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Is There Such A Thing As An “Unlucky Birth Chart”?

June 28, 2022 Career Lifestyle Insights
Is There Such A Thing As An “Unlucky Birth Chart”?

“May, is my chart bad? Do I have an unlucky chart?”

I remember this one particular guy who came up to me during a spiritual fair. He looked really sad and was very disappointed. He gave me his chart details and while I was looking at it, before I had a chance to speak he asked, “May, is it true that my chart is really bad? That 70% of my life is not going to work? That whatever I do, I will have a 70% chance of failure?

I was appalled when he asked this. And it dawned upon me that many people who had encounters with such irresponsible spiritual practitioners might have heard this about their chart and hence, many want to know if these statements are really true, that their charts are “bad”. 

As with other forms of astrology like Vedic Astrology, Bazi, Qimen, Western astrology does have its traditional roots as well. Typically in the traditional forms of astrology, they tend to have overarching themes of what is deemed as positive or negative for people in general – which in the common phrase also known as: “good” and “bad”. 

For the modern context, this is frowned upon as such deterministic categorisation and interpretations do across as extremely disempowering (as what we’ve seen with the client’s behavior above)

In fact, in my experience, I found that a lot of the most successful illustrious people we have ever lived in our human history have got what we call “bad charts”.

A good example would be Albert Einstein. His mother was actually summoned to class because his teacher insisted that he was too stupid to follow the class. In fact, his parents were concerned about Einstein’s intelligence because he was slow in learning to speak. He even had a childhood nickname “the dopey one”. But we all know what happened when Einstein grew up and his amazing progressive ideas and achievements after that.

Einstein’s chart did show indications that he was going to be a misfit at school and he would struggle with the conventional education system. But if his mother had been a superstitious person and brought his chart to a traditional astrologer when he was six or seven years old, the traditional astrologer might just have told his mother that her son is stupid and she should just take him out of school. 

Imagine if his mother had really believed it and done that, we wouldn’t have had half the amazing things that we have today as a result of Einstein’s contributions!

So How Is Modern Astrology Different?

The biggest difference between traditional and modern astrology is that modern astrology not only encourages people to look at indicators that might not have worked on the surface, but it also provides an opportunity for a different perspective and to figure out other ways that we can create something else of value instead.

For example, if you are terrible at writing and just can’t seem to take a pen and put words into sentences, but yet your chart could still show signs of being a great storyteller. Consider some of the best Hollywood directors in the world, where they create fantastic blockbuster movies. They didn’t have to write an essay but they are still able to convey their stories using visuals and images. 

In modern astrology, instead of just looking at where the “bad” or “good” planets are and determining if your overall chart is “bad”, we focus on where your strengths are and natural skills you can best utilize to contribute to the world instead. 

At Selfstrology, not only do we use the modern approach, we even include the element of Psychological Astrology into our practice and in the way we interpret charts. It provides an illuminating experience to help understand why you struggle with certain life challenges and the self-imposed obstacles in your mind.

How easy would it be to blame the chart that a person could be ‘destined’ a lifetime to be an unlucky victim of scams and be resigned to that ‘fate’ – but rather it is the fundamental issue of not recognising that it is precisely their own psychological behaviors that paint unrealistic images in their heads or the unwillingness to verify information when in doubt, that causes the situations of non-clarity and increasing the risks of misunderstanding information.

If personal choice and taking responsibility for your own life and actions is something you resonate with, and would like to explore knowing yourself on a much deeper level to work out the areas which you know you are weak at, but also to maximize your natural skills and abilities to provide a contributions to others, click on the button below to learn more about the course. 

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