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The Aquarius Debate: Which Air Era Do You Want?

May 17, 2022 Career Lifestyle Insights
The Aquarius Debate: Which Air Era Do You Want?

The Aquarius Debate: Which Air Era Do You Want?

Right at this moment, an unimaginable, unthinkable decision is about to be made in the USA: abortion could be about to be banned.

A handful of powerful judges now hold the keys to a decision involving the Constitution, and their decision could mean up to 22 states will ban an individual’s right to abortion.

Just so I’m clear, in many of those states the ban applies even in cases of rape and incest.

This is just one example of previously unthinkable developments unfolding in our world now, and unfortunately it’s not the only one.

In a public webinar 14 MAY 2022 Livestream | Astrology Predictions “The Second Wave: Raise The Siren” I just presented, I introduced to my audience two crucial astrological shifts. The first being the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020, marking the final end of what I call the ‘Earth’ Era, and the second being the change of Pluto’s sign, coming up in March 2023 onwards.

Technical jargon aside, the common denominator of both these global shifts is the sign of Aquarius. 

Long hailed and anticipated as a time of liberalism, human awakening, clean energy, advanced technology for improving lives, humanitarian initiatives and community spirit, the Aquarius Age is off to a very rocky start.

My students have had a very hard time reconciling the above Aquarius keywords with the signs of oppression, autocracy, violence and destruction that is reported every day in the news.

The fact is (like all signs and components of astrology and every existing concept in the world): Aquarius has a dark side.

The nasty keywords that also belong to Aquarius are eccentricity, fanaticism, sadism, being devoid of compassion, extremism, and reveling in chaos

This has already shown itself in how some technology that has engulfed modern life is run by lifeless algorithms, in the mass experimentation on human lives in the name of science, and in many, many examples of machine-like corporate or administrative decision-making that seem like they simply bypassed any consideration of implications on human life.

If the dark side has made itself more apparent in recent months, it’s because there is an active push for it, and from here on, will probably get stronger by the day.

What is worrying is that the push for the bright side of Aquarius isn’t seeing the same level of effort by the people who want it. The people who want improvements to systems, community efforts, technological solutions, more diversity and acceptance, aren’t organizing their efforts as much as the others guys, and it’s a fact.

Between now and 2025, there is a window of opportunity that may never present itself again for the generation that is living now. 

And no, I don’t mean getting your resources together to short the market in a crash that would probably dwarf the Great Depression.

The events occurring in these years will decide what life will be like for the remainder of the Air Era. Like all revolutions in history, the outcome is decided by who is loudest, who has the most participants, and who cares about the outcome more.

But at the same time, in order to put up an action of any sort, an individual must first know what outcome they want. I know lots and lots of people who have never given any thought to this at all. I would humbly suggest that now is a good time to start thinking.

I received many messages from my webinar attendees asking for my take on various things, so I thought I’d share some personal thoughts I’ve had on where we’re going and what needs to be done.

There is good reason to believe that we cannot keep the status quo. For a multitude of reasons, resources will be scarce, either in real terms or due to breakdowns in human-created disruptions. If market forces are allowed to determine the distribution of the resources Thomas Maslow defines as ‘basic needs’, such as food, shelter, water, energy, as they have been for a long time now, it is probable that quite a lot of people will not survive. This is not a subjective opinion, it’s a fact. The solution to this will probably require a tremendous amount of cooperation and communal thinking – that is, if we still care about getting as many people as possible through this challenge.

How then, some may ask, can we still preserve individual identities and freedom of being if things fall into a communist-like distribution?

Personally, I don’t think it’s an either/or situation. I don’t think we have to choose one over the other. I believe that people can learn and have fun at the same time. I believe that people can respect each other and disagree at the same time.

Look around you. Communities are forming to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. That in itself is a good thing at any time, but perhaps the worrying part is about how narrow the definitions of right and wrong have become.

