Certified Professional Astrologer Programme

Certified Professional Astrologer Programme

Deliver results for clients as a professional astrologer

Professional astrologers must deliver real-world results for paying customers, hence must have skills beyond chart interpretation abilities, such as how to run a professional practice, client handling, how to apply astrology techniques to real-world client concerns.

What you will learn
from this course

  • Applying astrology to real-world concerns such as relationship, career, financial and personal growth challenges

  • Clarity on targeting appropriate customer bases and methods of communicating professional services, expectations and results to customers

  • Practical considerations for setting up consultation and workshop processes

  • Practical, hands-on modules with opportunities to work with real clients in real consultation scenarios.

  • Managing clients’ psychological journeys, growth and engagement for both short-term (one-off) and long-term (coaching, programmes) processes.

  • Handling ethical and professional considerations for dealing with sensitive content such as private lives, political correctness, legal considerations, advisory limitations and decision-making

  • Solid foundation in esoteric technical skills specific to professional astrologers (e.g. calculating a chart without the use of computer software)

This course is for you if you
resonate with the following

Serious In Learning


You see yourself as a SERIOUS and COMMITTED learner of astrology and would like to take your astrology education further than just superficial interpretations.

Apply Astrology To Contribute


You see yourself to be using and APPLYING astrology within your profession to CONTRIBUTE to others by providing impactful insights and addressing concerns.



You wish to bring about CHANGE and design a new culture, and provide new innovative solutions to problems.

How the class works

Selfstrology Academy’s focus is on practical application and understanding how astrology plays out in real-life situations. We combine hands-on learning with an interactive online environment for students to learn best.

Participate In Live Sessions

Participate In Live Sessions

Live online classes are the most effective ways to see chart interpretations and life applications in action! Experience how charts can be applied into multiple real-life contexts in student-instructor interactions. Classes are recorded and all students receive recordings for their review.

Learning Kit (Course Package)

Learning Kit (Course Package)

Prior to the course, you will receive your course package which includes your course textbook in both printed and digital copies, along with pre-recorded lessons on the digital Learning Management System (LMS) with your own personal login.

Learning And Interaction With Fellow Coursemates

Learning And Interaction With Fellow Coursemates

Astrology is best learnt from seeing the behaviours and reactions from real people. In class, you get the opportunity to see and hear from other participants when they share their experiences and perspectives. You get to discover how the astrological chart comes to life.

Q&A And Telegram Chat With Course Leaders

Q&A And Telegram Chat With Course Leaders

On the course Telegram group, you’ll be able to ask questions as well as interact and discuss astrology with other fellow coursemates. The instructor and course administrators will also be available to provide any additional guidance and support on the chat.

Course Syllabus


Foundational Astrology

A rigorous revision of foundational astrological concepts, with emphasis on a firm grounding in archetypes and precision of keywords in interpretation.


Psychological Astrology

A rigorous revision of Psychological Astrology and the 25 Profiles, with emphasis on differentiating between the effects, application, back stories and transformation pivot points for each profile.


Chart Interpretation Mastery

Hands-on foundational work in chart interpretation for accuracy in profiling, identification of motivations and themes in life and exactitude of the use of keywords.


Predictive Astrology in Application (with Real Consultation Practice)

This covers the techniques for Predictive Astrology, with emphasis on its application to real-life situations and constructing a comprehensive forecast and past experiences for the client.

Apprentices will prepare Timelines for mock clients, with focus on conveying expected events and considering course of actions.


Relationship Astrology in Application

This covers the techniques for Relationship Astrology, with emphasis on its application to real-life situations and constructing a comprehensive interpretation of the dynamics in relationships, such as romantic, business and familial partnerships.


Astrologer Profiling

With most consultative modules completed at this point, apprentices will now focus profiling techniques on themselves, with the aim of determining the style of practice, the profile of clients and the type of issues which will fulfill requirements of personal alignment, business feasibility and effectiveness of results for clients. This module helps apprentice astrologers to identify clear directions and focus as they proceed onto further training.


