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Finding Motivation – Understanding Your Mars Planet

“How can I find motivation? How do I motivate myself?”

At some point of time in our lives, we often try to find motivation when we feel lazy and tasks are not getting done. 

When we relate it back to astrologically, is there “motivation” in our charts then? 

The truth is, we cannot find motivation. Finding motivation is not taking an action, we can only feel motivated

And the real reason why we are looking for motivation is because there is an action that we usually want to take to get things done, but we tend to become lazy. 

Hence, instead of looking for external motivation, consider looking at what drives us to be motivated instead? What is the outcome that we want, to keep us constantly motivated? 

Once you identify the outcome that you want, the “prize” at the end, this “prize” is what will keep you motivated in your life. 

How does this relate in astrology? 

In astrology, the planet Mars represents action and getting things done. 

As Mars is a masculine planet that is associated with competition, survival instinct, aggression and violence, it also indicates the way we operate to get the “prize” that we want at the end of the day. 

Depending on the house placements of the Mars planet in your chart, these areas of life can provide a good indication to how you can structure your life so that you can operate in what we call “a motivated manner”.

For example, if you have Mars in the First House, this means that you tend to be a restless person. You need instant action and instant gratification. It is very difficult for you to work under long projects, especially projects that have long timelines and do not give you achievable short milestones. You will tend to give up halfway once you lack the sense of fulfillment, resulting in feelings of dissatisfaction 

If you have Mars in the Second House, you will tend to be very motivated by physical rewards, such as a financial reward.  But when there is no financial reward or monetary gain from an action that you are supposed to complete, there will be a lack of motivation and you will not operate to your best ability, perhaps even to the point of half-hearted efforts just to complete the bare minimum.  

With Mars in the Seventh House, the house of partnership and relationship, you tend to work really well when there is somebody that you are working with, be it a romantic partner, business partner or even a client. When you have a partnership, you will be motivated not to let your partner down, as you have probably made promises to him or her and you are motivated to deliver the promise. However, in tasks where no partnership is involved and you have to do the work yourself, you don’t feel motivated, which can even lead to procrastination and even not getting the work done.

The last example, Mars in the Tenth House, usually known as the house of career, fame, reputation and recognition, individuals tend to want to get ahead strongly in their careers, but somehow shies from the top job, always choosing to be the subordinate to a higher authority. However, there is a potential risk of being resentful for being suppressed or limited by the authority. 

Looking at the Mars placement on your chart will explain certain behaviors you will portray, but going in deeper can reveal the psychological aspects, what are your psychological reasons that may have caused certain behaviors that can trigger you to be motivated. This constitutes the 25 Psychological Astrology Profiles, as seen from the matrix below:

Based on the last example,  if you have a Mars in your Tenth House, you have a Mars-Saturn profile known as ‘The Builder’. You may be a hardworking individual who tends to work hard rather than working smart, and are very resistant to shortcuts. However, the truth is, there is a psychological root cause to these actions that you take – this is because of the resentment that you have against people who have the capabilities to get ahead of you faster, with a lot less effort compared to yourself. 

The Builder also tends to have low expectations of success for their endeavors, even if they did attain achievements and success. However, this is because psychologically, they have very low confidence in their ability to deliver success. 

If you have The Builder profile, the way in which you can get yourself motivated would be to take pride in building quality work and a structure that works. Don’t just go for the feeling of motivation. Give yourself a prize worth fighting for and always establish that prize so that you always get your plans done. 

Through getting a deeper understanding of yourself and these psychological astrology profiles, identifying the profiles you have allows you to actively structure your life according to the types of motivational rewards you need in your life.

If you are seeking a deep profiling and psychological tool to be able to help address your mental obstacles and pursue the outcome that you want, click on the form here to join the waiting list for the next course!

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