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How To Use Astrology To Prepare For Economic Trends

June 28, 2023 Career
How To Use Astrology To Prepare For Economic Trends

Astrology has often been used to navigate various aspects of our lives.

Recently, it has gained traction in an unexpected domain: the world of finance.

Financial analysts, investors, and even financial journalists have begun exploring the insights offered by astrology to prepare for and navigate economic trends.

Combining traditional technical analysis with principles of astrology, they are discovering unique ways to understand and predict market patterns.

Astrology and the Financial Markets: A New Perspective

A Glance at Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a methodology employed by financial analysts and investors to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities.

The method focuses on statistical trends gathered from trading activity, such as price movement and volume.

Analysts scrutinize high and low prices, the flow of money, stocks, and company trends to determine future market behaviour.

The Astrological Element

Astrology, including Vedic astrology, introduces a different perspective.

Instead of solely relying on technical analysis, it factors in the influences of planetary cycles and the positions of the stars at any given time.

Astrologers like May Sim of Selfstrology believe that star charts and individual birth charts play an important role in understanding business trends and economic movements.

The integration of astrology in technical analysis gives rise to a more holistic approach.

This approach does not undermine the importance of conventional methods but supplements them with a broader perspective—the ‘big picture’.

Astrology Meets Technical Analysis: The Fusion

Fibonacci Retracement Levels and Planetary Cycles

One popular tool used by technical analysts is Fibonacci retracement levels.

These are horizontal lines used to highlight areas of support or resistance at the key Fibonacci levels before the price continues in the original direction.

A unique blend of this method with astrology is observed when we align these levels with planetary cycles.

Astrologers and analysts alike have noted that the market often experiences changes in trend around the time of a planetary shift. J

Japanese traders have even integrated the principles of astrology into their technical analysis to anticipate and accommodate these market fluctuations.

Astrology as the ‘True Chartist’

Astrology can be seen as a form of ‘true chartist’ in the financial world.

The birth chart, which reflects the positions of planets at a person’s birth, can be used as a metaphorical map for the company or the economy.

Just as a good astrologer can understand a person’s traits and potential life path by interpreting their birth chart, they can also understand the characteristics and potential trends of an economy by studying its ‘birth chart’.

This might seem abstract but has been remarkably effective for those who have adopted this approach.

Using Astrology to Prepare for Economic Trends

Identifying Potential Financial Problems

Astrology could potentially provide insights into upcoming financial problems.

If a central banker or a significant figure in Wall Street is going through a challenging planetary cycle, it might reflect as economic instability or volatility.

The astrology-aware investor can perceive this period of certain uneasiness, providing them with an opportunity to adjust their investment strategies, reducing their risk exposure and preparing for the potential ups and downs.

Long Term Moving Average and Planetary Cycles

The Long Term Moving Average, a tool often used by investors to identify trends over time, can be used in conjunction with planetary cycles to determine when a stock’s price is rising or falling.

The correlation between the two averages, the planetary cycle, and the moving average, might provide additional validation for the investor’s decisions, thus equipping them better to navigate the stock market and predict future trends.

Astrological Elements in Forecasting Market Trends

The Planets and The Economy

Astrologers believe that different planets have different influences on the economic trends of a business. For instance, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, is often associated with prosperity and good fortune.

When Jupiter is prominently positioned, it could indicate a period of economic growth and favourable investment opportunities.

On the contrary, Saturn, the planet of limitations and discipline, might signal a time of economic tightening or recession when it’s in a dominant position.

Recognizing these planetary influences can help investors and analysts to prepare for potential shifts in economic trends.

Birth Charts of Businesses

Just like individuals, businesses also have birth charts – determined by the time they were legally established.

A comprehensive analysis of a company’s birth chart can provide valuable insights into the potential challenges and opportunities that the business might face.

Astrologers look at the positions of the planets at the company’s inception to forecast potential periods of growth and decline, helping investors make informed decisions about when to buy, hold, or sell their stocks.

The Rising Trend of Astro-Economics

The trend of Astro-economics is rising, with more and more investors, analysts, and financial journalists acknowledging the significant insights that astrology can offer.

While some may dismiss astrology as pseudoscience, others view it as a beneficial supplement to traditional financial analysis, equipping them with better tools to navigate the uncertain economic tides.

Challenges and Future Directions

Despite the increasing acceptance of astrological insights in financial decisions, the field also faces certain challenges. One of the key hurdles is the lack of understanding or the scepticism surrounding astrology in general.

However, as the benefits become more apparent and as more individuals and businesses successfully use astrology to navigate economic trends, the trend is likely to grow. More extensive research and robust case studies can further validate astrology’s role in economics, ensuring its place as a credible tool in the world of finance.

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