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The Moon: Your Moods, Reactions and Need for Security

August 11, 2015 Insights
The Moon: Your Moods, Reactions and Need for Security

Have you ever encountered persons you thought were very steady, but reveal a highly emotional side when a crisis occurs? Or perhaps you know fragile-looking people who are surprisingly resilient when everyone else is freaking out?

The Moon is one of the components in an astrological birth chart, and it describes a person’s habits, reactions and the unconscious needs. The Moon shows us what we need in order to feel secure, comfortable and safe.

It’s irrational, and it has nothing to do with what most people know as ‘your sign’ (more correctly known as the Sun sign), because a person with a Capricorn Sun, for example, typically known to be ambitious, steady, emotionless, can have his Moon sign in any of the 12 zodiac signs, and if it happens to be in clingy, needy Cancer, you would end up with a very different personality mix than a Capricorn Sun who has an emotionally indifferent Aquarius Moon.

So what does YOUR Moon say about you?

For starters, we could look at the Element your Moon is in.

(Tip: The Moon sign is prob NOT the same as your Sun sign. Don’t know what sign your Moon is in? Email me your birth date and time here and I’ll be happy to tell you)

Moon in Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You react to most experiences with enthusiasm, positivity and you’re ready to take action. While you’re happy initiating and creating things, or perhaps inspiring others to do so, you may be impulsive and make decisions too quickly. You could be very effective in promoting things and ideas, so you want to make sure this skill is used ethically so that your conviction is not misused.

The usual modus operandi is a strong display of confidence, though those close to you may bear witness to despondency and self-doubting moods that you suffer in private. If used negatively, your attitude may come across as self-serving and superior, which others may come to resent. Your greatest strength is the ability to inspire and motivate those around you.

Moon in Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

You’re the grounded, matter-of-fact ones, who aren’t the freak-out kind. If your Moon is in Taurus or Capricorn, the tendency is to have no reaction whatsoever (at least on the outside), and because you can give the impression that nothing fazes you, this could be a real advantage in some management-type positions. Those with a Virgo Moon may react more quickly and nervously, but nevertheless your mind still runs along organised lines.

The tendency behind an Earth Moon is to be conscious of the physical reaction that is shown to the public, careful that it should not reveal emotional vulnerabilities. Because you emote so rarely, you could majorly affect others on the occasions when you DO lose it every now and then. The pressure of knowing this can mean you generally take on more than your fair share of emotional responsibility.

Moon in Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

How you handle any incoming experience is to first put it under a filter of intellectual detachment. The keywords here are assessment, objectivity and logic. You could potentially end up with over-analysis and hence, indecisiveness. The advantage you do have over the Fire and Water Moons though, is the ability for intelligent forethought and planning.

The emotional detachment in Air Moons typically shows its challenges in personal relationships, where your lack of engagement can be disconcerting for those who expect and require more expressive outward displays. Since the Moon is a security indicator in birth charts, whenever your well-being is threatened you tend to experience mental exhaustion.

Moon in Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Emotionally intense, even everyday experience can be encountered as fear or feeling vulnerable. In the earlier years of your life, one of your challenges may be in controlling or channeling old habit patterns that may affect your clarity and objectivity. The tendency is to remember, or focus, on the negative parts of an experience. Your sense of self-protection is very strong, such that your self-containment might be an obstacle to moderation when sharing emotions with others.

Having said that, you’re also among the most empathetic people, and you could be very comforting to those who need emotional support. When you’re able to overcome personal obstacles to objectivity and clarity, you have an uncanny instinct and insight into human nature.

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