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Are You Ready for the Crash-Through? (12 May – 10 Oct) – Astrological Signs

May 3, 2018 Insights
Are You Ready for the Crash-Through? (12 May – 10 Oct) – Astrological Signs

Are You Ready for the Crash-Through? (12 May – 10 Oct) – Astrological Signs

This is a period of wanting to break free of past constraints and letting go of security blankets for many people. It may be a trying time for some as this comes as a rude shock and an uncomfortable period to be challenging the self and possibly even authority figures. For astrology enthusiasts, this is the Mars Retrograde transit, commonly known to cause issues for people wanting to take action, but finding external factors hindering the progress and preventing the native from moving forward.

In this article, we will cover and describe how would this particular transit affect the 8 signs: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn & Aquarius. (*Note: Not everyone with the signs will be affected, only those with birthdays indicated will be most affected.) If your sign is not highlighted in the article, you are not primarily affected by this transit.

Birthdays between 20 Apr – 23 Apr

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, you may find that there is an impetus to push hard for changes or to embark on a new initiative plan. However, things might not move as smoothly as expected. You or other people may potentially find many flaws in the quality or practical aspects of the plan and this may cause you to lose your patience easily. Nevertheless, this is also a reminder to yourself to slow your actions down and to have a well-thought-through plan before executing them. By accepting higher standards and quality practical considerations, it may prove to help you move the project smoothly in the future.

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, it may occur as a period of instability and perhaps chaos, which you may feel slightly uncomfortable with. Amidst the inspiration and newfound enthusiasm, you find that there is a balance struggle between catering to the needs of others, society at large or even groups and communities versus personal resources such as time, money and effort. During this period, it is important to persevere with your original intentions, while also learning that in giving, it would reap many returns with respect to personal growth and self-value.

Birthdays between 21 Jul – 25 Jul

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, it is a test of your ability to adapt to changes. You may find that it is necessary to make changes to processes for future growth, which could mean leaving and breaking free from what you thought was secure and comfortable. Learning to adapt to new environments may involve stress and it may be an uncomfortable position, resulting in losing your temper easily and finding other people to be irritable (especially in a one-on-one relationship). Other people may seem insensitive to your emotions, but it is important to maintain objectivity and putting your self-value into areas which are most productive in.

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, there is a strong sense of individuality and feeling frustrated that you are not recognised or valued for your contributions. Other people may accuse or find you to be selfish or egoistic. Despite this, the way to help cope with these situations is to shift from being too focused on your perspectives to finding ways in which your contributions may provide value to others and be more community-oriented.

Birthdays between 22 Oct – 26 Oct

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For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, you may experience that issues to do with one-on-one relationships or partnerships may seem shaky or unstable. This may be due to non-performance of certain expectations or obligations in the relationship. A good recommendation is to have good quiet time between the parties involved to communicate clearly the expectations, committing to the different roles and responsibilities to be fulfilled in the relationship or partnership.

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, you may experience sudden changes in your environment such as people who are close to you (professionally or personally) may seem unpredictable. This may result in rising tensions, the potential for disputes and disagreements, causing your expectations of comfort and stability to be threatened. Nevertheless, these circumstances force breakthroughs and it’s an opportunity to work out the differences or to break out and put an end to previously restrictive positions.

Birthdays between 19 Jan – 23 Jan

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, there may be additional stress at work with unforeseen or erratic changes, which may involve more stringent assessments and evaluations of personal productivity and effectiveness. The effects of the stress may impose limitations on personal life such as wanting to pursue other hobbies or having work-life balance and not being able to spend more time with partners. A positive use of this energy is to objectively re-evaluate mundane and dead-weight processes that might not have been productive. Being able to pool together available resources to complete the tasks or job effectively may prove to be especially useful.

For the period between 12 May – 10 Oct, erratic or unforeseen changes may not be new to you, however, it is important to keep the overconfidence in check to handle the situation better. You may find the additional spurt of energy to indulge and spending resources to pursue the new project. However, this may result in wasted efforts and valuable resources which may not eventually produce the expected outcomes.  Perhaps, by clearly identifying and allocating your resources into the right purposes with sustainable objectives, only innovating and making changes to areas which require the necessary changes to avoid wasted efforts.

Not any of the above signs?

All astrological birth charts are essentially different and having a unique signature, the progression and transits that happen to us are fundamentally different as well. Click here to generate a free chart and check out what your Astrological birth chart looks like.

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