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Did You Get ‘Stuck’ In The Wrong Career? (A Lot Of People Do)

August 30, 2022 Insights Career Lifestyle
Did You Get ‘Stuck’ In The Wrong Career? (A Lot Of People Do)

The Real Career Hurdle

After working with astrology charts and careers for more than a decade now, I’ve come to a realization about the biggest hurdle to fulfilling careers.

And it’s not what you think.

The biggest hurdle is NOT that people need to ‘find/know’ what it is.

It’s that even they DO know what it is…

Even if they conclude without a doubt that the current career is the wrong one (defined as ‘I do not want to do this for the rest of my life’)…

…They don’t make the change.

On the surface, this phenomenon is senseless. Being in the wrong career accounts for a significant proportion of a person’s unhappiness, knocks to self-esteem, lack of a purpose, absence of enthusiasm and desire to contribute, not to mention showing negative role models to their children about jobs and work.

The cost of getting this wrong is extremely high.

Think about it. Typically when we see that something is wrong and there is a cost of error, we fix it real quick. 

If FedEx gets your parcel wrong you call them immediately. If the colours of the flowers for your wedding bouquet are the wrong shade you deal with the florist immediately.

We take action immediately to fix errors that may cost us $80.

But when it comes to errors in choice of job/career, many people endure the cost for years, sometimes decades, sometimes their whole life.

Omg. Why’s that?

Here’s what I see: We call FedEx and the florist immediately because we are the customer. We pay, and therefore we want to get what we paid for. 

In a job/career situation, we get paid. 

Somehow, somewhere in recent modern human evolution, we came to the conclusion that getting paid = you just have to do whatever you have to do, whether it’s right for you or not.

And that’s why, unfathomably, when we flip the equation, you get a senseless conclusion like: if you do what you’re meant to do = you won’t get paid (as much).

That makes no sense. 

The Magic That Happens When People Are In the Right Careers

People who do what they are naturally meant to do:

  • Do a better job than everyone else
  • Are more expressive, innovative than everyone else
  • Are happier, more energetic and expressive than everyone else
  • Produce better results and value than everyone else

In every profession, the top absolute top performers earn multiple times what everyone else makes, contribute positively to the community, and literally glow with joy in their natural self-expression.

While everyone else sort of gets by, going through the motions, just there for the paycheck.

As an example, top architects like Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid should probably not do anything else in their life. The results they produce are unique, impactful… and most importantly, natural to them. 

Even for the less famous, I know architects in my country who have a strong sense of purpose as they design spaces that transform how people live, work and play. 

You can see the glow on their faces when they talk about their work. They don’t ever run out of projects to do, and they get paid very, very decently – because they do fantastic work. These guys are meant to be architects.

I personally know lots of architects who have no interest or passion in buildings at all. They chose architecture for its social prestige, career prospects and other material reasons. 

These guys spend the majority of their time submitting paperwork for approvals, licenses, investment pitches etc. They are bored, unengaged, jaded, often looking for other things to occupy their time, like investing in forex, crypto etc. In other words, architecture was not what they were meant to do. 

The Current Solutions in the World Don’t Work

The world is now obsessed with trying to find solutions to career misery – but I think none of these solutions are really working. In some cases, they actually make the situation worse. 

Counselling and therapy doesn’t make people suddenly love their jobs. In fact, it tends to draw even more attention to their unhappiness than before… with no tangible solution.

HR departments, training and ‘upskilling’ adds on to existing skillsets, but in some cases it’s sinking investment and people deeper into professions which they were already unsuited for to begin with.

Investment offers that promise passive income, multiple streams of income, virtual income, early retirement are providing an escape route away from unrewarding jobs, but promotes a trend where ‘value’ is just numbers on a screen, and where obsession is on gaining resources to spend, but where no one is actually producing anything of real value.

No one is really addressing the REAL issue here: people dislike their work.   

Do Work That You Are Great At, Provides Benefit to Others, Fulfills Your Purpose

There isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with work.

In astrology, the 6th house represents the area of life that’s concerned with work, but it’s also service, being useful to others, having a purpose.

Without work, you have no purpose. That’s why so many of the ultra-rich who don’t have some form of work to carry out or service to others often suffer from severe mental problems and identity crises.

In astrology, doing what you’re meant to do has a name, and it’s not ‘job’ or ‘career’.

It’s a calling.

Aside from the practical considerations of skills, talents, personality, astrology asks of you a fundamental spiritual question:

Why are you even here?

Why imbue you with specific skills, traits, experiences, challenges, relationships, flaws?

Because you are here to carry out the fundamental work that you came here to do.

And most people lose sight of that, lodging themselves into ‘jobs’ or ‘careers’ because everyone else said it was a good idea. 

They listen to everyone else, they stop listening to themselves.

When you take a fish out of water, it’s miserable. Put the fish back in the river, and it functions like magic.

And I don’t know of any other tool in the world that can help a person discover their calling. 

Personality quizzes, HR Depts, career advisors, government statistics, job portals… these help if you’re looking for a job or a career. 

But if what you seek is a calling – there is no tool available in the world for this, except astrology. 

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