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Survival Guide For Your Saturn Return

Survival Guide For Your Saturn Return


What is a “Saturn Return”?

If you’re hearing this for the first time, it is basically an astrological term for when Saturn makes an entire orbit around the Sun and ‘returns’ to the same position at your time of birth. Because the orbit of Saturn takes about 29.5 years, most people experience a “Saturn Return” around the ages of 29, 58 & 87 in their lives. Because the orbit of Saturn is irregular, it might occur in the 1-2 years before or after those ages mentioned.

So what’s the BIG deal?

The words associated with Saturn are boring or dull, such as; Duty, Responsibility, Long-term plans, Effort, Commitments etc.  It will be a period in which you question the efforts and commitments made over the last 10 years of adulthood and reflect on whether or not this is the direction you would like to proceed on into the next phase of your life. It is not uncommon to experience the need for sudden career changes and needing to pursue the things that truly matter.

BUT before you run off like a headless chicken, freaking out about leaving your jobs and making drastic life changes, consider the following pointers to help you Survive Your Saturn Return:

#1 Give some serious thoughts and considerations into the next phase in life

It is sort of like organising your wardrobe, but more towards applying it to your life goals. “Well this cartoon t-shirt worked for me previously in my teens, but not anymore!”– It’s about knowing what to throw out and consider keeping what is now important in your life, which you would like to work towards to in the long-term (10-20 years). Do allow yourself to dream of what you would deem as successful, a challenge you take on so there will be no regrets. It could come in the form of; positions in your career, financial goals, marriage, starting a family, pursuing a life-purpose, etc. Have these goals to be a bit of a stretch but ultimately realistic and achievable.

#2 Implement a structure / framework to achieving those life goals

Once you are clear of actually what you want to do and what your life goals are, set up a structure or a system to help you achieve those goals. One of the ways, is sharing about these goals with someone you trust, and ask them to hold you accountable for achieving these goals. Breaking goals down into smaller goals and setting milestones with a realistic timeframe could help a lot too by allowing you to keep a close track of your progress, and make any necessary adjustments.

#3 Find small successes and celebrate achievements along the way

Importantly, it is also realising that these goals are long-term in nature, which they will not be easily achieved with an overnight success. – Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve not achieve what you wanted especially within a short span of time. Learn to give credit to yourself and celebrate the things in which you have started to progress in or achieve over the next couple of years.

Another great way for you to find guidance and directions in your life is  picking up Astrology. Through understanding Astrology and your own Natal chart, you will discover insights to who you are truly as a person, your core personality, identity and life purpose. Many of Selfstrology Academy’s students join the class at the point of their Saturn Returns and are realising for themselves what they truly want to achieve and contribute to others in their lives. Some of them have found the courage to leave disempowering relationships and careers, in pursuit for greater, more meaningful professions and fulfilling relationships. For more information about the course, visit: https://selfstrology.com/academy/bac/.

We hope that this article has helped you to gain more clarity and the direction for the next phase in life. If you’ve found this article useful do share it with someone else experiencing this stage in life as well. Do leave your comments or questions you might have, in the comments section below and we will address them.


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The Fault In Your Stars – By Brenan Yeo

The Fault In Your Stars

You are real problem in your relationships.

By Brenan Yeo


Stumbling through the internet, one often finds relationship advice in abundance, which offer catharsis for, perhaps, heartbroken and jaded millennials.

Skeptics often scoff at the generalised “readings”, noting that the words could apply to anyone — and particularly those of horoscopes.

Believers of astrology are sometimes mocked for subscribing to these generalisations. “Oh, we didn’t match because our signs are different.” “He’s too much of a Capricorn for me.” “She’s a Scorpio… I don’t think we would work out”.

I cannot deny that at my weaker points in life, horoscopes did seem to make an absurd amount of sense. I sometimes ponder if there is an actual reason, to my Capricorn need for “structure and order,” according to what the internet tells me.

My curious search for the truth behind astrology led me to the heart of Arab Street. Tucked away in the lines of shophouses, stands Selfstrology, an astrology school.

May Sim, founder of Selfstrology, greeted me through the large window overlooking the entrance. Her petite figure seemed almost equal to the table she was seated at, but her air of authority was unmistakable. Walking out, she flashed a full-toothed grin, and greeted me. “Shall we begin?”


