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How can I Use Astrology In A Helping Profession?

August 23, 2022 Career Lifestyle Insights
How can I Use Astrology In A Helping Profession?

In one of our student meetups, I invited Jeremy Tan (Purpose and Trauma Coach) and Xin Hong Tan (Relationship Coach) as guest speakers to share their experience of using astrology in their professional coaching practices.

The question that kept coming up during the session was, 

What was the trigger that firmed up your decision to be a professional astrologer/coach?”

The interesting answer they gave: There wasn’t necessarily a ‘trigger. 

They started with the desire to help specific people they cared about.

They didn’t need a trigger to ‘motivate’ or ‘push’ themselves into taking action – it was a natural process.

For Xin Hong, her sole purpose of studying astrology from the very beginning was her desire to include astrology in her coaching profession, where she helps single women get into fulfilling relationships.

Jeremy Tan wanted to help people deal with trauma, by helping them break out of childhood trauma patterns and toxic relationships and finding life’s purpose.

Although they are in very different professions, both of their journey’s common objective was to be able to make a difference to people.

Are you on your journey to practice astrology in a more professional manner? 

Or do you want to apply astrology as a tool into your current profession? 

If this sounds like you, well, there is one tip to note… 

It is very important to differentiate your purpose from a hobbyist’s mindset

Because quite often, for those who struggle to transition, the tendency is to focus on studying ‘what’s interesting to me’ or ‘astrology to get to know more about myself’

Although both statements are valid reasons for learning astrology and makes astrology a powerful self-help tool…

The truth is, it doesn’t lead to creating results for clients or training with an objective to produce outcomes for others (as opposed to for self). 

Internal conversations can be illuminating as to whether one has a ‘self-help’ vs ‘help others’ mindset. 

A good example would be the difference between: 

‘How do I get the courage to become an astrologer?’ (Self-Help mindset, help myself get courage)


‘How can I guide my clients to move to the next level?’ (Professional mindset, focussed on getting outcomes for others).

Many students assume wrongly that they need to get the courage to fulfill their own career dream first before they can help others. 

In fact, the real reason why most people can’t make the change is because they are thus far ineffective at helping others, and therefore can’t charge a legitimate fee for their service. 

The irony is that focussing on others’ needs first, and being effective at doing so, automatically creates the natural progression to professional practice. 

Also, what many may not have accepted yet is that doing astrology as a profession is a business. 

A lot of people are adverse to the idea of doing sales, or having to sell their service. 

It is infinitely easier to do a fun, informational reading for friends and personal contacts without professional strings attached, no sales promises and responsibility required.

But to be a professional astrologer, or to even be in a helping profession, business realities may include a lot of non-fun, non-interest, non-astro activities like setting up social media networks, running a website, running advertising, and spending large amounts of time creating content. 

In the session, Xin Hong, Jeremy and I talked about how much time they spent creating content in fact, the time spent is often more than that spent on seeing clients and conducting classes! 

For many, being deterred by the sheer amount of work done that benefits others but not directly for self is a stark reminder of how much of the purpose of an astrologer needs to be other-focussed rather than on personal interest.

Therefore, transiting to a professional astrologer or a helping profession, not only requires having a business mindset, but the focus on who you would like to help; which group of people do you want to use Astrology to make an impact on their lives and help them to achieve breakthroughs?  

You don’t have to become a professional astrologer to start helping someone with astrology.

I have many students in helping professions, HR professions and talent recruitments who are actively using Psychology Astrology, and the PA Matrix as a tool. 

Cliff is running diversity programmes for employees in a Chinese MNC firm, using his understanding of psychological behaviours. 

Sabrina and Shyan-Hwei, currently in HR professions, are actively educating themselves to use PA as a tool for recruitment because they believe in placing people in the right jobs and having the right career.

Cheyenne, a business therapist and coach, already applies PA to help her coachees get past their struggles in their businesses. 

Yin Din is a trained psychologist and a school counselor where she incorporates PA concepts into her jungian psychological therapy methods, bringing her counseling abilities to the next level for her clients.

Many of my students see the value in PA and how it can help others, using their own skills and talents. 

Join me on my upcoming course preview as I share with you how the PA matrix is a useful tool and the skills to acquire, if you are in a helping profession. 


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