I believe a worthy fight for the future is not about deciding what’s wrong and campaigning against it. I believe that the real fight to maintain freedom is to keep the definition of ‘good’ and ‘wonderful’ as broad as possible. The broader the definition, the more people can participate and function within it. We’ve had this for a long time, but we’ve taken it for granted, and now we have to fight to keep it that way. 

There are three Air Era ways I think we can employ to make this happen: 

  1. Curiosity: Curiosity is a hallmark trait of Gemini, also an astrological Air sign, and curiosity involves finding out about things, especially about things we know very little about. It requires us to be interested, to ask questions to expand our understanding, not for judgment. It requires us to talk to each other, to express ideas, to make connections.
  2. Appreciation: Appreciation is a hallmark trait of Libra, another astrological Air sign, and appreciation involves seeing the beauty of things, especially the natural symmetry and alignment in things outside of ourselves. It requires us to develop relationships, to find diplomatic resolutions to where things don’t balance, to discover love.
  3. Innovation: Innovation is a hallmark neutral trait of Aquarius, the last Air sign, and innovation requires recognising that old methods are defunct and needs updating. It is a natural problem-solver, and requires that people think beyond their own self-interests but to seek solutions at a collective level.  

I am aware that many webinar attendees are thinking deeply about how we can even begin this shift given the current positions and resources available, and I would suggest starting with looking at what you do for a living right now.

Does what you do help redefine how we use resources, prepare communities, promote unity and cohesion among people? Or does it perpetuate the old-world belief of putting short-term profit and gains as a top priority way above the benefit it actually delivers to the customers? 

A good litmus test is to ask yourself: Should May’s predictions come to pass, would the community gravitate towards you because you might have some useful solutions to help, or are they likelier to deem your work to be irrelevant, or worse, culpable for some of the negative outcomes they see? 

For those of us who may not personally experience the military violence or social disintegrations that are occurring in various places around the world, making changes to our livelihoods and lifestyles will probably be the biggest challenge we personally face. Frankly, in the scheme of what’s happening in the world, if this is you, I consider this a lucky situation and there is little justification to moan or lament the circumstances.

For some people, this turning point may be an intentional career switch. For others, it’s an opportunity to shift work activities to suit new priorities and goals. The years pass by quickly, and what we choose to do today will determine immediately what happens in the months and years following.

In the last two years where I had taken upon myself the impossible, gargantuan challenge of attempting to prepare people for a massive shift in mindset, I’ve had to think deeply about what I do personally in my life, and of the fact that I am also a business owner, and like everyone else I have a trade, astrology, that desperately needs an update of mindset if we are to remain relevant in the Air era.

Astrology is a tool, but it has to be a new kind of tool. We no longer need ways to divide people, to rank people, to create categories, like we needed in the Earth Era. I’ve spoken out against narrow definitions, so astrology cannot be a tool to build restrictive definitions of careers and job descriptions. We need a new objective beyond helping people mindlessly do ‘bigger and faster and richer’.

Astrology must help people become intentional in our lives. First, to incite curiosity, to find out about the pieces that make up the individual, and to experiment with ways of assembling the pieces in new ways. Secondly, it needs to facilitate relationships and interpersonal appreciation, help people see how their pieces can connect in tandem with each other, and collaborate. Thirdly, it needs to be a tool that can be put in a regular person’s hands, so that they can use it in their teams as a way of finding solutions in an objective, rational way.

Doing public webinars was my first step, and changing my own business is my second, because the fastest way to get change going is to walk the talk.

As the world plunges into the Second Wave, the Aquarius revolution will begin. Those who are not prepared will be reactionistic, anxious, frantic. Preparation, much more than personal wealth and income protection, needs to be on preparing our psychology, intentions and mindset. 

We need to stop mindlessly working and slogging and producing, and actually stop to think deeply if our efforts are even facing the right direction.

If we are to get the Air Era we want, the choice, and fight, for the world we want starts now.

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