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Feature: The Finder – 1 Feb 2016

February 1, 2016 Insights
Feature: The Finder – 1 Feb 2016

Your 2016 Astrology: What is the Biggest Difference Between Astrology And Horoscopes?


Credit: TheFinder Magazine


Do you read the horoscope section in newspapers and magazines and find that it doesn’t really add up? Here’s why.

Why Horoscopes “Don’t Work”

Of course they don’t – if you’re going by monthly predictions based on the 12 zodiac signs. Most intelligent people aren’t going to buy the idea that there are only 12 types of personalities and consequently, 12 “destinies” on any given month.

Real astrology should deliver unique interpretations for EVERY unique living individual. Let’s look at real-life examples for the sign Pisces.

Here are the charts of three famous Pisceans (featuring only Sun, Moon and Venus positions):


Albert Einstein

Steve Jobs

Justin Bieber

14 Mar 1897, 11.30am

24 Feb 1955, 5.15pm

1 Mar 1994, 12.56am

Ulm, Germany

San Francisco, USA

London, Canada

 Sun in Pisces

Sun in Pisces

Sun in Pisces

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Aries

Moon in Libra

in Capricorn


in Aquarius

*Other planets have been removed from the charts so as not to confuse readers unfamiliar with astrology charts


Newspaper ‘Horoscopes’ make everyone in a sign sound identical
Pisceans: they’re dreamy, creative, idealistic, spiritual, soft, and they see a world no one else sees. It’s strange that these words should all apply to three very distinct individuals; yet they do.

From a world-renowned scientist who came up with the formula for energy, to an IT professional whose bold design revolutionised the world, and a teen pop star who inspires hysterical female groupies, all three men are manifestations of the concept of Pisces in their own ways, yet they are as different as three people could be.

Other Sign Placements Distinguish Individuals Within a Sign
For the purpose of this article I’ve selected the Moon and Mars to be examined in the three charts. You’d have noticed that the three men have different Moon and Mars signs.

Moon governs how we express our emotional and security needs, and often, in the case of male subjects, the unconscious factors that drive actions and achievements.

– Einstein had his in Sagittarius, which indicates that he’s driven by the pursuit of knowledge and expanding the mind – this is a placement that favours research and travel (which can be mental as well as physical).

– Jobs had his in Aries, typically associated with a pioneering, entrepreneurial bent, competitiveness and being first, or being the first to do things. Little wonder he was able to channel that creative energy into meeting his entrepreneurial objectives, and Apple Inc. has always been known for maintaining its competitive edge.

– Bieber has his in Libra, and this describes the need to maintain balance, harmony, beauty and/or indulge in the arts for his unconscious emotional needs. As Bieber’s a music artiste, this Moon placement is quite apt.

Mars, especially in a man’s chart, describes how one goes about achieving one’s goals. The sign that Mars is in will correspond to the manner of asserting oneself.

– Einstein’s Mars is in Capricorn – this is a sign suited to those who work within established, conventional structures. Einstein had operated largely within university and governmentfunded research frameworks.

– Jobs’s Mars in Aries reflects yet again that entrepreneurial, ‘I am’ mentality. The downside of this placement is a tendency to neglect the desires or opinions of others, and indeed Jobs had a reputation for being somewhat difficult to work with.

– Bieber has Mars in Aquarius, associated usually with an unconventional way of doing things. This placement can be provocative, and already Bieber has been known to embody a “black rapper” image incongruous with his own upper middle class Canadian upbringing.
On a positive side, Mars in Aquarius can describe someone who works for the collective good and/or is able to innovate, challenging stale and staid norms – Justin Bieber is still only 22 years old; how he uses that Mars in future still remains to be seen.


How Can Monthly Newspaper “Horoscopes” Describe “Destinies” of Millions Accurately?
If you consider how vastly different two people can be, it makes little sense to predict that “June will be a romantic month for all Geminis”, for example, when some where in the world there have to be Geminians is going through breakups.

Monthly “horoscopes” are only accurate as far as they describe how the sense of self (indicated by the Sun sign) is challenged or supported by current planetary transits to that particular Sun sign. For a reading to make sense for a specific individual, transits and other movements have to be taken into account for the entire chart, and not just one component.

You’ll now think twice before you eliminate Scorpios from your dating calendar because “that website told me I’m not compatible with Scorpios”! Remember that we’re all very complex, multi-faceted individuals!

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About May Sim

The first Asian Chinese person to graduate from the International Academy of Astrology with a Diploma in Modern Astrology, May offers a unique take on the zodiac. This founder of Selfstrology will write about how to interpret the stars, moons and other signs to improve your career, love life, kids’ future and more.


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