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Harnessing Psychological Astrology for Personal Growth

We enable individuals to delve into their psyche and understand their life’s mission using psychological astrology.

Our modern astrological techniques, coupled with self-development principles, offer a unique framework that helps individuals overcome personal challenges and blockages.

Discover your true freedom, purpose, and self-expression.

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Dive Deep into Your Own Astrological Chart

Our academy offers the tools and knowledge you need to interpret your astrological chart, helping you tackle personal challenges and stimulate self-growth.

Learn Astrology

Learn Astrology

Understand the unique interplay of zodiac signs, planets, and houses in a birth chart, and how it can shed light on personal tendencies and challenges.

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Personal Consultations

Personal Consultations

Experience transformative one-on-one consultations. Gain clear, actionable astrological insights to confidently manage life’s ups and downs.

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Train As A Professional

Train As A Professional

Prepare for a rewarding career as a professional astrologer, empowering others on their journey towards self-understanding and fulfillment.

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Our Students

Our Students Come From Unique Trades & Professions.

Teacher Environmentalist Aerial Artist Therapist Coach Engineer Producer
Writer Consultants HR Nurse Counsellor Accountant Operations
Marketer Developer Publisher Doctor Financier Teacher Therapist
Founder’s Words

My name is May Sim, and in 18 years of my professional astrology practice

I’ve had thousands of clients and students who seek careers that are aligned with their personal purpose.

I teach a programme called “Decode Your Birth Chart”, and so far we have helped hundreds of students realign their careers to match their purpose, simply by uncovering their natural personality, natural skills and natural audience.

Among my students are professionals, managers, bosses, organization founders etc. – they have taken on meaningful careers, made powerful life purpose decisions, gained confidence in their work… and I want you to have this too.

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We utilize psychological astrology and personal development principles, creating a practical approach to help individuals face and overcome personal challenges.

Insights From Our Students

Hear From Our Students

Our community is enriched with individuals who’ve utilized psychological astrology and personal development principles to confront and surmount personal hurdles.

Benedict, Ex-CFO, Pertroleum Industry:  How Benedict pivoted his mindset at crucial crossroads in life

Shi Xin, Aerial Artist:  How Shi Xin went from a miserable government scholar to a passionate and happy aerial artist.

Xin Hong, Relationship Coach:  How Astrology has helped Xin Hong become a better coach to make a stronger difference to her clients

Lacie, Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner:  How Lacie incorporated psychological astrology into her chinese metaphysics practice.

Jasmine, Music Teacher:  How Astrology has helped Jasmine to be more focus and clear with her strengths and life purpose.

Carmens, Author & Coach:  How Carmens went from managing events to publishing her book on self-love

Yin Din, Counsellor:  How Yin Din got the courage to pursue a meaningful career change from teacher to psychology and counselling.

Anu, APAC Senior Director:  How Anu Made Her Freelance Reiki Practice Into A Possibility

Cheyanne, Counselor:  Former digital marketer to full-time trauma & purpose coach & psychology astrologer

Erin, Business Owner:  How Erin Discovered What Is Her Inner Strengths And Purpose That Propels Her Forward In Her Business

Freqeuntly Asked Questions


Modern and Practical Astrology

At Selfstrology, we specialize in modern and practical astrology. While we draw upon the time-tested foundations of traditional astrology, we’ve refined our teachings for the contemporary professional. By incorporating self-development techniques, we’ve created an approach that resonates deeply with our students. In fact, feedback often highlights that ours is among the most practical astrology lessons available.

Distinct From Spiritual Disciplines

It’s essential to understand how our approach differs from other spiritual modalities. Unlike Feng Shui, Spiritual healing, or Indian Vedic astrology, which venture into the spiritual realm, our classes are entirely on tangible, grounded aspects. To illustrate, when a student decodes a birth chart in our classes, they gain insights into the specific value they bring to professional relationships within a workspace. As a result of this discovery, it empowers them to optimize their role, aligning better with positions that suit their strengths, ultimately leading to breakthroughs in their work.

