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Your Career Guide In The Stars

April 21, 2015 Insights Career
Your Career Guide In The Stars

Searching for our vocation is easily among the most pressing concerns for anyone. What do your stars say?

I often get questions like ‘Can you look at my chart and tell me what industry I should be in?’ Now, the truth is, an astrologer doesn’t look at your chart and go ‘Ah…. you’re a nurse / lawyer / florist / road sweeper!’, simply because there isn’t a planet, sign or house that’s assigned to every single possible vocation on Earth.

What an astrologer CAN see though, is if a sense of right and wrong is paramount to you. Or if you absolutely judge your career choices by monetary remuneration alone, or vice versa, you don’t care about the remuneration, as long as the job involves doing things you enjoy. We can see if you have creative talent for writing, music, design, or that you have the DESIRE to get into such professions, but don’t have the requisite innate talent to actually succeed at the top of the game.

Here is a glimpse of what astrologers look at when doing career readings: (hint: if you haven’t seen your birth chart before, email me at and I’ll be happy to email you a free copy of your birth chart. See a sample here)

A) The Ruler of the Midheaven

The Midheaven is the black arrow at the top of the chart, and it is one of the indicators of your ‘life path’ (which for most of us determines the kind of work we end up doing). The ruler of the sign on the Midheaven indicates the kind of industry that’s most aligned with our career objectives, and also describes our approach to it.

For example, my Midheaven ruler is Moon in Capricorn in the 4th house. The 4th house placement suggests keywords such as home, property, nurturing and caring for others. I was a real estate agent for many years, and prior to that I had been in the safety industry for about 5 years. However, the ruler’s placement in Capricorn (which is ANYTHING BUT motherly), meant that my approach would be more professional, technical, results-oriented, than you would expect of a nurturer. For you see, I didn’t sell condos and homes – I sold / rented factories and offices. Also, in the safety company my work included designing and building technical safety systems aimed at protecting workers.

B) The House Position of the Sun

If you depend entirely on Sun sign descriptions of yourself, some astrology sources may seem ‘inaccurate’ when describing your career inclinations, for example you might be a Scorpio, described as being into investigation, mysteries, the occult, sex, taboo topics etc, but you’re a kindergarten teacher (who DOESN’T mess with the kids…. what were you thinking, huh? Heh heh).

You are so much more than just a Sun sign, but apart from that, often it is the house position of the Sun, not the sign, that gives me more clues about career paths / industries. For example, the Scorpio kindergarten teacher might have her Sun in the 3rd house (learning, communication, data, skills), so she actually derives personal satisfaction from teaching and interacting with children, though the Scorpio sign placement may help her understand each child deeper on an emotional level.

C) Planets in the 1st House

The 1st house in a birth chart may affect physical appearance on a superficial level, but going further than that, the 1st house is all about our personal identity. Many people identify strongly with what they do for a living i.e. ‘I am a digital marketer’ ‘I am a chef’, and this could be described by planets contributing to their sense of sense in the 1st house of a birth chart.

I have Pluto in the 1st, for instance. This would describe someone who needs to regenerate her identity in order to find meaning, and hence is capable of making drastic changes to career choices – and I have done work in vastly different fields (literature and the arts, industrial safety, industrial real estate, astrology). Jackie Chan, for another example, has Moon and Jupiter in the 1st, describing someone who is in touch with his cultural roots, plus Jupiter brings humour, action and exploration to his identity. Little wonder, then, that he spent decades entertaining millions with his humorous brand of kungfu movies, while being an ambassador of Chinese culture into the West.

Every individual chart tells its own story, and there are myriad ways in which a good astrologer can discern the layers of your self-expression.

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