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Is Your Gut Instinct Telling You To Follow An “Unconventional” Career Path?

October 21, 2022 Tips Insights Career Lifestyle
Is Your Gut Instinct Telling You To Follow An “Unconventional” Career Path?

Have you ever had this gut instinct that you were meant to pursue a certain career or type of work…?

But that choice seems like an absolutely crazy idea.

Something inside is telling you “this is what I’m meant to do.” That inner feeling or voice shows up quite strongly but, at the same time, it doesn’t seem “practical.” It goes against everything that society has taught you as being “the norm.”

Other people might even tell you outright that following your instinct is a bad idea. So you feel forced to not listen to your inner voice. That external chatter overpowers it.

This is a common reason many people lose confidence in pursuing a career or job that they really want to do.

One of my students was recently facing this.

This particular student held a sought-after government position in Singapore but he wanted to work as an aerial artist. If you’re unaware of this profession, they are like acrobatic performers, suspended from the ceiling. It’s a beautiful circus-like art form where they sort of dance in the air.

However, it is far from conventional for anyone to say, “I want to be an aerial artist.” When you’re a child growing up, it’s certainly not the type of “traditional” career that you’re taught to aspire towards. If ever you do, you’re likely told that as a career choice, it simply “doesn’t make sense.”

So, most people don’t say what they really feel inspired from within to do.

When you face important decisions like choosing a career, your choice is most often influenced by what you know of as the societal norm or what everybody else is choosing. When you finish high school or secondary school and face a decision about what you’re going to do next, if you are like most people, you just end up following the crowd of your peers.

If everybody at your high school decides to go to university, or embarks on a corporate path, then that’s what you do too.

The problem with following the path with everyone else is that it doesn’t give you a chance to pause and think about what is actually aligned to you.

My student initially made this “practical” choice. A former government scholar, he took the government job. However, he admits,“I was feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in my corporate job.” Taking my class, he finally had a moment to think more deeply at the alignment of his choices. At the time, alongside his corporate career, he was freelancing as an aerial arts teacher. He admitted that in doing that, he felt “so much more excitement and enjoyment.”

Unlike his corporate job, this particular art form ticks all the boxes for him. It trains his own body, builds his strength and challenges his mind about what he is capable of doing physically.

Beyond that, as an occupation, it offered him the chance to empower others. He was teaching the aerial art form to students, mostly women. He explained, “I am really empowering [my aerial students] to create beauty through the physical actions, and through their body’s actions and [they] find confidence in the process.”

Teaching aerial arts provides my student with everything he needs to feel fulfilled. He trains himself, inspires others and broadens their perspective on what they are also capable of doing. Looking at his chart, he realized that as an aerial arts teacher, he can offer his unique value to the world. He says that understanding his chart gave him the opportunity to better tap into his unique strengths and abilities.

After the class, he reflected, “I’ve learned about myself and my unique contribution… And that’s something that is really enlightening because it’s not something that society is telling me to do.”

Soon afterwards, my student ultimately chose to pivot full time into aerial arts.

The beauty of astrology is that when your chart describes something about you, it can validate those “crazy” ideas or instincts you might have about your life’s path.

That gut feeling you have about what you want to do as a career is probably right for you and not crazy at all. Sometimes your gut instinct tells you to follow some “weird” directions but it’s magic when you see these ideas reflected in the chart.

There are people who have chosen all sorts of careers or occupations that may be perceived as “strange choices” but they are actually very purposeful for them.

Astrology’s other magic is that when you study your chart, you’re able to tune out influences that don’t come from yourself. It allows you to align back to yourself and realize that each person is an individual.

In a class setting, this realization of your individuality is even more pronounced. When you study more than your own chart, you immediately notice that the story emerging from somebody else’s chart is not the same as yours.

This makes you even more conscious of the fact that you are on your own unique path. And, in the end, you realize that the only career choices that are really going to work for you are those that you decide on your own.

The fact is that the opportunities and possible paths in this world are actually infinite.

I tell my students that when you go into your chart, it’s quite important to have a “tabula rasa mindset.” This means starting with a blank slate when you think about the possibilities rather than limiting yourself to considering only what you’ve been told are the possibilities.

Understand that if you are going to make your unique mark on the world, you’ll need to take your own characteristics and play them out in a way that uniquely makes sense for you.

This also requires you to be open to considering new ways to apply your particular skills or abilities, even if you’ve never thought of doing so before…

It may seem strange to the masses when someone takes a path less trodden, or makes their own path. However, they’re simply following something much more powerful than herd thinking and societal norms. They’re following their gut instinct, or intuition, and being led by their understanding of themselves.

Instead of thinking about what others tell you might be practical, consider what your chart shows may be practical for youno matter how crazy the idea may seem to others.

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