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Astrological Look At Crossroad Points In Life

June 22, 2017 Insights
Astrological Look At Crossroad Points In Life

At Life’s Crossroads

In our lives, we usually find ourselves faced with difficult situations or decisions, which may seem like splitting into diverse directions at crossroads. It feels like a constant tug-of-war to balance out areas of our lives such as Family, Relationships, Career, Work or Money, etc. In this

In this article, we’ll discuss several common and significant points in a person’s life that they may feel particularly challenged or start to question their life choices seriously.

At Life’s Crossroads, 20 Jun 2017, 7.15pm

1. Age 21-23 (Introduction to Adulthood)

This point in life is when a person is first recognised as a legal adult. In Singapore’s context, people around this age are still completing their studies or just happen to be starting out their careers.  They will experience changes to start to feel a sense of responsibility and taking actions to break out of their comfort zone. (Astrological terms: transiting Saturn will be in the 3rd quarter position and Uranus will form squares natally to the native). This may generally be an uncomfortable situation as they will tend to have an overly focus on a particular area of life neglecting the other.

2. Age 29-30 (Independence)

Turning 29, a person may start to question the efforts and commitments made over the last 10 years of adulthood and reflect on whether or not this is the direction they would like to proceed on into the next phase of their lives. This may be a point in their lives where they will become more serious or have a strong sense of responsibility to the major areas of the persons’ life. (Astrological terms: transiting Saturn will be in conjunction to Saturn natally in the native’s chart) They may experience sudden career changes and start to pursue the things that truly matter to them.

3. Age 40-44 (Mid-life Crisis)

Most people know of this period as the Mid-life Crisis, where men start to develop bald patches and females start to lose their figures. But apart from the changes to physical appearance, this is a period of troubling years where people normally experience it in 3 stages; Sense of disappointment, Impetus for change and Bearing the consequences.

Stage 1: Sense of disappointment (Neptune square)

A person may start to question, feel stuck or disappointed and feel that their ideal situations have not been met. This may be an irrational feeling regardless of the level of achievements or success that they might have attained thus far.

Stage 2: Impetus for change (Uranus square)

When it enters this stage, having felt disappointed previously the person may feel a strong need or an impulse to solve the situation. It is a common sight to be seeing people make radical purchases such as a luxury house or a car for a sense of achievement and a symbol of success.

Stage 3: Bearing the consequences (Saturn Square)

Completing the cycle of the life stage, this is a period where the person starts to return to reality to address the radical change that they had made. Sometimes, people may have regretted their decisions and would try to revert to status quo and where they were previously.

4. Age 58-59 (Last Lap/Golden Years)

Similar to the Independence stage, a person will question all the commitments and achievements of his/her life, asking what’s next. In Astrological terms this is actually the 2nd Saturn return, and at this point people may choose to pursue neglected dreams or take a more laid back approach to life. It will not be uncommon to see people taking up courses or being more engaged with community-related activities.

*The age ranges given in the article are based on average approximate ages. All our astrological birth charts are different and having a unique signature, the progression and transits that happen to us are fundamentally different as well. If you like to sign up for a consultation to take a look at your personal life stages or find insights to directions in life, please click here.

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