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How To Transition Your Hobby To Your Work & Keep Having Fun!

October 6, 2022 Career Lifestyle Tips Insights
How To Transition Your Hobby To Your Work & Keep Having Fun!

If you are like most people, your work is completely disconnected from other areas of your life. It’s also quite likely that you don’t find your job fun at all.

Hopefully, you don’t find yourself among the many who completely detest their work.

Either way, wouldn’t it be great if your work could be more connected to who you really are?

And…what if you could turn something you find fun into your work?

Maybe you are even one of those people who daydreams about doing what they love for a living. For example, you might think, Oh, it’d be great if I could paint for a living. I love painting…

Or maybe everybody tells you, Oh, your paintings are so good. You should do that for a living!

But then…

At the same time, you might worry that if it became what you did for a living, you might not enjoy it so much. You wonder, will I still be able to paint just for the heck of it, for my own fun?

You experience this resistance.

And that resistance is the reason why most people aren’t able to make that transition.

The way to overcome it is a mindset shift

It’s about changing how you think about the different areas of your life.

Looking at your astrological chart could help. It consists of 12 houses, each one describing a different area of your life.

Your Fifth house is where your expression and personal creativity shows up. So when you look at it, you’ll see this house connected to your hobbies and talents and any entertainment or games you enjoy. Basically, it is your fun house.

The Sixth house relates to your work, serving others and other practical efforts. It’s essentially your work house.

So, how do you bring something that is described in your fun house into your work house….and yet continue to keep it fun?

When you bring something from your fifth house into your sixth house, it doesn’t disappear from your fifth house. It is still there. At your core, it’s something that makes you happy. It’s just that when you make that leap from hobby to work, in order to keep enjoying it, you have to make a mental adjustment about your approach to that activity.

Psychologically, there’s a huge difference between how you approach what you do for work versus what you do for personal pleasure.

When you turn a hobby into work, you can simply make the choice to keep the fun side of the hobby for your personal enjoyment only.

Let’s use an example of a hobby artist. At first, they might be miserable in a corporate office, desk-bound work environment. However, on the weekends, they love throwing paint around on a canvas for fun. Everyone always tells them they should be a full-time artist instead of sitting at a desk in an office.

Looking at their chart, the artist’s creative talents are probably described by the fifth “fun” house.

How can they practically apply their artistic skills without limiting their fun of creating?

They might start a class teaching others to develop painting as a hobby. Or they might develop one specific style painting for sale and just focus on creating that one painting for clients. They don’t have to sell the abstract paintings they love creating on the weekends.

They can separate the classes or the “product” as being their sixth house practical application of their skills. They can serve others as an artist while keeping alive their enjoyment of throwing around paint in their off time. On weekends, they can continue to throw around as much paint as their heart desires, creating abstract canvases without changing that activity to support themselves.

Transitioning a hobby into the work sphere doesn’t have to change or remove the hobby.

In this example, the artist successfully separates their art work from the fun they have with art as their hobby.

Another example could be someone who loves baking themed cakes, like ‘My Little Pony’ cakes. For fun, they always bake and post their cake creations on Youtube. They could also start baking wedding cakes as a business to serve clients. Meanwhile, they can continue baking themed Youtube cakes for themselves, for fun. There is no reason they cannot continue to do both.

When I do interviews, I actually get asked about this very often. Everyone wants to know, how in the world did you transition astrology from being your hobby to being your profession?

I simply found a way to make it a career by serving clients with my knowledge of Psychological Astrology – a topic that I continue to really enjoy. I teach people about astrology and produce these courses. When I’m doing all of that, I’m applying the traits described in my sixth house, making practical use of my skills in service of others. It’s how I earn money.

However, I’ve shared with some people that there is a different side to my astrology (a much more technical, geeky mind-numbing astrology) that I do for myself, for fun. I regularly do this astrological research that doesn’t have a purpose to help anybody. It’s just astrology that I enjoy on my own. That didn’t change when I turned astrology into my career.

There’s a clear division between my personal and professional astrology.

The astrology that I do on my own, is like the artist throwing paint for fun. Or the wedding cake maker making ‘My Little Pony’ Cakes for Youtube.

You just have to remember that what you do for fun and what you do for work are two separate things, And looking at the two separate areas on your chart helps you see that difference more clearly. The fun fifth house and the sixth work house each serve you differently – and address a different part of your brain.

What’s so useful about Psychological Astrology is that when you look at your chart, you can identify something from your fifth house that you could also use to serve others in your sixth house.

If you don’t know what is in your fifth and sixth house, it is worth finding out! By seeing how both houses appear in your chart, you’ll be able to have a deeper psychological understanding and insight into how what you love to do could have an angle to it that works well for you to serve others, as your profession.

Many people – myself included – have been able to keep hobbies fun even while building a fulfilling career around them. You might be able to do the same.

It starts with learning more about your chart! Embark on this self-discovery journey where you‘ll be empowered with astrological tools that help you better define what is truly important and calls out to you with deeper meaning and purpose. Click on the link below to find out more!

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