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How Can I Find My Life Purpose? (Using The North Node Indicator In Astrology)

May 24, 2022 Career Lifestyle Insights
How Can I Find My Life Purpose? (Using The North Node Indicator In Astrology)

When I teach my students in class about the north and south nodes, students will always ask me these questions:

“May, How can I achieve my life purpose now that I know there is a North Node in my chart?”

“How can I reach my North Node?”

What is the North Node?

The North Node is a very attractive prospect for most people.

Lauded as the astrological chart indicator of life purpose and personal growth, it’s easy for students to get very interested in interpreting it in their own charts. 

For many people, the North Node appears to be a desired destination, like a yearned-for nirvana state.

Some often think that finding out the placement of the North Node can give an indication to which area in their lives they can focus on, so that they can achieve their life purpose.

They think that by finding out the sign of the North Node, it means that as long as they display the sign’s traits, they have fulfilled what their purpose is

But the problem with thinking about the North Node as a destination to be ‘reached’ is the assumption that once you arrive…

You no longer need to improve yourself because you have “achieved” your life purpose. 

Rather than being a destination that can be narrowed into one specific achievement, the North Node is a direction and the character or traits to be developed during a lifetime

And the truth is, you will never actually ‘reach’ your North Node. It is not a to-do list item that you can check off and “achieve”. 

When you look at famous people like Barack Obama and Mother Theresa, do you think that they have achieved their life purpose, despite all their contributions and help to the people they want to serve? 

Even for well-known persons who have devoted their lives to duty to others, such as the Dalai Lama or Queen Elizabeth, there isn’t any one achievement that marks ‘I have achieved my North Node’.

So… if the North Node is not a destination…

And I am never going to reach my North Node…

Does this mean that it is pointless knowing about it?

Absolutely not. In fact, understanding your North Node means understanding a way of being that does not come naturally to you.

It is behavior that allows a person to grow beyond their current comfort zone, challenge themselves and acquire skills to make an even deeper contribution to the world than what they are doing now. 

It is an unfamiliar behavior that you are not naturally born with, but need to put in intentional effort to acquire..

It is a journey that you have to take in order to be better day by day, and you have to start by being uncomfortable first.

Have the willingness to do things that are uncomfortable and difficult for you.

Learn to recognise the comfort zone that you are in, and start moving away from the comfortability. 

For my case, I have the North Node placement in the Eighth House, and my planet Sun is in conjunction with my North Node. The Eighth House represents psychology, crisis and vulnerability while the Sun refers to identity and expression. [astro-speak]

When the Sun is in conjunction with the North Node, it means that it may not be a very comfortable or natural position for the person,  but a necessary journey to have self-expression and be out in the open. 

It is uncomfortable for me to be speaking in front of a camera for my videos. In fact, it took me a lot of courage when I decided to plaster my face across all my brochures and websites when I first started out with Selfstrology.

Even till today, although I did get better facing the camera, it is still not my natural self. 

Therefore, the journey to the North Node is about being in your most uncomfortable state, yet choosing to do it because of your intentions.

I chose to appear in front of the camera for everyone because I know that if I want to encourage others to be more self-expressive, courage to be themselves, I have to do it first. 

Just like a certified mountain guide bringing along people to climb Mount Everest. If the mountain guide wants to guide people to climb Mount Everest, he has to be the one who climbs it first and gains the experience of climbing. Otherwise, who is going to trust and follow him to climb up Mount Everest for the first time? 

This is why when I post videos to encourage people to build strength and develop control over their own psychology via using the tool of psychological astrology, as long as I know people are going to benefit from my “uncomfortable” behavior, I am willing to do it. 

Take a look at some famous people. What do you think their life purpose is? 

Elon Musk spent all his money on a space mission that could potentially be just exploding into outer space. 

Aung San Suu Kyi is a state counselor of Myanmar but was constantly under house arrest.

Closer to home, how about the successful local entrepreneurs who you admire? 

They quit their stable jobs to embark on an entrepreneurship journey. They could have stayed at their comfort zone, in their high-paying jobs. But it is the moment when they start their business and are no longer in a comfortable position, they have to think constantly about their business, ensure they are profitable, and make sure that the people they hire get to bring food to their table every month.  

What drives these people? 

They never seem to actually stop. There is no “final destination” for them. In fact, they just keep doing what they think they should do, not for the money or the fame, but for a bigger purpose. 

When is Elon Musk ever going to stop innovating new technologies? 

He probably will never stop. 

When will Aung San Suu Kyi ever stop fighting for her people in Myanmar? 

She will probably never ever stop fighting too.

In order to move towards your North Node, you need to have a vision that is so far that it lasts beyond your lifetime. It lasts beyond their lifetime. And when you get started on your journey, it is not about building a legacy. The nature of what you are doing is such that the project itself is already a legacy.

Whenever I introduce the concept of the North and South Node in my astrology classes, it sheds new perspectives and insights to what potential contributions my students can deliver in their lives – Very often, validating what they have always felt meaningful in wanting to do or pursue in their lives.

But besides understanding your individual node placements, it is even more powerful to know your Psychological Astrology (PA for short) profiles.

Understanding what PA profiles you have allows you to

  1. Understand yourself on a deeper level 
  2. Gain clarity of your purpose
  3. Take actions to fulfil a meaningful life! 

On average, you might have between 9 – 17 PA profiles based on your birth chart.

It reveals your strengths and weaknesses, what you can contribute and your motivations and intentions in certain areas of your life, such as in your career or relationships.

Generate a free birth chart reading report, uniquely designed for you and see for yourself – how deep you can learn about yourself using astrology and apply it in your life.
Tip: To generate your most accurate report, be sure to key in your EXACT birth time (down to the exact minute)

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