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The Psychological Reason Why People Hang On To Jobs They Hate

February 2, 2022 Career Lifestyle Insights
The Psychological Reason Why People Hang On To Jobs They Hate

The recent Great Resignation has got scores of people leaving their jobs voluntarily and searching for more meaningful work to do.

But for some, no matter how unhappy they feel in their jobs, or know that they are in a bad career position, leaving an unfulfilling job is easier said than done.

The keyword: Responsibility.

In astrology, the ‘responsibility’ planet is Saturn.

Saturn keeps us clear about our obligations, dependencies, and what is expected of us, which is great for professionalism, reliability, and stability.

The problem is, Saturn also makes us confined within the boundaries of those obligations and cannot see a solution outside of the box.

I’ll like to introduce some Psychological Astrology (PA) profiles that I’ve observed in both my clients and my students, who are most likely to stay in bad jobs for a long time:

Moon-Saturn PA (The Caretaker)

Those with this PA profile tend to fear that having made a promise to be responsible for a work outcome, they cannot leave their workmates, bosses and customers in the lurch even when they are unhappy with their jobs. Their sense of responsibility is that of overcare: ‘If I leave, who will take care of all these people?’

Sun-Saturn PA (The Achiever)

Those who have Sun-Saturn PA are capable of devoting themselves to a single career trajectory over a lifetime that will cost them highly in terms of time, money and effort. However, this also means that if they are stuck in an unfulfilling job, they are prone to sticking around for extended periods due to the fear that if they were to make a significant career change, it would make them look unprofessional or flighty.

Mars- Saturn PA (The Builder)

The Builders are extremely hard-working people, but tend to become rather attached to a formula of tedious, repetitive work. While such jobs easily result in them feeling stuck, unappreciated and unfulfilled, the fear of new environments and lack of faith in their ability to adapt prevents them from making a change.

… and frankly, many more profiles, but that’s all we have time for in this article!

Many of my students come into the PA class wanting to leave their jobs for the longest time. They dream of leaving and they know that there is a barrier, but cannot pinpoint what is holding them back.

So there is non-action, but without being able to identify the root problem, it’s possible for years of their life to go by, spent unproductively in careers that do not utilise their natural abilities and temperaments.

The understanding of PA Profiles allows students to pinpoint the real relationships, environments, and service scopes that they really need and, desire, so that students can seek or better still, design careers that truly contribute to a rewarding life of service.

We invite you to embark on this transformative journey too, for you can also make the first step to your own career transformation!

Our Psychological Astrology Course, Chart Your PA Matrix, is a course specially designed for you to own your career transformation.

Click on the link below to find out more about our course. Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at: +65 8138 3615.

PA is a lot more about knowing about yourself. It’s about becoming better versions of ourselves.

See you in class.

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