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When leaders do great, but their guys are struggling…

August 11, 2021 Insights Career
When leaders do great, but their guys are struggling…

A large proportion of my students are leaders. 

They lead insurance and property teams, corporate project teams, sales teams, and some are even the boss of their companies.

They came to learn astrology in order to help the people on their team, some of whom are struggling to adjust to this Air Era.

Even if they were here to learn to read their own chart, it was to find out how to be a better leader.

One student told me: ‘I can feel that I am a good leader, but if my guys are struggling, that makes me an ineffective leader by default’

Some discoveries that my Leader-type students got in the class I taught over the weekend:

#1 Realising you delegate by convenience, not talent management

One boss discovered that she put a key employee in an unsuitable role for years, when it was a role the employee disliked and did not operate well in.

#2 Accepting the wrong types of leadership roles

Leaders come in many forms; some are great at pioneering projects, others in a consulting role. Several students chuckled after reading their charts, finally understanding why some of their leadership projects were so unsatisfying.

#3 Being too hard on your team

One successful team leader was a workhorse – and she expected others to be just like her. She said ‘I finally understand why people have been leaving my team’.

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[If you work with people, this course will give you the kind of objectivity that no other tool will provide.

If you want to be a good leader, you need clarity about where you fit in and how you affect people. 

My next course is in early September. 

Leaders, coaches, and mentors, check out course details here

Astrology is useless when it’s just planets and signs.
It only comes to life when we know how to use it to contribute better to others.

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