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The Million-Dollar Hobbyist

May 29, 2021 Career Insights
The Million-Dollar Hobbyist

‘May, when I make a million bucks I’ll go [fill in life purpose]’

In my career thus far dealing with people and life purpose, honestly, less than 1% of dream careers actually need a million bucks to make happen.

Dreams shared with me have ranged from ice cream parlours to being dance instructors – not exactly dreams that require a fortune.

I would know: I started Selfstrology Academy with just $3k.

‘But I would have to give up my steady income to make it happen’

Well, yes. You’d have to go without a paycheck for a while, but a MILLION bucks would be what you would need to keep you alive for… wait…

… the next 10 to 15 YEARS.

And now it clicks.

The problem isn’t that the business needs a million dollars.

The problem is that the business isn’t expected to make ANY money for 10-15 years.

That’s a problematic ‘dream business’ if you ask me.

Do what you love….
Make no money…
Instead SPEND money…

Unfortunately, that’s not a professional. That’s a hobbyist.

They really enjoy themselves, but no one else benefits from their activities (at least not enough to pay them for it).

It’s like buying an expensive toy. Money out, no money coming in.

A true business built from a life purpose requires two non-negotiable criteria
You need to be friggin’ good at it
Enough other people (besides yourself) must get such a positive outcome that you can actually make a living from it

That kind of business almost never requires a million bucks.

If you feel your dreams are stopped because you ‘need $(fill-in-the-blank-amount) in the bank’, maybe you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Instead, put your efforts in the right direction.

Get REALLY good at what you wanna do

Start creating positive outcomes for other people.

That puts real purpose in your life… plus no more slogging in unfulfilling careers to make a million bucks!


Astrology That’s Practical & Relavant

‘How can astrology be applied to real life and solving real problems?’

Astrology is an excellent tool when it comes from the intent for troubleshooting and diagnosing what specifically are the issues. From recognising what doesn’t work, most intelligent people are able to draw many solutions to the problems.

At Selfstrology Academy, the focus is not to teach just the planets, signs, houses, and the boring technicals of astrology. But rather, we go to the root of what it means and how it influences real life, and always applying astrology to a practical context.

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