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Have You Been Cast in the Wrong Role in Life?

October 13, 2022 Tips Insights Career Lifestyle
Have You Been Cast in the Wrong Role in Life?

If you’re being honest, you’ve likely formed a false first impression about someone at least once.

During a recent Psychological Astrology class, I had a woman who introduced and presented herself in the class as being a business owner who runs a chain of backpacking hostels. Immediately, the rest of the class formed an impression that she was the ‘go-getter’ type of personality, someone who would be at the forefront of new initiatives.

But actually…

Later in that class, she began sharing stories that even though she runs these hostels, she is not really the CEO-type of person. She does not enjoy being in the office or wheeling and dealing.

Her true identity is someone who prefers being out with people and fixing things. She enjoys sweeping the floor, chit-chatting with suppliers and working with mechanical stuff. If there’s a blackout in the hostel, she is the first one who goes downstairs to find and get the right wires connected.

Hearing those stories surprised everyone, and it became clear that the class had formed a false first impression.

Sometimes the way a person appears is an accurate portrayal of who they really are. But just as often, it isn’t.

You have probably gone into an office, mistaking the gentle-faced person by the copy machine as the admin person, only to find out later that they were the boss.

The converse might have happened too.

You might have walked into a store, instinctively walking up to someone who you thought was the manager, to ask a question. Then, you find out that person was only an intern. You walk away bewildered, thinking to yourself, ‘wow, they really had a boss look.’

Why is it then that some people’s real self matches their appearance perfectly while others appear entirely different from who they actually are?

The answer is in each person’s First House.

In astrology, the First House governs how you appear to other people. It influences the initial impression you make in any situation you face in life. In this first house, there is a line that leads to your ascendant. This ascendant, specifically, is what describes how you appear to people.

The problem is that…the ascendant fools people.

So it was my student’s ascendant that had the rest of the class ‘fooled’ into thinking she was a CEO-type of person!

She has Capricorn as her ascendant. And she looks like a Capricorn, portraying the side of herself which is career-driven, professional and ambitious. However, her dominant personality is a Gemini. She’s curious, quick-witted, talkative and sociable. Capricorns and Gemini traits are totally different sides to her personality.

But even she didn’t realize this disconnection until she learned more about her chart.

The fact is that most people are not consciously aware of how they are appearing to others.

That’s why it is so empowering when you learn how your ascendant is governing your appearance.

When you learn about your ascendant and the impression you give to others, you’ll begin to recognize these misalignments in what you wish to express about yourself. With that, you can then take conscious, proactive steps to more clearly communicate and express your true self in those situations when you feel that you were previously giving a wrong impression.

In the class, my student came to realise, ‘Oh, my God, this makes total sense! Because I present myself this way, I keep getting offers from people who want to collaborate with me to open restaurants and hotels but the truth is I prefer doing the other stuff (that isn’t typical of what a boss would do).’

It was such a breakthrough for her. She saw how she was casting herself in the wrong role and making decisions about her career direction based on how she appeared to people.

Now that she understands her chart, she has realised that she is better off working with a partner who is the ‘Capricorn’ boss kind of person, so that she can fully express her Gemini self and enjoy that other side of the business.

The fact is that for many people, the ascendant leads them to be cast in the wrong role.

And for some people it can be especially inconvenient. Think about that boss you mistook for an admin person. Or that intern who had the appearance of a boss. Their ascendants didn’t match their true selves. And imagine the number of times they’ve had their identities mistaken! Surely, that can get annoying.

When you’re trying to make advancements in your career, it becomes much more than simply annoying though. In that case, not giving the right impression can actually be detrimental. You might miss out on being given opportunities if you don’t look the part of the role you seek.

Especially in larger organizations, it can happen that the hiring manager doesn’t actually get to know everyone on the team. They might simply promote whoever they think looks like they could fit the role. It can be the luck of the draw and they don’t always get it right.

If you look like an admin person, you might never get the chance to do the company’s sales presentations. No one expects you to be able to do it because you don’t have the appearance of a charismatic salesperson. It can be frustrating when No one sees you that way to cast you in that role…

You know the truth, that you are sales-savvy and good at doing those sales presentations. Unfortunately, you’ve never been cast in those roles that align with the true you. Over time, your confidence might have become undermined. You might have started to wonder if you’re right for those other roles after all, especially if no one else seems to think so. Your ascendant is starting to even fool you!

“So May, does this mean that I’m doomed to be stuck just because I give the wrong impression?”

Through my years of practicing astrology, I’ve seen countless charts of individuals and seen that each person has their own set of unique talents and strengths that come from within their core. The key is learning to recognise what those are, and to have them expressed.

To attain roles that match the real you, you just need to learn where the misalignment to your ascendant is.

When you learn more about your chart, it opens up more opportunities that better align with your true, core identity. You’ll be able to prevent people from misinterpreting you while also putting yourself in the path of opportunities that are more aligned with who you really are.

You can actively begin casting yourself in the right roles in your life – ones that match your true identity.

If you seek to align yourself with who you are and to make better decisions on your career directions, click on the link below to find out more.

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