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“I Want To Know What I Am Good At”

September 11, 2022 Tips Insights Career Lifestyle
“I Want To Know What I Am Good At”

‘I want to know what I’m good at’

This is one of the most common phrases I get when I ask clients and students why they want to interpret their astrology charts.

It’s quite possible this question is on your mind too, if you’re reading this.

In this article, I share 3 thoughts/insights about this very simple statement, and why I think it’s so important to understand the psychology that goes behind it.

1. You don’t know what you’re good at

The fact that it is necessary to request from an astrologer or from a chart the answer to ‘What am I good at?’ means that the asker doesn’t know.

Considering that the majority of us are adults, some even with decades of work experience under our belts, that we don’t know what we’re good at, is a confounding idea.

It suggests that the jobs we had been doing up to now were not utilising our talents, otherwise it would already be clear what we’re good at.

2. You don’t feel that you’re good at anything in particular

It may seem quite heartbreaking, but it’s quite possible that many people just don’t feel that they’re any good at anything – at least not to make their living with.

Mind you, it doesn’t mean the statement is true. 

Obviously, you’re good enough at something to have made your living thus far, so actually, most people DO know what they’re good at. And it’s possible to get this information without looking at astrology charts.

That means we’re all good… right?

‘I want to know what I’m good at, that I can make a living from’

You know the answer just by looking at what job/work/activity pays your bills. 

But yet… the question lingers.

Lots of people still want their chart interpreted for the purpose of career profiling. 

There’s still an answer they’re looking for.

So here’s my third insight:

3. The question ‘What am I good at, that I can make a living from?’ is NOT the question you’re really thinking about when you go to your astrology chart

Because you already have that answer.

Your chart actually shows you what you WANT to do – not what you’re good at.

The common mistake is that most people look at the chart to find out ‘what I’m good at’, because the fantasy is to suddenly discover that they already have a voice like Beyonce or an intellect like Einstein, something that guarantees instant success based on something they immediately possess and can use. 

The kicker? Your chart doesn’t tell you what you’re good at. 


Your chart tells you ‘what you WANT to be good at’. If someone wants to be a singer like Beyonce, they put themselves through rigorous voice and dance training, they network with music industry bigwigs, they work hard to look awesome, they spend hours in the recording studios perfecting a record.  

Beyonce didn’t get successful because she has a great voice. 

Lots of people have a great voice, but they don’t have a successful singing career.

Beyonce is successful because she wants to be a great singer – and still wants to be a great singer, even though many people consider her already successful.

Quite often the chart shows you the possibility of where you can get to – and it gives you a constant blueprint, a map to keep moving towards fulfilling the purpose you are capable of carrying out.

The real reason why humans still want to consult their astrology charts is because they’re looking for a better version of themselves they can potentially get to…

Skills that they are going to possess and work towards…

Contributions they are going to make for others’ benefit…

We’re not looking to find what we’re already good at. 

We already know what we’re good at. 

We know that if we keep doing it, it will continue paying the bills.

For some of us, that’s not enough.

The real reason why we go to charts is to know how we can do more, reach more people, and give our talents. 

The chart shows us how we can go beyond an ordinary, ‘survivor’ life, to actively use our talents to make a difference.

This is the real reason why we ask the astrologer: ‘I want to know what I’m good at’.

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