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Unlock the Power of Psychological Astrology: Elevate Your Coaching Skills Today

June 28, 2023 Insights
Unlock the Power of Psychological Astrology: Elevate Your Coaching Skills Today

In my years as an astrologer, I’ve noticed an intriguing pattern among my students—I attract a significant number of professional coaches. It’s not surprising that professional coaches like using astrology as a very practical tool within their practice to facilitate transformative change.

Astrology, combined with Psychological Astrology (PA), offers practical insights into clients’ core identities, strengths, and shadows.

Let me introduce you to Xin Hong, a relationship coach who thrives in helping successful, strong-willed women find meaningful, long-term connections.

Initially skeptical about astrology, she was intrigued by the practical approach of using PA as a problem-solving tool. You see, coaches in any subject area share the common challenge of helping clients uncover the underlying reasons behind their struggles. Only then can they help their clients transform.

Elevating Coaching Skills with Effective Tools

Effective coaching isn’t just about innate skills—it’s also about having the right tools. To propel clients towards breakthroughs, a coach needs a winning combination of talent and resources.

This is precisely where astrology and PA come into play. By delving beneath the surface using the PA tool, coaches can uncover deep-seated barriers and enlighten clients about empowering changes they can make. 

Unveiling Core Confidence and Belief Issues

As a relationship coach, Xin Hong observed that many women faced mindset challenges that hindered their dating and relationship success. These deeply entrenched perspectives and personal barriers prevented them from confidently pursuing the romantic connections they desired. 

For Xin Hong, the initial stage of her coaching process involved addressing these core confidence and belief issues. Although she had an existing framework for helping her clients take positive actions, Xin-Hong saw an opportunity to integrate astrology into her coaching strategy.

Astrology as a Catalyst for Deeper Understanding

Xin Hong embarked on her astrology journey by attending our basic astrology course, followed by the comprehensive PA course. From there, she apprenticed with me to become a professional astrologer. 

PA’s practical approach solved mysteries for Xin Hong, enabling her to understand why certain coaching activities didn’t work well with her clients. 

PA objectively and logically highlights areas where core-driven behaviours may present themselves – while also highlighting areas for transformation. 

This enabled her to tailor her coaching methods to each client’s unique profile, achieving more accurate and effective outcomes than ever before.

The Ripple Effect: Empowering Breakthroughs

According to Xin Hong, there isn’t another tool she has found that identifies this crucial information in a more accurate and precise way. 

She witnessed her clients experience remarkable breakthroughs. Women who strongly resisted dating apps found success in meeting quality matches through dating apps, while those harbouring negative impressions of men had shifted their beliefs, opening doors to confidently connect with respect-worthy men. 

Through greater self-awareness, Xin Hong’s clients tapped into a newfound inner confidence and transformed their lives.

PA as a Catalyst for Coaches

What sets PA apart from other transformational tools is its ability to provide psychological background explanations behind one’s struggles along with possible resolutions. It goes beyond simply pointing out elements of influence in one’s identity. 

Xin Hong acknowledges that PA have amplified her coaching results, making her an even more effective coach. She discovered that delving into the themes and patterns revealed by PA allowed her to create profound shifts in her clients’ lives. 

In fact, Xin Hong isn’t the only success story among my students. Since 2016, I’ve trained numerous successful apprentices. While some have an astrology practice, many are coaches like Xin Hong who integrate astrology into their coaching strategy.

Your Journey Begins: Unlocking Astrological Insights

If you are a coach seeking effective ways to elevate your impact on others’ lives, you do not want to miss out on equipping yourself with this powerful and practical tool that has continuously proven success in empowering people to thrive!

Take the first step on your astrology journey by enrolling in the Chart Your PA Matrix Course. This will provide you with a strong foundation to explore the Professional Astrologer’s Programme and apprenticeship opportunities. Our courses run throughout the year, while apprenticeship intake is limited to once per year.

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