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International Women’s Day Special: What’s Your Expression Of Femininity?

March 8, 2022 Career Lifestyle Insights
International Women’s Day Special: What’s Your Expression Of Femininity?

2022 is the 111th anniversary of the International Women’s Day. With so much history for us to learn from, how has our understanding of femininity evolved over the years?

Astrologically, we often associate the two planets, Venus and Moon, as astrological indicators of femininity, but in looking beyond traditionally superficial interpretations of these planets, there are deeper insights about the role of femininity in today’s world and in the years to come.

For example, the common interpretation of Venus as ‘relationships’, ‘beauty’, ‘keeping sweet’ can paint a highly superficial and restrictive picture of femininity. The traditional words conjure merely an image of obsession with fashion, makeup or sexy femme fatale and doesn’t really do a great job painting femininity as having any purpose beyond providing eye candy, or worse still, associated with idleness or frivolous expenditures.

Instead, what is emerging nowadays is the view of Venus as representing ‘values’ too and it goes beyond financial value; with increasing emphasis on other sorts of values such as work values, personal values and so forth. For e.g. A person who has a venus in sixth house values work because they enjoy the work that they do. They like the idea of using their skills, perhaps even in the area of health. Health could be a very big motivator for them to spend time and effort on.

In recent years, you can see that in workplaces, the emergence of this kind of femnine expression is now spearheading conversations, getting others to value what they think is right. The best part of this is: the movement isn’t limited to just women. Since this type of femininity is associated with the expression of planet Venus in an individual’s birth chart, plenty of men have also been participating in this form of feminine expression by championing individual values in the communities and projects they are involved in.

The Moon, with its association to woman as ‘Mother’, has a direct link to femininity, but promotes the association of femininity with being nurturing, caring, with strong maternal instincts.

However, the Moon can also mean support for others. Astrologically, Moon placements can indicate the ability and ways in which one can provide support and emotional resonance in physical, financial, spiritual and even psychological ways.  

In today’s context, the rise of concerns for counselling, mentorship, mental health, more humane working conditions, nurturance of relationships for support rather than for financial gain are all examples of how more people are getting in touch with the expression of their personal Moons in our everyday lives, with everyone being able to participate, regardless of gender or whether or not they are mothers in real life.

The recent world events such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with its show of fighting, violence and aggression is a very poignant reflection of a rather dated approach to resolving problems. This expression is classically associated with the planet Mars, usually associated with masculinity (which is different from being associated with men). 

The general global reaction to this war seems to incline towards frustration, jadedness and even anger at the way events have unfolded, and suggests a rising preference for a feminine rather than masculine approach moving forward on the handling of challenges and conflicts, be it in our personal lives or on the world stage.  

With more than a hundred years of campaigning for women’s rights and control of their lives, it seems that the Air Era has now brought the message of the International Women’s Day to its next chapter: to move the conversation away from what women can and should do, towards the integration and acceptance of feminine values into our lives and social systems, for greater appreciation of each other’s value and to provide support, rather than competition and aggression among peoples.


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