Tailored for All Levels

Recognizing the diverse backgrounds and aspirations of our students, we’ve meticulously designed our syllabus to cater to everyone, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. For instance, while we have foundational courses that introduce learners to the essentials, we also delve deep with intricate programs exploring the psychological facets of astrology. Moreover, for individuals fueled by the desire to transition their astrological passion into a thriving profession, our Certified Professional Astrology program stands as a beacon.

In Conclusion

In short, what sets Selfstrology’s courses in Singapore apart is the seamless blend of age-old tradition and contemporary relevance, adaptability catering to varied learning trajectories, and an unwavering commitment to delivering practical, real-world solutions.

Yes, our classes are conducted online, live on Zoom. They maintain the same rigorous standards as our in-person sessions. Participants can expect engaging, interactive sessions, where they can pose questions, participate in discussions, and receive real-time feedback.

As such, we receive plenty of overseas students at well, in apart from those in sunny Singapore.

Firstly, our primary offering is the Certified Professional Astrology program. This certification is a testament to an individual’s comprehensive understanding of both fundamental and advanced astrological concepts. It signifies a deep knowledge of decoding birth charts, understanding life patterns, and providing actionable insights based on astrological readings.

Moreover, while we don’t offer an internationally recognized diploma, our rigorous and detailed curriculum equips students with the knowledge to easily pursue such global qualifications independently.

Additionally, our certification is unique because it goes beyond theoretical knowledge. We emphasize real-world applications, ensuring that certified individuals are adept at using astrology as a practical tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and professional consultancy.

Selfstrology offers certificate courses designed to ensure students gain in-depth and practical astrological knowledge. While these courses might not be internationally accredited, they are recognized for their comprehensive content and practical application. Many students have found our curriculum to be exceptionally thorough, equipping them to pursue further studies or even clear international examinations with ease.

Our focus is on real-world applicability, enabling learners to use their knowledge not just for theoretical understanding but for tangible personal and professional insights. In essence, while we might not offer international accreditation directly, our certificate courses stand as a testament to quality and depth in the realm of astrology.

When it comes to astrology in Singapore, the name May Sim stands out prominently. But what has solidified her reputation as the best astrologers in the region? A deeper look into her background reveals an impressive journey marked by dedication, expertise, and a distinctive approach.

Education and Faculty Position

May Sim isn’t just another astrologer; she’s a trailblazer. She holds the honor of being the first Asian to graduate from the International Academy of Astrology in Cleveland, Ohio. Furthermore, her expertise is so recognized that she now serves on their faculty and is the author of their Psychological Astrology syllabus.

Founder of Selfstrology Academy

With a passion for spreading knowledge, May Sim established Selfstrology Academy, recognized as Asia’s top psychology astrology academy. Under her guidance, the academy has molded hundreds of astrologers worldwide, including individuals from diverse locations such as Brazil, Ukraine, and Switzerland.

Career Transition: A Source of Inspiration

May Sim’s personal journey is nothing short of inspirational. At the young age of 24, she took the brave step of leaving her job role as a General Manager in a Height Safety company. This bold move to follow her passion in astrology has since motivated many others to pursue their unique professional paths with confidence.

Dedication to Career Development

May’s fervor for understanding careers through astrology is unmistakable. She delves into how individuals, as described in their astrological profiles, can maximize their strengths for personal satisfaction and growth. Many top executives, entrepreneurs, and coaches, currently discontented in their roles, turn to her insights for transformative direction in their professions.

What People Say

As a speaker, May Sim’s dynamic personality shines. She has engaged audiences from Facebook to government organizations like the Health Sciences Authority. What sets her apart is her practical critical-thinking skills, which offer a refreshing and unique perspective on a range of topics. Moreover, her ability to make astrology relatable and accessible keeps her audiences captivated.

Prominent Media Presence

The media can’t get enough of May Sim. She has been featured twice in The New York Times Style Magazine and has made appearances in various other esteemed publications, from AsiaOne to MediaCorp Publications. Her interviews reveal her no-nonsense, straightforward approach, setting her apart from other spiritual-type practitioners.

Events and Engagements

Beyond interviews, May’s commitment to sharing knowledge is evident in the numerous public events and webinars she conducts. She generously offers her astrological take on global trends and shifts that influence the broader community.

