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Are You A Critical Thinker?

August 25, 2021 Insights Career
Are You A Critical Thinker?

In today’s world, you can find news and information everywhere. And with the technology evolving, the local newspapers were not the only ones providing the headlines to most people, but the internet. Relatively, it’s not surprising to know these facts, as we have transitioned to the digital age since the 20th century.

However, at some point, the advantages that we have today have negatively impacted how most people perceive things. This matter is especially true in terms of interpreting such concepts or even planning for the future. Several reasons may have swayed this issue, and one of those is how people deliver their way of communication or their headlines.

For the most part, each person reacts differently. Some may feel secured with what they read in the headlines, while others can get threatened and may not feel safe. It would be best to understand or deeply know how impactful or effective your thoughts may be in that sense.

Because in the end, it can either make or break an individual’s feelings. Such a matter may seem challenging to understand at first, but assessing and evaluating everything will help you get a better message. For that reason, critical thinking plays a huge role in understanding the message conveyed and how you deliver a message. Let’s take a look more about it here below this post.

How Critical Thinking is Important

Critical thinking plays a huge role in understanding every piece of information by acknowledging yourself better. More than that, though, it enables you to build your goals or motivation in life as you create a successful foundation to empower other individuals. 

With this skill, you will have the power to think quickly and assess and evaluate the things around you, which to this day are very important. Put, in a sense where one cannot easily plan for the future if you can’t evaluate, assess and visualize what you’re planning for. 

More than ability, Critical Thinking lies beyond the fact “To Reason” for rational thought or to think logically about the things that happened around you. It may not give out the total value of molding your character. Still, it helps build what you can be in the future with how you perceive and adapt to situations, even in their simplest manner.

Critical Thinking in Understanding Information

In many ways, we absorb any kind of data, including news, based on our beliefs, emotions, and experiences. For the most part, this could affect how we decide, plan and take a leap in our everyday lives. There may be times that both these beliefs and emotions are linked to one another, giving out a more effective and satisfying result than you could ever desire.

Relatively, relationships and culture brought up within this world can affect how you perceive and value the things around you. Believe it or not, many relationships have been broken or torn down only because people have different beliefs and ways of culture.

Arguments have always been a part of understanding any information, whether it’s about news, stories, thoughts, or opinions. Thus, people sometimes go out of bounds and only say what they want, without thinking twice about what others feel. You may agree with this point, especially when you think about people debating particular views.

In debates, it’s not only our minds, perception, senses, and skill functioning but rather our personalities as well. Now, how could that happen? It’s because apart from thinking critically, your innate character also plays a role in how you deliver or receive every message. Somewhat, critical thinking encourages your decision-making capacity by raising your decision-making patterns to the point of deliberate choice and consciousness.

Critical Thinking in Astrology

What’s even surprising is that Critical Thinking also correlates with how the signs in Astrology work. Let’s take the headlines (of every news) as an example. Wouldn’t you agree that headlines now are written to manipulate or appeal to certain types of individuals? Most experts referred to it as ‘Clickbait.’ It’s part of every company’s strategy and marketing to divert people’s attention to what they see first, more than its content.

In this manner, Mercury in Scorpio can become easily threatened and fearful when they see a headline that might be a little bit disturbing for them. Meanwhile, Mercury in Sagittarius can disapprove of that headline and get ready to oppose any comment that will come along the way. Under this circumstance, they would possibly be unable to read the whole content first, as they already eyed up their opponent.

These scenarios will not eventually result in a positive output and can either make things even worse. As the new era continues and with mercury continuously retrograding, anticipate that there might be more challenges. People may or may not use their critical thinking capacity in its complete sense.

Planning for the Future

Critical thinking goes the same way with how you respond to your future. As stated above, the said skill is about “to reason” and logically think of what you want to achieve. So if put into a situation where you need to plot your future ahead, your character and traits will play a significant role in this point. 

Mercury in Virgo perfectly maximizes its train of thought at its highest level of efficiency. When thinking about the future, such people are detail-oriented, focused, and attentive. Their sign’s ultimate nature is being a perfectionist. With this, you can expect their future to have a very prompt and accurate timeline based on what they can perceive. 

On the other hand, Mercury in Capricorn may perceive the future in a solid and determined way. They are motivated, practical, and intensely focused on what their goals are and motivations in life. Best of all, their sign itself conveys a vast character of being hardworking and committed in all aspects. So, when planning for the future, these people can put forth all their effort and dedicate it to the people they want to succeed.

Critical Thinking in its Whole Aspect

We use critical thinking almost every day in our lives. This skill or trait has always been with us, whether it be with a small or big decision. Those kids choosing what Crayon color they would pick have critically thought before deciding which one to use.

But above all of these thoughts, the main lesson would only be to think about what it’s right in a logical way. With the technology growing ahead, it is very challenging to know what’s the truth and not. Before you even respond, there will always be time to think of how to deliver your message where no one can get hurt or offended.

Headlines of every news or internet topic will constantly be flooding your social media feeds. But, as critical thinking employs, it would be better to assess and evaluate everything first before you send out your message to everyone else. In the end, no one would want to spread a negative thought at this point.

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