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Overcoming Procrastination – May’s Thoughts

July 5, 2022 Career Lifestyle Insights
Overcoming Procrastination – May’s Thoughts


It is like a universal bad habit, where every single person from students all the way to CEOs, have to deal with it at some point of time.

While we use a blanket term of procrastination to cover and put off all types of to-dos that we have to do in our lives, consider that there are two types of procrastinations.

The First Type Of Procrastination – The everyday tasks you have to do

“Argh, I’m supposed to sweep the floor today. Nevermind, I will just do it later.”

This is the common procrastination for every individual. Tasks which may be as mundane as sweeping the floor. 

You basically decided that these tasks can be put off on hold, because it is not time-sensitive or you just don’t find it necessary to do it immediately. You procrastinate and end up watching Netflix instead. 

The Second Type Of Procrastination – The bigger plans in life you desire

Now, the other kind of procrastination is delaying action on activities or plans that are important for you, and these are the bigger plans in life, for example, getting a partner or getting a new job. Essentially, procrastination on the important things that matter to you.

“So when are you getting a partner?” 

“Maybe next year”

And this goes on every year. 

Or, you might constantly be complaining about how much you hate your job but you procrastinated looking for a new job, delaying the actual action to send in that resignation letter. 

These are plans that you really desire but you constantly put them off. 

“So May, how should I deal with or to address my issue of procrastination?”

In order to solve this, we’ll need to take a psychological approach to understand some of the root causes of your procrastination.

1. You get bored easily.

For example, if you have a lot of Fire (Planets in Fire signs) in your chart, you are always filled with energy and enthusiasm. You are likely to procrastinate on tasks if they occur to be boring to you or if you deem it to not be very exciting Especially if it is a routine task, like updating an excel sheet with financial numbers for your boss. 

2. You doubt yourself or your ability to succeed.

This often comes from a place of feeling not being good enough, because “I don’t think I am ever going to succeed even if I try”

I’ve heard this from one of my clients before: 

“My dream is to be a pilot. To fly commercial planes for passengers to new countries, but I don’t think I can ever be one”

Flying planes might not be your kind of thing but it applies to other things like starting that dream business of yours as well.

Because you don’t think that you’re going to succeed, so therefore you decided to stay in your comfort zone and in a job that you continue to hate.

3. There is a fear of rejection 

Your procrastination could also apply to your personal life and relationships as well, such as;

“I don’t have a partner now, but maybe I can live with this. 

Maybe my life could be amazing if I have an amazing partner, but I am not exactly sure that I’m going to be successful at getting a great partner in my life.

I’m not good enough to have a wonderful relationship with him or her.” 

There is the fear of rejection, which prevents you from getting into an amazing relationship. 

When you start to procrastinate in your life, it becomes really disempowering. 

Because it stops you from going for what you really want in your life, and you are not taking actions to get towards the life you desire. 

Hence, before you think of reasons why you are not good enough, or why you have negative thoughts of not being able to succeed, ask yourself: what is stopping me from taking action? 

Is it the disempowering conversation of rejection or the fear of failure that is preventing you from taking steps closer to the plans you want to do? 

Astrologically, the fear of failure is due to the influence of the planet Saturn, while the fear of rejection comes from Pluto. 

Although everyone has the planets Saturn or Pluto in their charts, it isn’t just ONE indicator that we should look at but rather, the relationships between the planets that constitutes the 25 Psychological Astrology Profiles, as seen from the matrix below: 

When you attend the psychological astrology course, you get to identify which of the psychological profiles you have in your birth chart, and understand how having some of these profiles might be the root causes of your procrastination. Through getting a deeper understanding of yourself and these profiles, can allow you to actively take actions and guide you to get started with important plans that you have always wanted. 

If you are seeking a deep profiling and psychological tool to be able to help address your mental obstacles and pursue the results you want, click here to find out more about our course!

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