In conclusion, May Sim’s esteemed reputation isn’t just built on her expertise. It’s her straightforward, practical approach, combined with her vast experience and unique perspective, that cements her position as Singapore’s top astrologer. Above all, her dedication to real-life applicability and personal development makes her truly unparalleled in the field.

Foundational Knowledge

Firstly, for newcomers or those looking to strengthen their basics, we provide the “Decode the Birth Chart Basic Astrology” program. This course introduces core concepts, paving the way for more advanced studies.

Psychological Astrology

However, for learners aiming to explore the nexus between astrology and psychology, our “Psychological Astrology” course is ideal. This program equips students to understand deep psychological patterns through astrological indicators. Most importantly, it allows them to address these patterns in practical scenarios.

Professional Pathways

For those inclined towards becoming a full-time astrologer, Selfstrology presents its Certified Professional Astrology program. It is tailored to produce well-rounded professionals, competent in both theory and client consultations.

Embracing the Digital Age

Recognizing today’s digital trends, we’ve incorporated live Zoom classes. Consequently, we cater not just to local enthusiasts but also to students from other countries.

Specialized Workshops and More

In addition, we organize periodic workshops, webinars, and events focusing on specific astrological topics. For instance, sessions that delve into global trends influenced by astrological shifts.

In conclusion, Selfstrology offers diverse courses, from foundational to professional, ensuring every individual finds a course suited to their needs.

Depth of Training at Selfstrology

Selfstrology provides comprehensive training that equips students with both foundational and advanced insights into astrology. Our curriculum is designed to cater to each individual’s learning curve, ensuring growth at every stage.

Building a Career Foundation

Our Professional Astrology course is a keystone for those aiming to pursue a full-time profession. It covers essential areas, from birth chart interpretations to detailed astrological predictions, with a focus on practical application. The course also integrates real-world case studies and hands-on sessions, preparing students for professional consultations.

Quite a number of practicing astrologers in Singapore are alumni of our academy, a testament to the robust training and mentorship we offer.

While Selfstrology does not directly offer a diploma, the depth of our curriculum equips students to pursue an international diploma in astrology seamlessly. Moreover, under the guidance of May Sim, who holds an esteemed diploma in astrology, students benefit from her expertise and mentorship throughout their learning journey.

At Selfstrology, we champion the modern approach to astrology, which seamlessly integrates the foundational elements of traditional astrology with real-world, practical applications. This focus on practicality is tailored for self-development, addressing tangible issues and enabling actionable strategies. Be it deducing the root causes of personal challenges or unearthing one’s life purpose, our methods are meticulously designed for concrete insights and results.

We do not offer the following

Indian Vedic Astrology

Distinct from our modern approach, Indian Vedic Astrology derives its essence from fixed constellations, often grounding its predictions in ancient scriptures that highlight one’s karmic journey. This approach offers a more spiritual view of an individual’s life path. We do not practice Indian Vedic astrology methods like Pranic healing and Vastu shastra. A famous astrologer in this field is Guru Ji Dr.


Horoscopes, often a popular facet of astrology, provide generalized predictions based on Zodiac signs. While they offer cursory insights, they lack the depth and personalization that our practical astrological readings provide.

Tarot Reading

Tarot reading employs a deck of cards to offer insights or predict future events, focusing more on intuition and spiritual interpretation. Tarot readers uses this to delve into the psyche and the spiritual journey, differing significantly from our evidence-based, practical approach.

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices, which include methods like pranic healing, explore the unseen spiritual realm. They operate on beliefs, energies, and principles that delve deep into one’s spiritual being, contrasting our grounded, action-oriented methodology.

Fortune Telling

Fortune telling, a practice often synonymous with predicting the future, uses an assortment of techniques to offer insights. Its broad interpretations and predictions are different from the precise, actionable advice we provide.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, is about harmonizing one’s environment to attract positive energies. It focuses on spatial arrangement and orientation, quite a departure from our method which revolves around celestial interpretations for self-development.

In short, while each of the mentioned modalities has its merits and applications, at Selfstrology, we don’t offer these services. Our strength and uniqueness lie in the modern, practical application of astrology for self-development, ensuring clarity, action, and tangible results.

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