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The Age of Aquarius: Will the World Become Centralised – or Decentralised?

August 20, 2021 Insights Career
The Age of Aquarius: Will the World Become Centralised – or Decentralised?

You may have heard of the term ‘The Age of Aquarius’. Sounds mysterious and all, but I’ll demystify it for you.

Human history is divided into pseudo ‘ages’ (like the Medieval age, Renaissance period etc.), and the astrological sign attached to it gives us all a sense of what each period brings. This ‘Age’ thing will last a loooonnnng time, and doesn’t have a defined what-year-to-what-year time frame.

If you’ve watched my webinars (check them out here: viewers have called them ground-breaking), I also mentioned a 20-year period on my Air Era timeline running from 2020 to 2040; that’s just one segment of the Air Era, not the same thing as ‘Age of Aquarius’.

But that we now have a double whammy, both of those distinct things happening at the same time, and both with an Aquarian flavour to it, I’ll explain what Aquarian themes we can expect to permeate our lives.

Aquarius is By Default a Contradiction

Aquarius is known as the Water Bearer, but is actually an Air sign.

Aquarius signifies revolution, yet it is a Fixed sign, establishing and maintaining systems.

Aquarius is associated with communities, groups, brotherhood…

And yet Aquarius is also associated with the contradictory ideas of independence, individualism, detachment.

When I teach astrology, students inevitably take a while to wrap their heads around Aquarius, and yet this makes sense when we look around our world now.

Since 2020, The World Centralised Like It Never Has Before

Well, everyone’s go-to is ‘Covid-19’, but it’s not just that.

Look at the obsession over climate change and fighting its effects. Countries, professional bodies and environmental groups are uniting their efforts, everyone’s speaking the same language now.

With Covid-19, health and administrative organisations worldwide centralised their efforts, databases, control measures.

Then came the vaccinations, international travel requirements, lockdowns – coordinations occurred on a scale the world has not seen before.

On the ground, people are forming groups, initiatives and communities to address social issues, solve problems, rally support.

But the Air Era Also Brings Decentralisation and Detachment

This ‘detachment’ doesn’t always refer to emotional aloofness. It can literally mean that people detach from the system.

The most obvious is the rise of the freelancers – walking away from the old system of monthly salaries, standardised job descriptions, conventional KPIs.

Another obvious area is in the creation of new digital decentralised currencies – call it Bitcoin, Ethereum or what have you, these resources are detached from existing financial systems.

In personal lives too, people are detaching: choosing new gender roles, new types of partnerships, choosing to be child-free, choosing unconventional upbringing for the children they do have, off-grid living… the list goes on.

This Wasn’t Our World in the Past

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. It comes after the 10th sign, Capricorn.

Capricorn is a different ball game, and one that we are all much more familiar with in our upbringing years.

Climbing corporate ladders, excelling in school, accumulating assets like properties and a robust stock portfolio, getting married at the ‘right’ age, producing children as per authority (government/parent) requirements, rewarding yourself in retirement with lots of money and grandchildren.

That was the dream. It wasn’t an individual’s dream, it was society’s dream. By and large, everyone toed the line and few dared to venture away from the cookie-cutter existence.

It is 2021 now, and Capricorn’s influence is no more. Perhaps what remains of Capricorn are only the people holding on to the Capricorn perspective.

A Massive Polarity Develops As a World Reaction

We’ve seen this before 200 years ago. King-worshipping Aristocrats versus Capitalist Industrialists. Slave Owners vs Salaried Workers.

We know who won that game. Sometimes the new guy wins, sometimes the old way persists. But when a clash happens at the change of an Era, the new guy always wins.

So what we will see in the coming years is a clash, a massive divide between the people who have moved on, and the people desperate to hold on to a bygone world.

Those who cannot accept the decline of the Earth Era are desperate to somehow still keep the old way amidst the technology and the detachment.

Companies offer ‘freedom’, work-from-home packages but refuse to allow employee autonomy.

Gen Xers and Boomers ‘embrace’ technology, e-commerce and digital currencies, not to use them for promoting social benefit, but for continuing to pursue the old dream of accumulating personal riches.

Authorities, governments and parents included, encourage ‘modern’ education, but still insist on high birth rates, not realising that a less-materially-focussed world no longer needs so many human bodies as workers nor consumers of products.

Traditional publishers, broadcasters, distributors of products and traditional salespeople will fight tooth-and-nail to survive, possibly opposing and sabotaging initiatives such as:

a) Kickstarters that allow product creators to sell and fulfill orders directly
b) Youtube channels that generate millions of viewers at low-to-zero cost
c) Instagram accounts that allow teenagers to brand themselves better than professionals can deliver
d) Social media channels that allow homeowners to sell their own properties with iPhone-made videos that are far superior to what property agents produce

They will not win this fight.

Won’t stop them from trying, though.

Buckle Up Your Seatbelts, It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Ride

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, Newton says.

For every person who has evolved to the new way, there will be another person who fights to retain the old way.

For every extreme freelancer, child-free, off-the-grid individual, there will be a rigid, money-focussed, benchmark-focussed individual who wants to shut the defectors down.

Where would you like to stand?

A Much Modern Take And Practical Use Of Astrology

Astrology used to be about luck, destiny, predictions, how to get better jobs, how to make more money off the stock market etc.

Now and in the future, astrology is about expressing the abilities of individuals to bring about social benefit and authentic lives.

If you liked this article, consider adding astrology skills to your repertoire as you pivot your career and life. See here for more information on courses at Selfstrology Academy.

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