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Astrology Reveals: Your Unused Talent (Madonna and Kim Kardashian)

August 20, 2022 Career Lifestyle Insights
Astrology Reveals: Your Unused Talent (Madonna and Kim Kardashian)

Making a career change, mid-career switch, or even having multiple careers…

You might be surprised to hear that for some people when they switch careers, it may not be because they are unhappy.

Well, not everyone has to be upset with their careers.

Some actually make the switch even though they are very good at what they are doing.

Because somehow, there is this nagging feeling at the back of their minds, that they are also good at something else.

That they are also talented in other skills…

That they might actually be useful in another career.

But why is it that people are unable to fully use all their natural talents that they have?

Before I show some of the famous examples like Madonna and Kim Kardashian, let me share with you some of the reasons why I think people are wasting their unused talent.

1. Their JD (job description) just simply does not allow for it

Imagine someone with the typical job scope of an accountant, filling up excel sheets, doing up financial reports and producing analysis.

BUT, what if this person is secretly very creative, good with colours, shapes and is very interested in painting.

And him crunching number at his job doesn’t require his creativity and his expression of colours – the job simply doesn’t call for it.

It sort of feels like a part of his expression or even what he’s good at, that is not being ultilised.

What a waste of creative talent right?

2. They are not confident of this unused talent

What if you or if you knew someone back at school who’s great at organising events, putting together all the necessary logistics and planning and ensuring that the event runs smoothly.

But years later, they are in a career that doesn’t require or use these talents or skills, there isn’t an opportunity to continue to apply these to.

And because of the lack of practice and not continueing to organise events, they start to feel the lack of confidence to showcase this abilities of theirs.

They even start to doubt whether they are capable of doing what they were previously was good at.

It feels as if like a talent just got reduced to nothingness.

3. They fear that other people might not be impressed with their talents

There is also cases in which some people might know that they have certain talents and what they are good at, but have fears about being judged for if they are ‘not good enough’ or that they are ‘not being responsible’ for pursuing their talent.

Even worst, they fear being rejected by people, not being accepted for what they are capable of to provide with their talents.

All of which results, in someone feeling small and needing to hide the talent away.

How then to not waste these talents and use them constructively?

Now let’s look at some famous examples who did not waste their unused talents away, beginning with the famous Madonna.

Madonna, famously known as the “Queen of Pop”, is the best selling solo female artist of all time. Everyone recognises her as an American singer and songwriter.

But not everyone knows that Madonna has another talent – she writes children’s books! And a very good writer too.

In fact, she is so good at it that besides topping the musical charts, both her first and second children’s book, “The English Roses” and “Mr. Peabody’s Apples” instantly debuted No.1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

Astrologically, how can we explain her being able to tap into this other talent, besides being a famous pop star?

Based on the Archetype Tally calculation, Madonna is a Leo dominant, where she has the talent capability to be expressive, creative and passionate. Leo signs tend to work well with children because of the playful nature too.

She has many planets in the Twelve House, with those in Leo signs placed in both Eleventh and Twelve houses.

The Twelve house tends to be associated with the idea of imagination, tapping into the unconscious minds.

Through interpreting her planets, signs and houses together, this explains why she can easily create an imaginative world for the children, expressing it with creative imagination.

Kim Kardashian
Let’s take a look at another example, Kim Kardashian.

Although she is famously known as an American model and influencer, she is actually very gentle and caring in the way she expresses her feelings.

Kim Kardashian is a Pisces dominant, and her Moon in Pisces is also in the Fourth House (migrated).

The Fourth House, which usually represents homes, private and personal life- this being themes that wasn’t prominent in her entire influencer career.

As for her hidden talent, before Kim Kardashian got famous as an influencer, she used to be extremely successful as a closet organizer- which actually fits nicely with what her Moon describes

She would go to famous celebrities’ houses and sort out their closets in a caring way.

She would even advise them!

But the thing is, her superpower is not just about keeping a closet tidy.

It was about giving them the comfort and confidence to be comfortable with themselves, and to be at ease with their own skin, in a compassionate way.

And this is what left her raving reviews: “After she is done with my closet, I really feel that I’m more in touch with myself!”

This is Kim Kardashian’s hidden and unused talent – being the profile ‘The Empath’ with her Moon in Pisces.

Although she might not be actively using it now as a model and a business owner, but pretty sure she recognises this as a natural talent and nothing can stop her from unleashing this superpower if she wants to.

Have you wondered that perhaps, you also have unused talents that you have never unleashed before?

Or felt that your career didn’t fully utilize your strengths?

But consider this – is it possible that you can also pull off a Madonna, or a Kim Kardashian?

If you feel like your career is not enough to fully maximize your talents, consider finding out more about your job.

Perhaps there are side hustles or side projects that you could get involved with in a very meaningful way.

It doesn’t mean you have to quit your job, but there is more you can contribute using your superpowers.

And the first step is discovering parts of yourself that are aligned with your natural talents, your strengths.

Thereafter, figure out your purpose and your natural audience – who will appreciate your natural talents?

It is time to unleash your hidden talents.

Don’t let it go to waste.

Find out how you can achieve and unleash your hidden talents, by learning how to interpret your own birth chart. Click on the link to find out more!

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