Technical Astrology

Technical Astrology

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Chart interpretation is more than just planets, signs and houses.

In the Technical Astrology Course, we introduce complex chart components that are difficult to learn from web sources and are taught in a classroom environment with live examples.

Highlights include Nodes (life purpose indicator), Chiron (pain & trauma indicator) and Aspects – those lines connecting planets in the chart.

What you will learn from this course

  • The 9 techniques to identify which planets in the chart are considered ‘strong’ in the chart

  • Produce richer interpretations beyond just planets, signs and houses

  • Access training to interpret lesser-known astrology components like Chiron, The Nodes, Angularities, Singletons™, Chart Patterns, Retrogrades, Out-of-Bounds planets and Antiscia

  • Understand, interpret and apply astrological techniques such as Aspects and Aspect patterns

  • Discover the chart components that have a significant impact on a person’s life purpose

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Accurate & Deep Interpretations


Most online sources and books can only produce superficial interpretations, and at best can only be described as a personality profile.

The Selfstrology student produces interpretations that describe a person’s unique life story and experience, just from applying interpretation techniques. This training helps the astrologer uncover blind spots, growth areas and personal purpose.

Practical Application


For the Selfstrology student, it’s not enough to just ‘know’ what the chart says – you want to know how to help yourself and others LIVE the purpose and contribute your skills and talents to produce useful outcomes in life.

This course prioritises application at every stage of your training. Students identify potential problems that traits may produce, how to redesign and realign activities to leverage on natural skills and behaviours.

How the class works

Selfstrology Academy’s focus is on practical applications and understanding how astrology plays out in real-life situations. We combine hands-on learning with an interactive online environment for students to learn best.

Participate In Live Sessions

Participate In Live Sessions

Live online classes are the most effective ways to see chart interpretations and life applications in action! Experience how charts can be applied into multiple real-life contexts in student-instructor interactions. Classes are recorded and all students receive recordings for their review.

Learning Kit (Course Package)

Learning Kit (Course Package)

Prior to the course, you will receive your course package which includes your course textbook in both printed and digital copies, along with pre-recorded lessons on the digital Learning Management System (LMS) with your own personal login.

Learning And Interaction With Fellow Coursemates

Learning And Interaction With Fellow Coursemates

Astrology is best learnt from seeing the behaviours and reactions from real people. In class, you get the opportunity to see and hear from other participants when they share their experiences and perspectives. You get to discover how the astrological chart comes to life.

Q&A And Telegram Chat With Course Leaders

Q&A And Telegram Chat With Course Leaders

On the course Telegram group, you’ll be able to ask questions as well as interact and discuss astrology with other fellow coursemates. The instructor and course administrators will also be available to provide any additional guidance and support on the chat.

Course Syllabus


Angular Planets

We examine sensitive placements of planets near chart angles that make planets more powerful and significant within a birth chart.


Migrated Planets

Sometimes planets operate in more than one house! Learn how to identify such planets and how to blend meanings for multiple houses for a single planet.


Chiron The Wounded Healer

Explore your own inadequacies but also how the ‘Wounded Healer’ unlocks your healing abilities and your ability to help others.


The Lunar Nodes

The Lunar Nodes describe a unique life purpose journey, should you choose to accept your mission. Learn how to extract this story and uncover the price of the journey to the North Node.


The Aspects

Those coloured lines that connect planets in a birth chart – Aspects are among the most difficult astrology techniques to self-learn. Here we break down the types (and sub-types) of the aspects, with interpretation strategies.


Chart & Aspect Patterns

What happens when planets form ‘patterns’ in the birth chart, and what additional nuances in that person’s life does it signify? Here we do a detailed analysis of the various Chart and Aspect patterns in astrology.


Retrogrades & Out-of-Bounds Conditions

There’s a 92% chance that a chart has one of these special planetary conditions – yet few know how to interpret these. Learn how people are affected by retrograde and out-of-bounds planets, and how to use them to produce extraordinary lives.

Unlock the secrets of astrology and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others

Upcoming Course Schedules & Details

If the upcoming class schedule does not align with your availability, or there are currently no visible class dates, please email us at with your interest. As soon as new dates are available, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Intermediate Astrology

Intake Starts 02 April 2024

8 Evenings (Tues & Thur): 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25 Apr | 7:00pm-10:00pm (SGT)
$1997 SGD
Intermediate Astrology

Intake Starts 27 Aug 2024

8 Evenings (Tues & Thur): 27,29 Aug, 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19 Sept | 7:00pm-10:00pm (SGT)
$1997 SGD

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will have 1-year access to the Learning Management System (LMS) which includes online resources such as pre-recorded videos that you can rewatch at your own pace and course assignments that you can apply to your own astrological chart.

For further support, students can opt to join Jupiter Circle, Selfstrology’s student community, for access to regular astrology workshops, events and masterminds, where we take the education further and have them applied to life.

The intermediate courses require a very solid foundation in astrology and most self-taught hobbyists are not expected to be able to keep up with the content – the instructor will not be rehashing basic techniques if you miss out on the basic syllabus.

Students who have completed programmes with the International Academy of Astrology (IAA), London School of Astrology (LSA), Kepler College, and other established astrology institutions may be eligible for exemption from the basic classes. Do contact our administrators at to check if you can qualify for an exemption.


Unlock the secrets of astrology and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others