May boasts a formidable list of qualifications: 15 years of practice in the field and a hard-earned bachelor’s equivalent in studies from the International Academy of Astrology. The student-turned-instructor at her alma mater is currently working on a book on psychological astrology.

The biggest question I had was how horoscopes work. Lunar and stellar energies certainly could not derive and profile my personality. May, however, told me otherwise.

“You see, when anyone is born, the stars are at a specific angle and alignment, depending on where you are born on Earth. That’s why I asked for your specific birth time, as well as the location. This lets me digitally generate a chart to see what are the exact angles are of the stars I need to see. The positioning of these is the information I have about you.”

“Personality profiling is about identifying your behavioural patterns. So once we know what you want and how you’re like, we can see how to get there.”

I was still skeptical, but the key to understanding lies within an open mind. I decided to probe a little deeper.

She pulled out my birth chart, which was dominated by a circle, split into twelve sections. It was decorated with handwriting, obvious that she had prepared it herself, and painstakingly so. Unfolding the document, she pointed to one intricate symbol.

“This is Venus, which we otherwise recognise as a symbol for love.”

Her hand traced the circular shape, stopping at the sign immediately below it.

“And this is Pluto, the god of the Underworld. Their close proximity tells me that, unfortunately, your relationships are filled with chaos.”

Okay, my relationships have been all but peaceful. I’ve weathered emotional abuse, conflicting interests and plenty of tears, but still — it could be a coincidence.

The consultation lasted for an hour, growing more intensive with every flick of her pen. Any incorrect readings would have fed the skeptic in me. I was reading into every word she said, waiting for an error.

But there were none.

With pinpoint accuracy, the signs told her everything about me, from my latent scars of a poor childhood to my ideal career choices. All the things I knew about myself intimately, she laid out on the table, bare. I felt naked — stripped, even.
I could have been anyone, of a hundred different permutations of backgrounds and cultural differences. And yet, here I was, with a complete stranger who seemed to know everything about me, from a flimsy piece of paper to boot.

Despite my deep-seated discomfort, May’s cheery demeanour persisted.

“The charts don’t lie. But I’m not here to make you uncomfortable. I’m here to help you piece together what all of these things mean, and give you advice on how to best move forward,” she said.

That is exactly what she did for me. She pieced together my broken love life and identified this curious pattern I never would have noticed alone, especially not through convenient listicles I read through tears at night.

“Most people start their relationships like this: finding someone, sustaining the needs of the relationship and then fulfilling themselves through it. The question here is, how do you find someone if you don’t even know what fulfills you?”

She paused to give me a mental breather.

“So we work backwards instead — find out what fulfills you in a relationship before finding someone who meets those requirements.”

That felt like a wonderful piece of advice for someone constantly heartbroken. I was filled with shock and awe.

“It’s all in the charts. You can’t get this kind of detailed and personal reading from any crappy newsletter online. If you want to get a proper reading done, go to a qualified astrologist. You wouldn’t trust a friend who spent a few days reading medicinal articles and then starts calling himself a doctor, would you? Same thing.”

Astrology is a complex field of study. I could not summarise the years of experience necessary to understand how these charts work, much as I could not do the same for medicine.

Is it accurate? Spine-chillingly so.

Is it for everyone? It could be. Traditional Chinese medicine is not for everyone, but some people do swear by it.

How does this help with relationships? It is a guide, after all, a reference for us to remind yourself what we want and need. Whether you believe in astrology or not, May gave me quality
advice as a person, and it is, and will be, something I remember for a lifetime.


How To Obtain Your Birth Chart

How To Obtain Your Birth Chart

What is Astrology?

We get asked this question a lot! And especially as with the Asian context, Western Astrology usually gets confused with Bazi, Fengshui & Vedic Astrology – which are all fundamentally different from one another. So is Western Astrology just based on the 12 Zodiac signs?
Usually, when people associate the 12 Zodiac signs or magazine horoscopes, they might just be referring to the Sun Sign. However, Astrology goes beyond that and is the study of how cosmic bodies (planets including the Sun, asteroids and other calculated points etc) affect and influence lives.