Personal Consultation (with Real Consultation Practice)

Apprentices will face genuine clients presenting with real-world concerns in a mock consultation environment. Apprentices will undergo training in preparation for consultation, identifying areas of focus and consultation objectives, as well as structuring consultation procedures.


Astronomy for Astrologers

Professional astrologers require training in basic astronomy to gain a solid foothold on their understanding of planetary movements and behavior, including understanding of the Great Circles. This module also includes fundamental training in the science of geographical coordinates and the function and application of time as a human construct.


Casting Without Software

Also known as Calculations, apprentice astrologers are trained in the traditional calculation of astrology charts, without the aid of modern astrological software, just as astrologers have done for centuries prior to the invention of the personal computer (and the Internet).


Traditional Astrology in Application

This covers the techniques of Traditional Astrology (essential dignities, sect, history, conditions etc.), with emphasis on application to real-world chart interpretations.


Electional Astrology in Application (with Real Consultation Practice)

Apprentice astrologers undergo training in electional astrology, commonly known as date selection for important events.

The module includes practical training with real-world clients who seek to elect dates for events such as weddings, business incorporation, product launches etc.


Horary in Application

Horary is the technique in astrology most associated with divination (getting divine ‘answers’ to questions), and beyond the mysticism in horary, this module trains apprentice astrologers on integrating Horary with profiling, predictive and other tools for supporting clients to make important assessments in life.


Solar Returns in Application

Also known as the ‘Birthday Chart’, Solar Returns can be a quick and efficient way to obtain an overall picture of a given year in life. This module trains apprentice astrologers on integrating Solar Returns with other predictive tools to construct a clear picture of time periods in the client’s life.


Astro*Cartography in Application

Also known as the ‘world map astrology’, Astro*Cartography maps a person’s energy across the physical world, highlighting how locations can impact a person’s experience and vice versa. This module trains apprentice astrologers on integrating Astro*Cartography into consultative scenarios that involve considerations on geographical locations.


Rectification (with Real Consultation Practice)

Not all clients will be able to access an accurate birth time for themselves, due to a myriad of reasons, and this affects the accuracy of chart interpretations. Professional astrologers must be able to rectify charts, working backwards using factual life historical events to ascertain the correct birth time.

Apprentice astrologers will practice this in the hands-on module on real clients with inaccurate birth times.


Live Event

Apprentice astrologers will accompany the instructor in a marketing scenario where astrologers must deliver their services in real-time to real-world clients. This hands-on module trains apprentice astrologers on projecting a professional image, carrying out simple marketing campaigns, and dealing with clients on the spot, even if there is little time for chart preparation.

Unlock the secrets of astrology and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others

Upcoming Course Schedules & Details

If the upcoming class schedule does not align with your availability, or there are currently no visible class dates, please email us at hello@selfstrology.com with your interest. As soon as new dates are available, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! In fact, quite a number of past apprentice astrologers had existing practices prior to enrolling in the Professional Astrologer’s Programme. Most of our apprentice astrologers had faced challenges in applying astrology to real life situations and also in their effectiveness in helping clients, so were seeking a structured astrology programme that focussed on helping professionals to help their clients.

In some cases, it may be possible to do the programme partially, and requests are approved on a case-by-case basis. Do note, however, that incomplete participation may result in the apprentice not qualifying for certification.

The consultation techniques taught in the Professional Astrologer’s Programme is heavily dependent on the Psychological Astrology model and its profiles, and several other proprietary concepts taught in the basic classes, that are not taught in other knowledge sources, so we only accept applications from graduates of our Psychological Astrology course.

Students who have completed diploma programmes with the International Academy of Astrology (IAA), London School of Astrology (LSA), Kepler College, and other established astrology institutions may be eligible for exemption from the basic classes. Do contact our administrators at hello@selfstrology.com to check if you can qualify for an exemption.


Unlock the secrets of astrology and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others