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Was May accurate about the “end” of Covid-19?

February 17, 2022 Insights Career Lifestyle
Was May accurate about the “end” of Covid-19?

Over the past few days, there have been announcements made that Singapore will start to simplify Covid-19 rules and regulations, such as safe distancing measures and restrictions in the number of pax.

Channel News Asia article: There will be a revised measure called Health Risk Notice (HRN) which will be introduced on 18 Feb.

From May Sim’s JUN 2021 Webinar “Half-time: Strategies for 2021 & Beyond” shows Chiron in 6th House is related to pain or wound in the area of health

From May Sim’s 10 JAN 2021 Webinar “The Rules Have Changed” shows that Neptune Cj Chiron in the 6H, relating to health problems (Covid-19) from 21 March 2021 to 18 Feb 2022

From May Sim’s 20 NOV Webinar: The Second Wave; It’s not over yet shows that there is no more Chiron activity after 18 Feb.

So what does it mean that Covid-19 has ended?

The end of Covid-19 does not mean that Covid-19 as a disease will end, but rather as a chapter of the world’s events that we refer to as the “Covid years” will end. The disease will not be gone.

History has shown us that diseases such as Ebola and Tuberculosis have significant periods where such severe diseases caused massive outbreaks and it was so rampant that people could not move on with their lives.

Yet till today, Ebola and tuberculosis still exists, although it is no longer a significant problem. Likewise for Covid-19, the number of cases will continue to fluctuate, but the preoccupation with Covid-19 is now over, people are no longer panicking about it and are slowly moving on with their lives.

Is this going to be yet another ‘temporary release’?

No. Some might be hesitant about this easing of regulations, thinking that it might be another temporary measure until the number of cases increases again. There are no more astrological triggers to Chiron in the near future, hence this looks to be the end of Covid-19 measures.

What can we expect now that Covid-19 is “over”?

In the last two years, with Covid-19 as a distraction, there have been quite a lot of events that have been happening around the world that were not paid much attention to when everyone was passively waiting for the day Covid-19 ends.

Now that this distraction has ended, the focus starts to shift towards resolving some of the other underlying issues that have been present for a very long time, such as issues relating to politics, equality, social, production and supply chains.

For example, when everyone had to work from home and subsequently adopt a hybrid model globally, people experienced a high rate of dissatisfaction from work. They are more alerted to thoughts and reflections like:

“Am I aligned with the values of this company I’m working for?”
“Why am I not happy with the work that I am doing?”

Will it drive the rate of resignation even higher? Quite likely.

From May Sim’s 20 NOV Webinar titled: “The Second Wave; It’s Not Over Yet” which shows Singapore’s timeline.

In my November’s Webinar, I gave a sneak preview of what you can expect in the Second Wave. There are upcoming pockets of time periods that will bring disruption, challenges and yet more delays in Singapore, as shown in the image above. For example, Neptune squares Jupiter hence there will still be uncertainty on travel and non-clarity on laws and legal system.

Just because Covid-19 is over does not mean that the Earth to Air Era transition is over.

We are moving into the next phase of the transition.

Issues that we are going to face, such as financial instability, supply issues and job dissatisfaction, are still present just that it is no longer focused on Covid-19. In fact, things will not “go back to normal”. The drastic changes that everyone is expecting in the markets and job situation will in fact accelerate after COVID instead of improving because people are no longer in the ‘wait and see’ attitude. Things will start to happen faster, and it is best to be prepared for the changes to come.

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