This is where it begins

Before we sound like space cadets, Astrologers are actually looking at some specific indicators which are based on precise calculations for the exact time of birth of a person or significant events. Given a specific time or an exact moment, Astrologers will be able to generate and map a chart of the planetary positions which may look like this:

Astrology chart mapped for Brad Pitt’s exact time of birth

So to have your own chart generated, click the button below:

Or visit: https://selfstrology.com/chart-generator/

You will be prompted to input the following details such as:

  • Birth Date
  • Birth Time (Exact To The Minute)
  • Birth City

Upon generating a chart, a simple auto-generated report is provided as well. Although it does give you a quick interpretation of the Planets in Signs, but it does not really give you a very accurate description of how it plays out in your life. The Basic Astrology Course, offered by Selfstrology Academy would be able to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to interpret all the symbols within the chart.

Otherwise, to have a more detailed interpretation but you find it tedious to understand what all the symbols and indications are? It is recommended to see a professional Astrologer who will be able to breakdown the chart to give you a proper analysis of your personality profile. If you are seeking a consultation, click on the this link to find our more about our consultation services.

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Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018- How will you grow next year? – By Gabriele Goh

Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018- How will you grow next year?

 Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is finally leaving the scales of Libra into the depths of Scorpio tonight!
Wait… What Jupiter?
Jupiter is a benefic planet which confers luck, faith and optimism. More importantly, it is also a planet of growth and is often associated with higher knowledge, philosophy, beliefs and religion.
So when Jupiter goes into Scorpio, it…???
Generally, when Jupiter enters a new sign, the mode of ‘growing bigger’ changes. In the sign of intense, secretive, penetrative and anal-retentive Scorpio, the growth tends to be deep, extreme and not immediately obvious. Expect deeper insights into your own psyche should you decide to ride with its energy.
Ok, then… what’s in store for me? I am a Scorpio!
Generally, all Scorpios would experience an increase in their sense of purpose and identity. Perhaps they may even be interested in learning and expanding the understanding of their lives. Perfect period to dive into your being and learn about who you are. Careful of extremities though, and don’t overdo things. This is especially so for those born between 5th to 16th November.
But what if I’m not a Scorpio? What about the other signs?
These are the other signs which are affect.
Taurus: This may be a period when you experience others as compelling you to grow and expand yourself in a way which you are not accustomed to. In fact, you may even feel other people judging you for being slow and simple-minded. The problem is that you don’t like change and want to keep things simple. Jupiter in Scorpio beckons you to take your chances. This applies especially for those born between 3rd to 14th May.
Cancer: Growth is likely to come smooth and easy. For all you security-minded Cancer (myself included), this growth is likely to make you feel even more safe and secure. Perhaps bonds would grow deeper with your loved ones. Perhaps it is the joint investments that you share with your loved ones that grows. Whatever it may be, this period of growth will have a greater impact for those born between 4th to 16th July.
Leo: This will not be an easy period since you are likely to feel conflicted. Being already larger than life, this period would see you feeling conflicted between showcasing yourself and developing yourself in privacy. This will certainly be a period which magnifies your ego and you may over-estimate your capabilities. This is especially so for those born between 5th to 17th August.
Virgo: You are likely to be presented with an opportunity to grow transformatively. Likely to become even more efficient and productive than you already are, this period offers opportunities to overhaul the systems of organisations you’ve created in your life. However, this can only happen if you take some effort. Those born between 5th to 16th September are the ones that will see the full effect.
Capricorn: The hardworking Capricorns shall duly be rewarded should they decide to use this period to improve themselves. While you may not be the type that embrace intensity, this period offers a possibility for you to strive intensively with will and focus. This is especially so for those born between 3rd to 14th January.
Aquarius: Similar to Leo, this is unlikely to be an easy period for you since you are likely to overdo things. You might find that this need for deep inward development does not quite come together with your usual chill-out nature, especially if you are born between 1st to 12th February.
Pisces: The compassion of a Pisces knows no boundaries and this is certainly a period when you’d find yourself giving even more. While this period intensifies your compassion and imagination, you might want to consider setting up some boundaries to curtail things from being over done—especially for those born between 2nd to 14th March.
I see… But wait, what if I’m none of the above signs? Is this still going to affect me?
Well… even if you are one of the above signs, it could still affect you in more ways than you know. We are only talking about Sun signs here, so it pertains only to your selfhood and identity. We haven’t even touched upon your emotional wellbeing (Moon sign), mental acumen (Mercury sign) etc.

