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Does having a Libra Ascendant only lead to a pretty face?

April 12, 2022 Insights Lifestyle
Does having a Libra Ascendant only lead to a pretty face?

Whenever you think of a person with a Libra ascendant on his or her chart, most often you will associate them with their love for aesthetic beauty, being superficial, and paying extra attention to how he or she looks. Appearance matters a lot to them, hence they are often known for their refined looks and good sense of style. 

In fact, there are many celebrities with Libra ascendant in their charts; for example, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Harry Styles have a soft and attractive appearance. 

Britney Spears image extracted from Entertainment Tonight,
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However, apart from just skin-deep aesthetics, Libra Ascendants can lead to some pretty positive traits as well. 

1. They are natural thinkers

Libra Ascendants are natural thinkers, where they are constantly trying to find balance and appropriateness on their endeavors. Instead of only thinking via singular approaches, they tend to think with multiple scenarios in their heads. 

However, being such natural thinkers, they tend not to jump to conclusions and make fast choices. This explains why they are also naturally indecisive! . They tend to have a thorough approach to the choices and decisions they make for every situation that they are first brought into. 

2. They have the natural ability to see situations from other people’s point of view

Libra Ascendants are able to see and consider other people’s point of view, which gives the impression that they can usually make fair and reliable judgements. They have the instinct to see the balance and weigh the pros and cons before making a certain decision. In instances like teamwork or group projects, although indecisive, they are largely valued for their opinions. Most importantly, Libra Ascendants know how to deliver unpleasant truths without offending the other party, since their natural diplomatic abilities can convey objectivity and balance. The underlying reason is because they love to create harmony, hence often seek to understand other people’s ideas and thoughts. They also understand that cooperation and teamwork are essential for success. 

3. They are generally sociable even when you first meet them

Libra ascendant people are generally sociable and it is natural for them to engage one-on-one with people. They usually give people the first impression of them being graceful and charming, which appeals to many strangers willing to engage in conversations with them. Therefore, it is very easy for them to connect to people easily. 

However, because of their love for classy and refined behaviors, they dislike rowdy or loud noises, and tend to be sensitive towards chaos. When meeting strangers, they might steer clear away from people who are loud and boisterous.

4. Despite their pleasant and nice behavior, they are actually hiding their insecurities

This is also the reason why despite their friendliness and the natural ability to meet new people, they will not keep them as close friends but rather acquaintances. They tend to hide their insecurities by keeping a distance and only give politically-correct answers to people whom they are not close to. In fact, they find it hard to express their genuine responses because of the fear that it will cause unpleasantness.

Also, because of their insecurities, they might actually end up becoming people-pleasers, only saying nice and pleasant comments to people. They have the desire to be liked and will feel insecure when people show a hint of displeasure to them. What Libra Ascendant can do is to overcome the need to be liked in order to overcome any insecurities that they have. They need to realize that sometimes it is impossible to always keep on a pleasant and false front. 

If you are a libra ascendant, it is important to know that these are the natural abilities you have in any situation that you are placed in for the first time. You can harness these abilities and skills in work that are suitable for you. In fact, jobs that are people-oriented, or jobs that require you to have balanced and fair judgements are work that you can excel greatly in.

It is only when you are able to utilize the natural skills that you have, and use it to your advantage can you learn to help and contribute to others. Your life will be more meaningful and purposeful when you start helping others. 


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