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3 Things Internet Astrology Gets Wrong About: Taurus Sign

April 5, 2022 Insights Career Lifestyle
3 Things Internet Astrology Gets Wrong About: Taurus Sign

Ah… Taurus. According to the Internet, they’re hardworking, willing to grind and work hard daily, but also very money-faced, hankering for the lifestyles of the wealthy. How accurate are these? Here are three major traits the Internet gets wrong about Taurus:  

Myth #1 Taurus are very hardworking individuals

The truth is, Taureans are mentally and physically lazy. They have fooled everyone that they are hardworking but actually, they love routine because they are too lazy to make changes. Taureans hate change because they don’t like having to act and do things

That does not mean that they will not do the work. In the workplace, they are more than happy to get things done as long as they do not have to propose new changes, new ideas and new plans. Once the system works and is in place, it would take a lot of convincing to make Taurus willingly embrace change thereafter.

Similar to their behaviour in relationships, they yearn for a stable relationship with their partner, without any unnecessary changes to their lifestyles because they are physically lazy. This could be a problem for more gregarious signs like Sagittarius, who may be always up  for excitement or the next thrill. That does not mean that they will not work hard and put in effort in their relationships. They do, but their efforts can be strongly motivated by the promise of a predictable  daily routine and ‘formulaic’ companionship. 

So for those who work with people who have Taurus Sun signs, place them in jobs where routines and systems are already well established – they will maintain the consistency in their work! 

And if you have Taurus friends, don’t expect them to agree on participating in adventures involving a lot of physical activity or moving around. Spending a day at home with Netflix will be much more to their speed.

Myth #2 Taurus covet money and a luxurious lifestyle

Internet memes often portray Taurus ladies in luxurious scenarios, e.g. sitting in hotel rooms sipping wine and nibbling cheese. As far as we can tell with these memes, Taureans chase after money and riches to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Well, although Taurus does appreciate quality and luxurious items, the truth is that most Taureans are not particularly motivated to get rich or be millionaires.  

Instead, they are very good at stretching every dollar that they have and getting bang for their buck. Their approach to money can be summed up in a single word: practical. In fact, their calculativeness about money is not motivated by earning or getting more, they are much more likely to be trying to find ways to save money. 

For Taurus, money merely exists for them as a form of security. Far from trying to live like the top 1%, most Taurus people dream of leading a peaceful, simple, farm-like life.

Myth #3 Taurus are direct and easy-going people

Taurus are very direct and straightforward. They do not beat around the bush and mince their words.

Seems like Taurus are among the most easy-going people? Yes, but, they are also among the most calculative of people, especially if a certain action or decision costs them time or money. To them, there needs to be a return of investment (ROI) in the things that they do and every investment of time, money or effort has to pay off.

Which also explains their practicality in the things that matter to them. For example, having Mercury in Taurus will mean that they are very practical in their thinking and learning. They may seem tongue-tied in conversation, but the truth is more likely to be that they haven’t  bothered to engage in these conversations. They may have weighed their options and decided the conversation just wasn’t worth the effort.(Sometimes though, they’re just too slow to keep up with everyone else). 

Every now and then, they get stirred up enough to speak up, and Taurus often delivers a practical, if not somewhat boring perspective.  Beware: if you do ask them for  an opinion, they will give you nothing but the truth – Taurus will not hold back on practical comments just to spare a fragile ego.

There are always negative and positive traits to a zodiac sign, but the real value of astrology is in how each individual can become aware of his or her negative traits, weaknesses, and understand when your behaviors are hindering you from achieving the outcomes you want. 

In fact, you can harness the strengths in your birth chart and utilize it – be it in your work, relationship or even contributing to society at large. 

Although Taurus is lazy and not really that hard working, their underlying motivations leads  them to find the most efficient way to get things done. Also, their inherent understanding of money and value can direct them to earn their income while creating value.

However, defining someone by merely a Sun in Taurus would be highly  inaccurate for understanding who they are. Every individual has a unique birth chart, which explains the  complexity of our thinking and behavior. 

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