Wow. Sounds complicated. Is there any way for me to know what’s coming in without all these hassles?

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Gabriele Goh, Selfstrology Student & Apprentice

Gabriele had studied astrology since 2014. He started a Facebook following A Third Eye Seer and has started to do astrology consultations professionally. He has a keen interest in astrological topics such as Horary, LGBT, Romance, Astrological Profiling and Transits.

If you had found that learning about the Jupiter Transit is interesting and would like to seek a consultation, you may contact Gabriele Goh at (+65 9785 7608). See the article here


Astrological Look At Crossroad Points In Life

At Life’s Crossroads

In our lives, we usually find ourselves faced with difficult situations or decisions, which may seem like splitting into diverse directions at crossroads. It feels like a constant tug-of-war to balance out areas of our lives such as Family, Relationships, Career, Work or Money, etc. In this

In this article, we’ll discuss several common and significant points in a person’s life that they may feel particularly challenged or start to question their life choices seriously.

At Life’s Crossroads, 20 Jun 2017, 7.15pm

1. Age 21-23 (Introduction to Adulthood)

This point in life is when a person is first recognised as a legal adult. In Singapore’s context, people around this age are still completing their studies or just happen to be starting out their careers.  They will experience changes to start to feel a sense of responsibility and taking actions to break out of their comfort zone. (Astrological terms: transiting Saturn will be in the 3rd quarter position and Uranus will form squares natally to the native). This may generally be an uncomfortable situation as they will tend to have an overly focus on a particular area of life neglecting the other.


2. Age 29-30 (Independence)

Turning 29, a person may start to question the efforts and commitments made over the last 10 years of adulthood and reflect on whether or not this is the direction they would like to proceed on into the next phase of their lives. This may be a point in their lives where they will become more serious or have a strong sense of responsibility to the major areas of the persons’ life. (Astrological terms: transiting Saturn will be in conjunction to Saturn natally in the native’s chart) They may experience sudden career changes and start to pursue the things that truly matter to them.


3. Age 40-44 (Mid-life Crisis)

Most people know of this period as the Mid-life Crisis, where men start to develop bald patches and females start to lose their figures. But apart from the changes to physical appearance, this is a period of troubling years where people normally experience it in 3 stages; Sense of disappointment, Impetus for change and Bearing the consequences.

Stage 1: Sense of disappointment (Neptune square)

A person may start to question, feel stuck or disappointed and feel that their ideal situations have not been met. This may be an irrational feeling regardless of the level of achievements or success that they might have attained thus far.

Stage 2: Impetus for change (Uranus square)

When it enters this stage, having felt disappointed previously the person may feel a strong need or an impulse to solve the situation. It is a common sight to be seeing people make radical purchases such as a luxury house or a car for a sense of achievement and a symbol of success.

Stage 3: Bearing the consequences (Saturn Square)

Completing the cycle of the life stage, this is a period where the person starts to return to reality to address the radical change that they had made. Sometimes, people may have regretted their decisions and would try to revert to status quo and where they were previously.


4. Age 58-59 (Last Lap/Golden Years)

Similar to the Independence stage, a person will question all the commitments and achievements of his/her life, asking what’s next. In Astrological terms this is actually the 2nd Saturn return, and at this point people may choose to pursue neglected dreams or take a more laid back approach to life. It will not be uncommon to see people taking up courses or being more engaged with community-related activities.


*The age ranges given in the article are based on average approximate ages. All our astrological birth charts are different and having a unique signature, the progression and transits that happen to us are fundamentally different as well. If you like to sign up for a consultation to take a look at your personal life stages or find insights to directions in life, please click here.


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Astrology Predictions: Are All Things Based on Destiny And Fate?

Are All Things Based on Destiny And Fate?

In our Asian context, whenever Astrology is mentioned, it is commonly associated with the Asian practices of predetermined destinies and fate. In most cases, clients do get spooked by the accuracy infused with the fears of certain situations coming to realisation. This often results in the clients feeling pessimistic and that nothing can actually be done.

