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Astrology Charts: Born on the Same Year, Same Day, Slightly Different Time

May 19, 2017 Insights
Astrology Charts: Born on the Same Year, Same Day, Slightly Different Time

Born on the Same Year, Same Day, Slightly Different Time

Very often we get asked if twins have the same birth chart. Well, every single person is uniquely different and that applies to twins as well. A single minute can make a significant difference to the personalities of a twin. Let’s watch a short introduction on twin charts…

So during yesterday evening’s free talk, we covered the topic “Astrology of Twins” in detail to answer some burning questions such as “is it possible for two people to have the exact same birth chart?” We’ll start off with debunking some misconceptions.

1. An exact identical birth chart is close to impossible

Even for twins who are born via the cesarean procedure, it would require medical practitioners at least a minute to separate the child from the mother. And with the minute difference, it makes a change to the planetary positions or other indicators on the birth chart.


2. Even people with very similar charts (or twins) will experience life/situations very differently

In the talk, we put out the example twin chart comparison between Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, born 2 minutes apart.

The differences in the twin charts are highlighted by the red circles, one of the indicators that are different is the position of their “Mercury” Signs. In a person’s chart, Mercury usually describes the way that the person communicates or expresses their thoughts. Mary-Kate has her’s in the 11th House, which can be interpreted as her being more communicative with friends, communities or having a more significant public identity as compared to her sister, Ashley who has her Mercury in the 12th House – which make her a more private person, who might not be entirely comfortable in sharing her private life.


3. Situations and Internal Personal challenges (Transits & Progressions) will hit the twins at different periods of their lives

Among our audience, there were real life twins where we had put up their charts as case studies showing various points of their live which they may have experienced similar situations but at different periods of their lives – some are months apart and some might be up to a year difference.


So in summary, we are all very different and unique individuals, which our astrological birth charts are signatures which tell a very different story. The astrological charts can be interpreted by using a structured systematic approach, very much alike understanding a language. 🙂


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