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How Can Earth Signs Survive In The Air Era?

July 27, 2022 Insights Career Lifestyle
How Can Earth Signs Survive In The Air Era?

“Hi May, when you mention Air Era, does this mean that I will not survive because I have very strong Earth elements and I am a Capricorn?”

Attendees of my webinar, students and even clients often express their worries about being very “Earth” every time I talk about the Air Era.

If you have the same concerns, I can see why just like them, you might start to panic and think that you can no longer survive, especially when you tend to focus on topics such as; money, possessions, resources, financial systems, etc.

How can I tell if I am a very ‘Earth’ person?

Firstly, it does not just depend on whether you are a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. – That’s just your Sun Sign!

If you’ve generated your own astrology chart (generate your chart here), you realise that you are actually made up of multiple planets (not just the Sun) and in different signs.

So an easy way to tell if you are a very ‘Earth’ person, you have to check if you have many of the other planets (such as the Moon, Mercury, Venus, etc.) in the signs of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.

(p.s) Of course, in my courses, we also use an additional weightage system and Dominant Archetypes to determine your Elemental makeup more accurately.

So is it really true that people with Earth signs are going to struggle in the Air Era?

To assure everyone, personally my Sun sign is in Taurus and my Dominant Archetype is Capricorn. Therefore, I am actually considered an ‘Earth’ person, someone with strong Earth elements.

But for the record, I am not panicking at what is to come.

The truth is, when the world was in the Earth Era for the last 200 years and it transited from the Fire Era to the Earth Era, people who were strong in Fire element did not die. They survived and even adapted to the new era.

So it’s NOT TRUE that ‘Earth’ people are going to struggle in the Air Era.

How then, can people with strong Earth signs contribute in the Air Era?

For a start, people with Earth signs can start to think about how and what kind of contribution or skill sets you have, as the world is progressing towards the Air Era.

Take for example, Taurus’ inherent skills in managing resources in very practical ways.

Because when we look at resource management, is it only applicable in the Earth Era, such as running a factory or a provision shop? Or does the type of resources have to be money, investments and properties?

Not at all. In fact, thinking beyond the Earth Era concepts, resources could also mean food. It could mean daily necessities. It could even be time and manpower. Hence in the Air Era, Taurus can have the capabilities and skill sets to manage Air Era resources because there still needs to be a practical way to manage the logistics.

Someone needs to ensure the sustainability of projects, manage resources and make practical decisions as to whether the next action is worthy or not – and a Taurus is absolutely great at it.

For Virgos, they are extremely adept in the precision and inner workings of systems. This makes them excellent at being able to spot problems and also to come up with workable solutions to fix these problems.

With these traits and strengths, they become valuable to any project or organization to ensure the workability and smooth operations to getting things done, even in the Air Era.

In the case of Capricorns, despite being known as corporate-ladder climbers, they are also naturally motivated by maintaining and keeping standards high and upward progression.

They become assets to teams because they hold very high quality standards and are always asking “Can we do better?”

Therefore in the Air Era, can we spend more time creating a product, be it a physical or digital product, even if it is not a product that provides any monetary gains? Can we produce better quality music for everyone to appreciate?

These are questions that we can always ask ourselves, to maximize our skills in creating value and contributing something better.

These skills that you can apply do not change regardless of the Era, which allows you to utilize them effectively.

Hence, if you are a strong “Earth” sign based on your elemental balance, here’s what you should do:

  1. Do not panic. You will survive the Air Era.
  2. Start thinking about how the world of the future can use the talents that you have
  3. Take actions and maximize your strengths in the work that you do

In Selfstrology, we get students to tally and define their elemental balance between the four elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Knowing their elemental balance allows them to identify what they are strong or weak at, and immediately apply what they have learnt in their everyday lives, such as at work collaborating with their teammates who have the exact opposite of their elemental balance. – also importantly, to appreciate the strengths and contributions of others who may be very different from you.

In fact, the students examine multiple real-life examples in class and the different elemental balances of all their fellow classmates. This practical application exercise allows them to use it as a profiling tool directly among their team members or even family members.

A sample of an Elemental Tally that describes someone being High Air and Low Earth.

We have exciting news to share!

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This time, I have revamped my course after taking into consideration all the feedback and I will be launching a new course in September, which I believe you and my new students will love!

Hence, I will be conducting an online preview session for you to assess how this new course is going to be.

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