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Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018- How will you grow next year? – By Gabriele Goh

October 10, 2017 Insights
Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018- How will you grow next year? – By Gabriele Goh

Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018- How will you grow next year?

 Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is finally leaving the scales of Libra into the depths of Scorpio tonight!
Wait… What Jupiter?
Jupiter is a benefic planet which confers luck, faith and optimism. More importantly, it is also a planet of growth and is often associated with higher knowledge, philosophy, beliefs and religion.
So when Jupiter goes into Scorpio, it…???
Generally, when Jupiter enters a new sign, the mode of ‘growing bigger’ changes. In the sign of intense, secretive, penetrative and anal-retentive Scorpio, the growth tends to be deep, extreme and not immediately obvious. Expect deeper insights into your own psyche should you decide to ride with its energy.
Ok, then… what’s in store for me? I am a Scorpio!
Generally, all Scorpios would experience an increase in their sense of purpose and identity. Perhaps they may even be interested in learning and expanding the understanding of their lives. Perfect period to dive into your being and learn about who you are. Careful of extremities though, and don’t overdo things. This is especially so for those born between 5th to 16th November.
But what if I’m not a Scorpio? What about the other signs?
These are the other signs which are affect.
Taurus: This may be a period when you experience others as compelling you to grow and expand yourself in a way which you are not accustomed to. In fact, you may even feel other people judging you for being slow and simple-minded. The problem is that you don’t like change and want to keep things simple. Jupiter in Scorpio beckons you to take your chances. This applies especially for those born between 3rd to 14th May.
Cancer: Growth is likely to come smooth and easy. For all you security-minded Cancer (myself included), this growth is likely to make you feel even more safe and secure. Perhaps bonds would grow deeper with your loved ones. Perhaps it is the joint investments that you share with your loved ones that grows. Whatever it may be, this period of growth will have a greater impact for those born between 4th to 16th July.
Leo: This will not be an easy period since you are likely to feel conflicted. Being already larger than life, this period would see you feeling conflicted between showcasing yourself and developing yourself in privacy. This will certainly be a period which magnifies your ego and you may over-estimate your capabilities. This is especially so for those born between 5th to 17th August.
Virgo: You are likely to be presented with an opportunity to grow transformatively. Likely to become even more efficient and productive than you already are, this period offers opportunities to overhaul the systems of organisations you’ve created in your life. However, this can only happen if you take some effort. Those born between 5th to 16th September are the ones that will see the full effect.
Capricorn: The hardworking Capricorns shall duly be rewarded should they decide to use this period to improve themselves. While you may not be the type that embrace intensity, this period offers a possibility for you to strive intensively with will and focus. This is especially so for those born between 3rd to 14th January.
Aquarius: Similar to Leo, this is unlikely to be an easy period for you since you are likely to overdo things. You might find that this need for deep inward development does not quite come together with your usual chill-out nature, especially if you are born between 1st to 12th February.
Pisces: The compassion of a Pisces knows no boundaries and this is certainly a period when you’d find yourself giving even more. While this period intensifies your compassion and imagination, you might want to consider setting up some boundaries to curtail things from being over done—especially for those born between 2nd to 14th March.
I see… But wait, what if I’m none of the above signs? Is this still going to affect me?
Well… even if you are one of the above signs, it could still affect you in more ways than you know. We are only talking about Sun signs here, so it pertains only to your selfhood and identity. We haven’t even touched upon your emotional wellbeing (Moon sign), mental acumen (Mercury sign) etc.

Wow. Sounds complicated. Is there any way for me to know what’s coming in without all these hassles?

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Gabriele Goh, Selfstrology Student & Apprentice

Gabriele had studied astrology since 2014. He started a Facebook following A Third Eye Seer and has started to do astrology consultations professionally. He has a keen interest in astrological topics such as Horary, LGBT, Romance, Astrological Profiling and Transits.

If you had found that learning about the Jupiter Transit is interesting and would like to seek a consultation, you may contact Gabriele Goh at (+65 9785 7608). See the article here

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