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You Don’t Need To Be The Big Boss

November 24, 2022 Lifestyle Tips Insights Career
You Don’t Need To Be The Big Boss

A big part of what I do in the Psychological Astrology programme is the topic of Career Profiling

Within that, I tend to talk a lot about people seeking fulfillment outside of conventional work environments. In some instances, that can mean someone starting their own business. 

However, I often get students asking me, 

“If I’m not fulfilled in a conventional job, does that mean that I have to start my own company? Do I have to be an Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos?”

The answer is “no.”

When it comes to a career choice, not everyone has to start a company. 

It also doesn’t make sense that every single person starting their own venture needs to be a super leader or in big business. 

Not everybody needs, or wants to be, the “King.”

Some people may have the personality traits and indicators in their astrological charts that I describe as a “Kingmaker.” 

A “kingmaker” is someone who works alongside a king in a supportive, advisor-like role.

Of course, this is a metaphor. We are not actually talking about a real king. The “kings and queens” of the world we know today are the Elon Musks and Sara Blakelys

And the kingmakers are not necessarily direct staff but can be important members of their business circle or advisory board. 

Whatever way they fit into the picture, their role isn’t to run the company but to help assess a situation for the king. They help the “king” decide on business partnerships, product launches and other important business decisions.

While kingmakers help the king run the company by helping with important tasks and decisions, they don’t carry the weight of the company on their shoulders the same way the king must. 

In fact, this is the part that appeals to them. 

They like that they can use their skills on somebody else’s dime rather than setting something up on their own. They don’t have to hire or fire people themselves. They simply get to give advice.

The bottom line is that the kingmakers usually have no interest in starting their own big ventures. They’re simply looking for someone strong to put their energy behind. They want to help the right person succeed. 

Their greatest pleasure is finding that “king” that they can serve.

Does this sound like I am describing you?

Here are some common clues and characteristics that will help you decide if you may be well suited to kingmaker-style career choices.

1) Kingmakers are most commonly the Mutable signs.
Signs are divided into three categories: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable

It is possible to have a mix of these modes in their charts, and it’s just a matter of knowing which one is strongest alongside those which are less strong. 

If you happen to have a strong Dominant Sign in Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo, you will find your tendency for being a kingmaker is the strongest.
People with mutable signs as their dominant sign usually don’t seek to start their own organization. 

When they do, it is more often consultancy based, providing advisory services. Even in these instances, they don’t resonate with being ‘The Boss’. The consultancy firm needs a “boss” to serve, in that they serve other businesses.

It is not uncommon for Kingmakers to be freelance consultants where they can sort of “rent their services out” to organizations where there is a more go-getter cardinal type person at the helm.

2) Kingmakers also value their independence.
They enjoy being “free agents.” They like choosing who they support, what kind of projects they support and what kind of activities that they carry out in support of the king. This means they don’t have to commit to jobs that don’t allow them to exercise their full list of strengths.

The fact is that a classic kingmaker doesn’t usually have a single specialization. Most kingmakers enjoy helping with a wide array of areas within an organization. Historically, if you look at actual king advisors, you’ll see this.

If you watch Game of Thrones, you’ll note how Tyrion helps the king in a varied capacity. He has a wide range of skills, helping with everything from politics to administration to logistics. He’s even serving as a bit of a diplomat and ambassador for the King.

The point is that there is a plethora of different roles that a kingmaker can take in service to their king. Ultimately, they do whatever is necessary to ensure that their king wins.

3) Kingmakers thrive in ever-changing environments
As their nature is strongly mutable, they are not really suited to a job where they do the same thing all the time. 

They thrive in the knowledge that the situation is constantly changing.

They like to be challenged in different kinds of situations, often requiring critical-thinking and problem solving skills to serve an  eventual objective.

Overall, the kingmaker is an extremely intelligent person and quite good at being objective. From their position, they’re able to have a full view of how the entire story plays out with choices and decisions. 

As such, these mutable people are really what allow the kings to be who they are.

….BUT… Can I still start my own business and be a boss?

I think you absolutely can still find a way to be a boss.

In one of the recent classes, I had a business owner realize she was a “kingmaker.” At first, I thought she might be offended when I identified during a discussion that she was one. After all, she’s already a very successful lady and has an impressive business record. 

However, she replied that she completely resonated with that definition.

She identified that she really enjoys working with a strong partner, somebody who is more of a go-getter. She prefers when the partner decides what needs to be done

Meanwhile, she can do whatever else is necessary to support the business and to make sure that my partner becomes successful. 

In doing so, she recognized that she is helping the partner win. And in the end, as joint business owners, they both win.

Yet, her role in the business partnership is essentially a Kingmaker.

At the end of the day, it’s about how you are applying your understanding of yourself as a kingmaker. You want your choices to help you create meaning for your career through serving your purpose

This is how you can reach brilliance in your career, no matter how you design it for yourself.

If you resonate with a lot of these kingmaker descriptions, consider reviewing some of my videos about starting your own thing. 

You’ll see that there is nearly an unlimited number of ways people have created fulfillment outside of the conventional work environment without having to be the big boss. 

Something might spark an idea for how you can apply your kingmaker skills and aptitudes in a way that would fulfill you.

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