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Why Famous People’s Charts Fit 100%, While Yours Doesn’t Always

August 13, 2021 Insights Career
Why Famous People’s Charts Fit 100%, While Yours Doesn’t Always

I’m a great believer in getting students to practice on Mystery Charts.

These Mystery Charts are always birth charts of famous people. Those are probably infinitely more interesting, and their lives more Wikipedia-able, than the mundane lives of most people.

Students get a taste of first interpreting a chart, then seeing how a person actually fulfilled the potential of that chart, eventually qualifying to become a ‘famous person’. 

Inevitably, students end up asking:

‘Why is it when we read charts of famous people, their lives match the charts so well, but when we read charts of regular people, it takes a bit of stretching to make the descriptions fit?’

Famous People vs Regular People

The answer to the question has many layers:

1) The ‘famous person’ was invested in being un-ordinary

Most famous people weren’t just good at their jobs. 

They went out of their way to do things differently from everyone else. 

Famous business people didn’t copy other businesses. 

Famous artists and musicians worked on their original creations.

Even famous criminals did their crimes differently from other criminals.

It’s common to see famous people quit school and conventional jobs very early on in life. 

The common denominator is that they all did things their unique way.

2) Famous people are action-takers

One common observation among my students is that: 

‘For regular people, the chart accurately describes the personality and intention, even though the actual life, careers and relationships, may not match’.

Yup! We think the difference is whether the actual life matches the chart… 

But the real difference is whether: 

Personality traits —–> Tangible outcomes or not.

Lots of famous people weren’t just interested in science. They invented things.

They weren’t just great at observing humans. They wrote books.

A lot of them didn’t just spot problems. They set up companies to solve those problems.

3) They’re not just ‘famous’, they were contributors

Most ‘famous’ people aren’t famous just for being famous.

They are contributors to humanity, symbols of what humans are capable of.

The charts seldom describe what they got out of life.

In fact, the astrology chart describes what they gave.

Charts seem to be a lot better at describing what you can contribute, rather than what you can get from the world.

Do the Charts Say if Someone Was Going to Produce Un-Ordinary Tangible Outcomes?

I think the astrology chart is something like an architectural blueprint for a phenomenal building.

It would be awesome, a game-changer, if you actually built the building.

Some people choose to take the resources to build a more standardised, oblong, conventional building instead. 

That’s an easier option, takes less thinking, plus you get to copy other people’s similar buildings.

It’s boring though. And the final building doesn’t look like the blueprint you started with. 

Some people aim to build that phenomenal building on their blueprint.

There’s a lot of strategizing, conceptualising, dreaming. Maybe they even took a few courses on how to build a phenomenal building. 

Problem is, they don’t get started. And phenomenal buildings take years, decades, to build.

In the meantime they live in oblong, boring buildings, while the phenomenal building remains a dream, a concept, an intention.

The building they have still doesn’t match the one on the blueprint.

– – – – – – – – –

The question, really, isn’t why regular people’s lives don’t match their chart 100%.

The real question is: How do I produce that phenomenal building?

And the answer is: Build according to that blueprint you were given.

Just look at centuries worth of famous people whose phenomenal achievements match their astrology charts perfectly.

Astrology That’s Practical & Relavant

‘How can astrology be applied to real life and solving real problems?’

Astrology is an excellent tool when it comes from the intent for troubleshooting and diagnosing what specifically are the issues. From recognising what doesn’t work, most intelligent people are able to draw many solutions to the problems.

At Selfstrology Academy, the focus is not to teach just the planets, signs, houses, and the boring technicals of astrology. But rather, we go to the root of what it means and how it influences real life, and always applying astrology to a practical context.

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