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Authentic or FAKE – Which One Are You?

August 2, 2022 Insights Career Lifestyle
Authentic or FAKE – Which One Are You?

A student of mine, Josephine (name changed), shared this in class recently.

I am currently an employee in a corporate company and I have been working there for 3 years. But sometimes, I find myself so angry at my company.

They pride themselves on being committed to their vision to improve animal welfare, by providing large amounts of donations to animal shelters, animal rescue missions and so on. 

Trying to look good. 

But behind the scenes, the products that we use are actually harmful to animals! 

There are experiments being done on animals for product testing. 

What an irony! 

I struggled with thoughts of raising my opinions on many occasions during the company’s feedback surveys or board meetings. 

But at the end of the day, I chose to keep quiet instead because, 

“Why should I raise this matter up? Have I got anything to gain from voicing my opinions on this matter?”

But deep down, I feel guilt. 

The inner voice in my head wants me to be real and authentic to my values and beliefs, but we are taught to grow up in an environment that does not allow us to speak up freely unless we have nothing to lose.

May, I feel fake and I don’t feel genuine.”

Have you felt inauthentic, fake and unable to speak up before?

If you are feeling the same way, it is possible that you have a profile called, ‘The Individualist’, in my 25 Psychological Astrology Matrix profiles (p.s in short, the PA Matrix).

As an Individualist, you like to be different, sometimes even being a bit rebellious, away from the conventional structures. 

You are a change-maker and tend to not obediently accept things the way it is if you strongly disagree with them. 

However, The Individualist is actually also a community-oriented person. 

To Josephine, being authentic is very important to her. She is not really upset about the company not being true to the mission statement that they portray to the media. 

She is not really upset about the company pretending to look good. 

What she is really upset about is her fear of not speaking up and the guilt of her being dishonest

She felt inauthentic when she made her choice of staying silent and not standing up for what was wrong.

What then, can ‘The Individualist’ do to get out of these negative behaviours and find a way to truly become who they are?

The truth is, what Josephine wants is to become someone who speaks up for what is right instead.

Even if that means going against the majority. 

This is a powerful choice to make because it takes courage

However, Josephine doesn’t have to “attack” anyone per se, or be aggressive with her opinions. 

What she can do is introduce new and alternative ideas for doing things. 

She can find a community of like-minded people – leading a revolution of a new way of doing things. 

And most importantly, being authentic to herself instead of keeping silent and resigning to what is happening that is not “right”. 

For example, Cliff Neo, a student of mine, works in a big Chinese tech firm in the training department. 

He is actively spearheading and running a diversity inclusion programme in his company. 

The objective of his programme is simple – remove the imposter syndrome that his employees have and get them to acknowledge who they really are.

After self-acceptance, it is about getting individuals to embrace their individuality and uniqueness. 

Not letting their uniqueness be an embarrassment but a form of strength.

And being The Individualist himself, Cliff highly advocates this programme to his colleagues and he is helping several of them being an Individualist in their own ways, generating positive outcomes.

When there is the desire to change things positively and contribute to the community, it is powerful for you to become truly aligned with who you are. 

Many of my students have different profiles from the PA Matrix and they have undergone similar yet amazing transformations too. 

They never expected how much they can achieve by diving deep into their psychological inner self and understanding their core. 

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