In Singapore, Astrology’s Resurgence Amongst Millennials

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TheFINDER Magazine – Aug 2016
SG’s ‘Sun’ Babies

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Astrology Articles

[How To Obtain Your Birth Chart] Have not seen what a real Astrological Birth Chart looks like? We’ll show you in this article, how you can generate your own unique birth chart.


[In Between Signs… Or Are You?] “I am a Half-Leo, Half Virgo”-Is that true? If you were born between the 20th – 24th day of any month, there would have been some confusion over which ‘sign’ you were. Find out once and for all which Sign you actually are.


[Venus In The Signs] Venus the Planet for love & romance, what does your Venus Sign tell you about your approach to relationships?


[Sun Signs Vs Moon Signs For Females] Ladies, do you feel that your Zodiac Sign doesn’t accurately describe you? Perhaps your Moon Sign may give you more insights.


[Your Career In The Stars] Do you get asked this question frequently; “Can you look at my chart and tell me what industry I should be in?”. Learn what does an Astrologer be able to tell from the astrological chart with regards to careers.


[The Moon: Your Moods, Reactions & Need for Security] The Moon is one of the components in an astrological birth chart, and it describes a person’s habits, reactions and the unconscious needs. The Moon shows us what we need in order to feel secure, comfortable and safe.


[Astrology Charts: Born on the Same Year, Same Day, Slightly Different Time] Twins! Yes, twins DO have different charts because astrology is based on the exact time down to the minute of the birth.


[Astrology Predictions: Are All Things Based on Destiny And Fate] Are all things pre-determined and fated? What can we change? Is there free-will? We examine the take on Predictions from the Western Astrology’s perspective.


[Survival Guide For Your Saturn Return] Saturn Returns are some of the major key milestones in a person’s life. Check out this simple guide to explain what a Saturn Return is and also how to survive through this major phase in life.


[Astrological Look At Crossroad Points In Life] Adulthood, Mid-Life Crisis & Retirement. These are all crossroad points in life which everyone experiences. Take a look at the astrological explanation to what happens to you during these milestone periods.


[Astrology Charts: Power & Influence] Can we tell if a person has Power & Influence over others from the chart? In this article, we’ll be looking at the charts of some influential individuals who have managed to have a strong influence over others.

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[Misrepresentation of Selfstrology Academy As A Joint Organiser] On 23 September 2018, Selfstrology was misrepresented as a Joint Organiser for the event.

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