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Are You Ready for the Crash-Through?

May 3, 2018 Insights
Are You Ready for the Crash-Through?

Are You Ready For The Crash Through?

Rebel-Making Transits in May – Oct 2018


In the month of May, many of us will notice the level of ‘fed-upness’ maxing out around us. The combined transit of Uranus entering Taurus for the first time in 80 years and Mars retrograde hitting the same degrees is going to make rebels of many people who have, up to now, been putting up with constraints in their lives.


The Technical Astrology

Uranus, last seen in Taurus in 1942, transits into Taurus again from 16 May 2018 and will stay so for about 7 years. As Taurus is a material symbol, the world may see the economy, money systems and material structures be overturned, suddenly change directions and have new developments emerge within these 7 years.

On a personal level, most of us may experience similar changes with our income, money portfolios or even the way we see, think about or handle money and possessions.

Mars joins in the party, retrograding between 28 Capricorn and 9 Aquarius, forming a transiting fixed square with transit Uranus between May to October 2018. Mars in Aquarius can be detached, perverse, and very capable of carrying out actions that you wouldn’t normally.


What You’ll Experience

Universally, accidents may be more common, and these include road, air, train and technology-type accidents. Rebellious, anarchist and provocative behaviour is more widespread than usual – it’s driven by a high level of frustration and impatience.

People who have been contemplating a career/job change will finally make the change, or have the changes made for them anyway. Relationships that exist only in form but without affinity may not survive this transit. Businesses and other systems that are out of integrity enough to crumble in a tremor will crumble.

Many people survive life by putting up with unsatisfactory situations: jobs that don’t work, relationships that don’t do any relating, money management that doesn’t create value etc. but they give a gamut of excuses to justify why none of these unsatisfactory situations are dealt with, but typically the real reason is the need for predictability, familiarity, fear of the unknown – all at the expense of true freedom and authenticity towards the self.

All this changes in May – Oct 2018… but despite developing the will to make changes, circumstances don’t cooperate and there will be much frustration that change isn’t implemented smoothly.

The feeling is like the body having to serve a six-month notice period at work when you’ve 100% left the job heart, mind and soul.


The Silver Lining

Because there’s always the bright side. The Uranian and Aquarian influence in this transit favours experimentation, out-of-the-box thinking, technology and the ability to break from rigid constraints to express more authentically our ideas, actions and sentiments.

Businesses modernise and innovate more, moving away from operations of yesteryears. Employees find ways to freelance, or find freer ways of working without compromising productivity – indeed many will be surprised to find themselves being more creative and productive in the absence of constraints.

Adherence to traditional structures that give security reduces drastically, which can be a painful experience for those who cling desperately to monuments that no longer have a place in the present or the future.


Who’ll Be Affected

Uranus moving into Taurus will be felt universally, as is already attested to by the move into cashless systems, new methods of payment etc. (transitions to cashless/digital money will be completed while Uranus is in Taurus).

If you can read an astrology chart, those getting the full benefit of the transiting fixed square in May – Oct 2018 are any persons who have planets at 29 Aries to 2 Taurus, 29 Cancer to 2 Leo, 29 Libra to 2 Scorpio, 29 Capricorn to 2 Aquarius.

Read more on how each of these signs will be affected.



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