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Not Everyone Working In Medicine Needs To Be A Doctor

October 27, 2022 Tips Insights Career Lifestyle
Not Everyone Working In Medicine Needs To Be A Doctor

I’ve lost count of people who have told me, “I didn’t qualify for medical school so I can’t have the career I wanted to have as a doctor.”

I always follow that question with: “what is it about the profession that attracts you to being a doctor?”

The answer is often something like, “I want to save lives.” When someone decides to study medicine, their internal motivation is usually much more than simply, “I want to be a doctor.”

People identify the kind of industry they want to be in but then narrowly focus on professional options.

This is not exclusively an issue within medicine. I simply like to use medicine as a classic example. In law, people might think of only lawyers. In theater, people think of the actors. Overall, people give too much credit to the very specific professions that are on the frontline of a particular industry.

I have continued to see this over and over again, but I started noticing this early in my astrology career. I noticed that this narrow career view limits a person’s potential for choosing other industry roles that could actually fulfill their purpose. In truth, there are endless possibilities in every industry beyond those frontline choices.

I have a clear memory of one of the first women I encountered who faced this career disconnect. I was a young astrologer reading charts at a fair and a woman sat down for her chart reading. When she sat down, she told me she was close to retirement and asked, what career would have been right for me?”

Looking at her chart, I pointed out that she might enjoy doing something along the lines of healthcare, perhaps with animals…

To my surprise, she broke down and started crying. She told me that had just described her dream career, that she had always wanted to be a veterinarian as a child. But she expressed that because she was already in her 50s, she felt it was too late to train to do anything like that. 

She cried, “I’m never going to be able to do that.”

I replied, “actually, you can still do something.” 

As part of her profile, I saw that she might also enjoy something more international, or potentially working overseas. She confessed that not traveling enough was the other regret that she had in life. Because she worked all her life in an administrative position for the Singapore government, she hadn’t had any opportunities to travel for her work. Overall, while her chart aligned with her childhood dreams of what she wanted to do in life, she expressed disappointment that her experiences in life hadn’t lined up with them.

I reminded her, it’s not too late.”

I explained that not everyone in animal healthcare has to be a veterinarian. 

With close to 40 years of experience as an administrator within a government known for its efficient systems and skilled administration, she has valuable specialized skills to offer. She could offer those skills to the World Wildlife Fund and similar international animal protection agencies. These agencies probably require good administrators. She could use her years of built-up skills to transition into a career that fulfilled her childhood dream.

I don’t know what she chose to do after she walked away from my table but I do know that she left feeling more inspired by her life options.

That interaction reminded me that many people are stopped from pursuing their heartfelt ambitions because of limiting industry views.

When we use astrology for career profiling, we can zoom out the lens and offer a more all-encompassing perspective. 

Ultimately, the goal is to find a profession that provides you with meaning and a sense of purpose while also providing value to people your profession serves.

In the chart, remember that the Sixth House and the Tenth House have distinct meanings related to your professional life. For the sixth house, the key word here is work. For the 10th house, the key word is career

However, most people understand these too superficially. When you think of work, it’s usually simply your workplace, your colleagues and what you do for a living. In astrology, “work” is a lot more than that. 

The key concept in the sixth house is actually the idea of service, of providing a solution to a problem. Thus, when you think of your work, you can approach it as: what service are you providing? For example, if you’re a seamstress, when somebody comes in with a dress that needs hemming, you are helping them by tailoring that dress so that it better fits them. That’s a problem you’ve solved and a service you’ve provided. 

For the 10th house, when astrologers talk about career, it’s more about the industry function. To use dance as an example, such an industry can have many functions. In Russia, one might associate ballet dancers as functioning as positive ambassadors to the world of Russian culture. However, if someone’s purpose is to uphold Russian dance culture, there are more options than gliding across the stage as the Black Swan. 

The seamstress’s work tailoring the costumes for the ballet company is also functioning to upholding Russian dance culture. Likewise, I can imagine a million ways in which other careers contribute as well, even when someone isn’t personally dancing.

Going back to the medicine example, I look at it the same way. The reality is that there are a number of other medical careers, in which a person can successfully fulfill an intention to save lives. We’re taught stereotypes as children, that a doctor is the only person helping to save lives, but that’s not true. 

You could work with medical supplies or in the human resource department of the hospital. These are all contributing to the industry function of saving lifes. The point is that even though everyone associates medicine with doctors, this view limits your career.

The reality is that the possibilities are endless for the ways you can find a fulfilling career in your chosen industry. In fact, if your purpose is to work in medicine to save lives, you may not even have to enter medical school… 

Career Profiling in Astrology goes beyond just looking at the 6th & 10th Houses and what those describe. Students go through a thorough self-discovery journey to understand all aspects of their charts to gain a deeper understanding of their personalities and who they are.

Using the tool of Psychological Astrology, we dive into the reasons why we have this limited perspective about certain industries as well as why we personally think we cannot do certain things.

Once a person takes the time to piece these puzzle pieces together, the picture becomes clearer about where they can go on to pursue meaningful and purposeful careers that are aligned with who they truly are.

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