However, Western Astrology has incorporated the psychology element which would also apply to predictions and in consultations. In this article, we’ll be discussing how would Astrology Predictions would be able to help clients through situations that they may be facing and finding internal solutions by applying human psychology. Let’s take a look in detail to show the practical uses and also to debunk some misconceptions.

Astrology Predictions, 25 May 2017, 7.15pm

1. Predictions ≠ Fortune-telling

With everyone wanting to get out of the endless rat-race and being obsessed about getting that quick buck to have a jump ahead everyone else, people are mostly interested in finding out when they’ll get the sudden windfall of fortune. Thus, a common question in consultations is “When will I make it rich?”.

It’s quite certain that we won’t be able to predict lottery wins. Predictions and forecasts will be able to tell if there will be certain periods of time where it will be more smooth-sailing and things might flow easily for you. This makes these periods of time, ideal for getting resources (money or investments) in check and prepared for growth, not necessarily a guaranteed for financial wealth.


2. “Fate” or “Free Will”?

In an example of a company-wide retrenchment or company closure, a client is on the verge of losing his job. By looking at the astrological indicators, an astrologer may be able to predict the exact date of when he would lose his job. The client might not have a choice from being axed from his job but he does have a choice for changing his mindset and approach to this situation. He can choose to have a positive approach and take the opportunity to upgrade his skill sets or to reapply for better positions in another company, instead of choosing to drown his sorrows at a coffeeshop and blaming the universe!

Situations and things will happen to you nevertheless, but more importantly it is your mindsetapproach and by understanding our own psychology to these situations that makes a difference.


3. Why do we do Predictions?

Knowing that we all have control of our lives, why should we do predictions? Some reasons may be to take advantage of opportunities or be prepared for challenging periods. By making predictions you’ll be able to identify, understand what is going on and make better plans. One other reason is that it’s FUN! What better reason to be able to tell what lies in the future and brag about it now!

So in summary, as all our astrological birth charts are different and having a unique signature, the progression and transits that happen to us are fundamentally different as well. The astrological charts can be interpreted by using a structured systematic approach, very much alike understanding a language. 🙂


If you had found that learning about Astrology Predictions is interesting and would like to sign up for a consultation to take a look at your personal prediction and forecast, please click here.

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Astrology Charts: Born on the Same Year, Same Day, Slightly Different Time

Born on the Same Year, Same Day, Slightly Different Time

Very often we get asked if twins have the same birth chart. Well, every single person is uniquely different and that applies to twins as well. A single minute can make a significant difference to the personalities of a twin. Let’s watch a short introduction on twin charts…

So during yesterday evening’s free talk, we covered the topic “Astrology of Twins” in detail to answer some burning questions such as “is it possible for two people to have the exact same birth chart?” We’ll start off with debunking some misconceptions.

1. An exact identical birth chart is close to impossible

Even for twins who are born via the cesarean procedure, it would require medical practitioners at least a minute to separate the child from the mother. And with the minute difference, it makes a change to the planetary positions or other indicators on the birth chart.


2. Even people with very similar charts (or twins) will experience life/situations very differently

In the talk, we put out the example twin chart comparison between Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, born 2 minutes apart.

The differences in the twin charts are highlighted by the red circles, one of the indicators that are different is the position of their “Mercury” Signs. In a person’s chart, Mercury usually describes the way that the person communicates or expresses their thoughts. Mary-Kate has her’s in the 11th House, which can be interpreted as her being more communicative with friends, communities or having a more significant public identity as compared to her sister, Ashley who has her Mercury in the 12th House – which make her a more private person, who might not be entirely comfortable in sharing her private life.


3. Situations and Internal Personal challenges (Transits & Progressions) will hit the twins at different periods of their lives

Among our audience, there were real life twins where we had put up their charts as case studies showing various points of their live which they may have experienced similar situations but at different periods of their lives – some are months apart and some might be up to a year difference.


So in summary, we are all very different and unique individuals, which our astrological birth charts are signatures which tell a very different story. The astrological charts can be interpreted by using a structured systematic approach, very much alike understanding a language. 🙂


If you had found that learning about twin charts is interesting and would like to take up a course to learn more about astrology, please click here.

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