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The Art of Electional Astrology: Choosing the Right Dates for Life’s Important Events

May 16, 2023 Tips
The Art of Electional Astrology: Choosing the Right Dates for Life’s Important Events

Electional astrology, an essential part of both traditional and modern astrology, is a powerful and often overlooked technique that involves selecting the best date and time for significant events, such as incorporating a company, getting married, or launching a book.

The Goal of Electional Astrology

The goal of electional astrology is to find an auspicious electional chart that aligns with the client’s objectives and intentions.

Astrologers examine various factors, such as planetary positions, aspects, and even night charts, to determine the most symbolically significant moment for the event.

This moment is then translated into an auspicious date and time for the client to proceed with their plans. It is hence, important to note that there is no one-size-catch-all list of dates.

This article delves into the nuances of electional astrology, including natal charts, birth charts, and auspicious electional charts, the different approaches taken by Western and Eastern astrologers, and the importance of understanding the client’s specific needs and desires when electing a date.

Factors Affecting Electional Astrology

1. Natal and Birth Charts Affect Electional Astrology Too!

In electional astrology, a client’s astrological chart, also known as a natal or birth chart, plays a crucial role in selecting an auspicious date.

The chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment of an individual’s birth, detailing the positions of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies. By analysing these charts, astrologers can assess how the upcoming event will interact with the client’s inherent strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies.

2. Two Different Schools of Thought: East Meets West

There are distinct differences in how Western and Eastern astrologers approach electional astrology.

Western astrology focuses on finding the best date for a specific individual, considering their unique desires and goals. Eastern astrology, on the other hand, may emphasise lucky or unlucky days for everyone based on broader astrological influences.

Which one to choose?

Both schools of thought are great in their own right. If you are feeling particularly cautious, it is often best to seek advice from both Eastern and Western astrology.

Fundamentally, both methods are quite different in determining your ideal date. Hence, it is best to choose the method you “believe in” more than the other.

3. Inceptional and Electional Astrology in Practice

Inceptional and electional astrology are often used together to determine the best time to start a project or initiate a new phase in life.

Inceptional astrology focuses on the moment when an idea is conceived or when the first steps toward a goal are taken.

Electional astrology, as mentioned earlier, helps identify the most auspicious date to take significant actions or make important decisions.

Both these methodologies can yield a variety of insights that could bring us one step closer to determining an auspicious date.

4. Mundane and Horary Astrology in Relation to Electional Astrology

Mundane astrology deals with the study of events on a broader scale, such as politics, world affairs, and social trends, while horary astrology is a technique used to answer specific questions based on a chart cast for the moment the question is asked.

Both of these branches of astrology can provide context and additional insights to complement the electional astrology process.

5. The Role of Fear and Doubt in Electional Astrology

Fear and doubt are natural human emotions that can arise when making significant life decisions. An essential part of the astrologer’s role in electional astrology is to encourage clients to articulate these feelings. By discussing their concerns openly, clients can gain valuable insights into their own thought processes and learn how to address their fears and doubts effectively.

Acknowledging and addressing fear and doubt is crucial for clients seeking guidance through electional astrology. By being honest about their concerns, they enable the astrologer to provide more tailored and accurate advice, ultimately increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

6. The Importance of Realistic Expectations

Electional astrology can provide valuable insights and guidance, but it’s crucial for clients to maintain realistic expectations. A perfect date will not guarantee business success without hard work, nor will it transform a challenging relationship into a perfect one. Clients should approach electional astrology with an understanding of its limitations, recognising that it can facilitate personal growth and self-awareness rather than providing instant solutions to problems.

Planning To Use Electional Astrology?

Electional astrology is a powerful tool for individuals seeking to make the most of life’s important events.

By engaging in a thoughtful interview process, analysing natal and electional charts, and addressing fears and doubts, astrologers can help guide clients toward more fulfilling and successful outcomes.

Therefore, it is paramount that people find an astrologer Singapore that is familiar with Western astrology and its subdisciplines.

There is perhaps no better practitioner than May Sim herself in Singapore. With her deep understanding of astrology, she has guided professionals in various aspects of their lives, including career, relationships, and personal development.

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