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Feature: The Finder – Aug 2016

February 27, 2019 Insights
Feature: The Finder – Aug 2016

Insider’s Guide: SG’s ‘Sun’ Babies


Credit: TheFinder Magazine


Interested in Western Astrology? Read on to find out how giving birth in Singapore can affect your little one’s chart. By May Sim


You probably know that your astrological horoscope is based on your birth date. It’s how to know which of the 12 “signs” you are – be it Libra, Capricorn or Pisces. But did you know that your personal zodiac forecast also depends on your exact birth time and place, with its specific geographical coordinates?

A trained astrologer like myself can “chart” the placement of the Sun, Moon and planets around the Earth, based on you birth date, birth time and place. Then, we determine your so-called Sun signs (as above) and can profile your character and assess events that may happen in your life.

Check out the sample charts, at right. The Midheaven – the line in red – shows the highest point that the Sun reaches in the sky at the tie of birth. It typically represents the person’s career, reputation and what they’re known for. However, the other function of the Midheaven is. together with the hoirzon (the bold black horizontal line), to dicide the circular chart into four quadrants.

The Sun doesn’t get very high in the sky in cities at upper latitudes like, say, Stockholm or Chicago, so babies born in these cicites get slightly skewed birth charts – with the Midheaven at an angle, and unequal quadrants or houses (i.e., the 12 signs).

Take Silver Screen movie star Great Garbo, who was born in Stockholm September 18, 1905 at 7:30p.m. She had huge 6th and 12th houses that contained the Sun (conscious self-identity) and Moon (emotional security), respectively. When the 6th and 12th houses are emphasized, you find quieter, more introverted personalities. And Garbo, for all her fame, was known as a recluse who didn’t even attend Oscar awards when she was nominated.

But what if your child (or anyone, for that matter) is born in Singapore? The Lion City is almost exactly on the equator itself, and the Sun is pretty much directly overhead at noon year-round. This means we get Midheavens that are almost exactly vertical, typically dividing the circular chart into four equal quadrants . This suggests that no area of life take on additional importance by virtue of the birth location, though its still possible for a specific house to take on importance if many planets are in it.

In addition to the division of houses, the other obvious difference between cities like Stockholm and Singapore is that on can experience the four seasons – during which lifestyle and activities can vary tremendously – while the other gets an eternal summer. In places at higher latititudes, winters in particular can restrict movements and activities months at a time. Hence, it’s not surprising that some sectors of life are emphasised (such as home or family life), while others are accordingly suppressed (think social or community activity). 

And what if your family or child moves away from Singapore? I’d suggest you have an astrologer draw up a relocation birth chart. This new chart assumes that the person is born at the exact same moment in time, but in a different location and time zone.

In my own sample Singapore-to-Stockholm relocation chart, the planet suggest that home and family life might be intense. So I’d want to pack in plenty of physical activity so that any excess emotional energy is channeled out physically rather than directed at my family members.


About the Astrologer

Founder of May Sim is the first Asian Chinese person to graduate from the International Academy of Astrology with a Diploma in Modern Astrology. Get in touch with May at for a consultation; mention the code “Finder_SingaporeBabies” for a special discount.




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