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The 3 Tell-tale Signs That Your Business Might Fail

June 22, 2022 Career Lifestyle Insights
The 3 Tell-tale Signs That Your Business Might Fail

If you are like most people starting out a business, it might be an exciting start with fresh ideas, visions and dreams of how the business will grow and be ‘successful’.

However, when the business owner starts to ask the question “Will my business succeed?”, there’s doubt and uncertainty.

To address the question, we must first dig deeper and identify the real underlying reasons for the doubt and uncertainty – be absolutely clear what is NOT working out currently that’s preventing you from your determined success of the business.

Through many of my clients’ responses and case studies, I’ve compiled 3 of the top tell-tale signs that will cause the business to fall flat on its face

Although this might come across as hard truths, possibly discouraging any aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, this is what’s actually important for you to recognise if you start to display any of these 3 tell-tale signs and if so, how you can address them.

First Tell-tale sign: Not sure what is the exact reason for doing a business

“Hey May, I would like to start my own business, but what business should I do? 

“What business can I do so that I will succeed?”

The truth is, if you are asking these questions, it might actually be that you are not really clear about what you actually really want to do in a business. Your intention might be more focused on, “I want to start a business” rather than “this is the business I want to do”. 

When the intention of wanting to start a business is purely for other reasons such as, wanting to leave a 9-5 regular paying job, getting bored in the current work that you are doing, or escaping from the idea of having to work hard under a boss for a living, setting up a business based on these reasons and intentions might not actually work.

Second Tell-tale sign: The business is not exactly matching your astrology birth chart

An astrologer will be able to provide a career profile based on certain key career indicators in your astrological chart. Even for business owners, we often look at these career astrology Indicators such as who your natural audience is, what innate or natural skills that you have to create value and how you are able to contribute more to society.

There are many indicators to look at to come up with a career profiling but personally for me, the most important indicator is the Sixth House, which represents the work that you do on a daily basis. This is a very important astrology indicator because it shows the requirements of the work that you do daily. 

The business that you are proposing to do needs to match what your charts say about doing the type of work you enjoy everyday to determine your staying power in this business. 

How long are you willing to stay in a particular type of business if your chart does not describe that this is the type of work you are willing to do every single day

For example, I have Venus in Aries in the Sixth House. Venus in Sixth House means that I must enjoy the daily work that I do. In fact, it is a requirement that I find enjoyment in a self-directed and entrepreneurial manner [Aries] in the area of work that I do, which is what I am doing in Selfstrology with my team! I love teaching my students astrology and constantly thinking of new ways and methods to deliver my courses to students so that they can understand these difficult astrology concepts.

Look into the astrology indicators in your chart and notice if what you are doing matches what your chart says about you. However, just knowing your career profile is not good enough. It is always better to identify what is not working out for you in your business, what activities or projects you actually enjoy working on and what value you can provide to the people you want to help. 

Only then can you craft out your business plans accordingly and maximize your resources such as your skills, your time and money. 

Third Tell-tale sign: You go into a business with your best friend but you have no idea what kind of partnership this might work out to be. 

When people usually want to start businesses with their friends, especially their best friend because of the already existing comfort and familiarity, it might come with some partnership problems if this was the only reason for roping your best friend in to work together with you.

One of the struggles is when the both of you have the same skill sets and are unable to bring different skills to the table. For example, both of you might be very adept with finance and accounting, but have no experience at all with marketing. 

The partnership might still work but one of you has to give up on your existing skills and learn a new skill (in this example, pick up marketing) for this business to work. But is this the best way to maximize your resources in this business? 

Also, if you go into business with your best friend solely based on the reason “I know him the longest”, or “he is the only person whom I can trust” then perhaps, this business partnership might not work even if it is a good business idea. 

Because often, the underlying secret is because you don’t want to admit to yourself that you want to start a business but you are afraid to do it by yourself. The real purpose of your best friend entering into the business with you is to “hold your hand” and ensure you do not feel alone in this journey.

Because the purpose and intentions are not necessarily set out to focus on fulfilling the business objectives, it is no wonder that the business would run into problems. – Even worse, causing the relationship to turn sour when the business doesn’t work! 

Therefore, before entering into a business partnership, regardless of whether it is with your best friend or an acquaintance, looking into both your astrology charts together based on natural skills set and personality profiling can be a good indicator to the level of compatibility. 

For example, are you someone who is happy to actively reach out to new people and bring in new projects and ideas? On the other hand, could your partner be someone who is comfortable working behind the scenes, maintaining the projects on a daily basis? 

This partnership might work because both of you contribute to the business in different ways. If you are currently in a partnership, what can each of you bring differently to the table? 

Hence, these are the three tell-tale signs that you might want to re-think your business if these signs are present.

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