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Is There Such A Thing As A Dream Job?

October 25, 2019 Insights Career
Is There Such A Thing As A Dream Job?

So is there such a thing as a dream job? In my 16 years of experience as a professional consulting astrologer, I get asked about dream jobs in consultations all the time. What usually comes up when we talk about dream jobs is that, people conjure up images of fast sports cars, travelling to multiple countries, having lots of time off AND making bucket loads of money at the same time! Now, doesn’t that sound like what you have in mind too?

However, you see… there is fundamentally a BIG problem here…

The problem lies with the word ‘DREAM’.

When it’s a dream, it’s not real! It is probably something somewhere out there which the possibility of it happening is frankly close to impossible. And you’ll find for most people, they’re thinking; “Oh, you know, that was a great dream – that was a great idea. But you know, it’s not happening today, it’s not happening tomorrow, it’s not happening next year – maybe not in this lifetime”

And this is the big kicker that people get easily discouraged or disappointed, thinking that it is overly ambitious and they know that it’s relatively impossible to get there immediately.  It’s kind of sad if you think about it makes people feel resigned to the current situation and not do anything about it.

There’s a way around this.

Recently I had attended a course conducted by my coach, Melvin Soh (Yes, we all need a coach in our lives to achieve what’s beyond ourselves), he introduced a concept called the “PREFERRED” job. Before you jump in to say that it’s just a different wordplay, but this actually shifts psychologically the way you would view the job.

When we start talking in the realm of the “PREFERRED” job, you start to realised that the conditions are much more realistic and attainable, such as; shorter working hours, modifications to current job scopes, doing work which is more aligned with what you wanted to do, etc. Suddenly, these factors are a lot more do-able and actionable.

Even if it feels like you’re just talking baby steps to make changes to your work environment, you’re actually shifting closer to attaining your preferred job which would give you the right kind of satisfaction you want.

If you found that a simple tip like this would put you closer to achieve the career satisfaction you seek, consider that in the Career Transformation Weekend Programme, we get participants to consider similar concepts like these and apply to the activities. Through the programme, participants start to design a new career which leaves them aligned with their purpose, work with people they like, while getting paid well for what they do. For more information about the programme, click here

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