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Feature: The Finder – 26 Jan 2016

January 26, 2016 Insights
Feature: The Finder – 26 Jan 2016

Your 2016 Astrology: Does Your Child’s Career Depend on the Horoscope?


Credit: TheFinder Magazine


How do children learn, play and encounter the world based on their astrological chart?


Truth be told, I seldom do children’s charts. There are already too many influences trying to mould children using conventional cookie cutters, and I’m a believer in allowing individuals to grow their way, in their own time. After all, I’m a proponent of a profiling tool that charts each person as a unique individual!

Having said that, if you’re open to allowing your child to develop in their own unique individual ways (never mind if what they’re doing isn’t conventional or typically money-spinning), an astrological examination might be one of greatest gifts a parent can give to your child.

Going by Sun Signs is going to give you an incomplete information

Take Lindsay Lohan, who is a Cancer – it’s a sign typically associated with nurturing, sensitive, emotional children. Cancerians are usually described as quiet, retreating individuals; all well and good, but barely traits you’d associate with Lindsay Lohan, right?


How Children Learn and Early Life

The Third House in the chart will describe how one learns, communicate, and think. Planets in the Third House will give indications of the topics one is interested in, as well as conditions necessary to stimulate mental activity.

Lindsay Lohan has Venus here; she’s interested in things associated with fashion, beauty, aesthetics, art, plus this placement usually indicates someone who knows how to sugar-coat communication. Venus is in the sign of Leo, so self-expression will be the primary factor for what drives learning for her.

For children with this placement, it’s recommended to channel them to artistic pursuits, such as speech and dramapainting classes, role-playing, scenario learning. You want to make sure they get to show off, inject their personal touch and be creative. The downside of the placement is that thinking can be self-centred, so parents will have to ensure that taking into account the needs of others are instilled in their thinking process.


‘Career Indicators’ Can Be Interpreted on a Spectrum

The chart gives valuable clues about the condition of the child’s career path, and indeed Linday Lohan’s career indicators are pretty strong. Jupiter in Pisces in the 10th house (that’s the grey one that looks like a ‘4’) describes a career that is imaginative, boundless and has a sense of fantasy and glamour (appropriate for an acting career).

Achieving success should not typically pose a problem for her. However Jupiter makes red tension lines to Chiron in the 12th house (the green ‘key’) and Uranus in the Sixth House (the blue icon), and this can indicate problems with alcohol, drugs, an adrenaline-charged environment, and the typical “wild child” image. This description would fit in with Lohan’s reputation for speeding, drink driving, partying and incessant drug use.

All is not lost, however, for a child with Lohan’s placements, for an alternative interpretation could run as such: The same chart could also well describe someone in the helping professions, such as therapists helping those with drug and alcohol problems, for example, or perhaps an activist fighting for the rights of disadvantaged groups of people (that would account for the adrenaline-charged environment).

The chart will describe the conditions associated with one’s career, and a chart examination will reveal the spectrum for which the indicators lie, and parents can channel the child to use those energies, or express the conditions in positive, rather than destructive ways.

Remember, the Chart Will Describe One’s Unique Path

When parents get a chart examination done for their children, it’s important to remember that the child is a unique individual – what they want to do or end up doing may not be your idea of a viable career path (so many of us are doing work our parents balk at everyday!), and some of them have tough lessons built in to mould them into becoming the person they are.

A competent examination of the chart can be an invaluable tool for parenting and guidance, or self-discovery, if used to examine yourself.

If you are interested in an astrological consultation, get in touch with May at and use this code for a special discount: Finder_Children.



About May Sim

The first Asian Chinese person to graduate from the International Academy of Astrology with a Diploma in Modern Astrology, May offers a unique take on the zodiac. This founder of Selfstrology will write about how to interpret the stars, moons and other signs to improve your career, love life, kids’ future and more.


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