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Cryptocurrency = Air Era?

December 5, 2021 Insights Career Lifestyle
Cryptocurrency = Air Era?

‘Is Bitcoin the next big thing?’
‘Do your predictions say that cryptocurrency is the best investment now?’

It’s a very difficult question to answer. And one I’ve been asked many, many times in the last two years, ever since I began doing mega forecast webinars (link to webinar replays)

Well, cryptocurrency is huge now, with prices rising to historical highs from week to week, so honestly, people looking for a simple answer have no need to solicit an opinion from, of all people, an astrologer.

In my experience, no one ever consults astrology in matters of uncertainty. The astrologer only ever comes into the picture when people have doubt in their mind.

This is why I am very intrigued that I have been consulted so many times on this subject that so many seem so sure of.

The first time I was asked this publicly, it was in an interview by someone who was very successful selling in the world of investments.

When I dithered on my answer, he quipped ‘Surely digital currency is the money of the future?’

To that, I answered ‘Yes. In every era, money has existed in a form commensurate with the element of that era. So yes, money will certainly be in digital form in the future’.

I don’t think anyone has any doubt about this.

The problem, I think, is that very few have actually understood that the Air Era doesn’t operate on the same parameters as the Earth Era that we come from.

Digital money, for sure, is the future.

As money, which is a universal concept.

Not as an investment or as a source of income, which is a purely Earth Era concept, going by how lots of people are dealing with it now.

Let me illustrate.

When Satoshi Nakamoto first invented Bitcoin, it was meant as a solution to the problem he saw in the way the world dealt with finances.

His decentralised system meant that people could have a way of using money and transactions that gave them the freedom to bypass what he saw as problematic third parties.

In other words, he created an alternative financial system. Not an investment.

One of the founders of Ethereum, Anthony Di Iorio, recently shocked the cryptocurrency world by disposing of his interests with his famous creation.

Not because it wasn’t profitable for him anymore. But because his true interest lay in using his abilities to solve problems.

Both Nakamoto and Di Iorio could have remained in the super-hyped space, raking in massive profits for themselves just from playing the fame and fortune game.

The potential for idol worship for these two men meant that they could get millions of people across the world to buy literally anything with just one word from them.

But they didn’t.

The people who understand the Air Era and the real-world concepts that come with it; blockchain, cryptography, community drivers, free data, solving problems in a logical way…

… Have very little interest in fame, profit, wealth, and accumulating assets.

Elon Musk has just moved into a tiny home (by American standards), essentially a box, just to keep his living simple and to be close to where he is needed to work on his projects.

Skeptics may speculate otherwise on the reasons for this, but really, it’s because the majority of the world simply assumes that decision-making by successful people is always driven by profit.

Because that’s what most people in the Earth Era do.

Adopting the ‘Air mindset’ is not determined by whether you join a tech or logistics industry.

It’s not determined by whether your business is online or brick-and-mortar.

And it’s definitely not determined by whether you invest in crypto or not.

If you pick an ‘air’ industry only because the old ones cannot pay the bills anymore, and you simply go to whatever industry has a better financial future, it’s still an Earth Era mindset.

If you take your business online only because not doing so means you lose money, you are still thinking of your business in Earth terms.

If you buy cryptocurrency only because you get a high from watching the price soar and hope that it means you don’t have to be a contributing citizen anymore and just reap passive benefits from owning Bitcoin… that’s no different from the profit-crazed thinking that Bitcoin was designed to eradicate.

It is very difficult to explain, and even more difficult to practice in our lives.

Air people don’t keep things around. Air people don’t build something and keep reaping profits off it.

Air people begin with a problem, then search for a solution to that problem. They then go on to build the solution, either by themselves or with a team.

Once that is done, they either take the solution to another level to solve more problems that arise, or when the development is done, they simply move on to the next thing.

It is only in the Earth Era that people spend half their life working their asses off to build gigantic income-producing or wealth-accumulated thing (e.g. passive income, CPF account, pay off the most expensive property they can afford, investment portfolios, MLM database), only to (hopefully) spend the other half living off it.

To truly understand Bitcoin and Ethereum and all the other crypto products and what they really mean for the Air Era, look to what Satoshi Nakamoto and Anthony Di Iorio did.

Not how their invention was degenerated by Earth Era vultures.

The true value of cryptocurrency is in the possibilities these men built for each person to build their own capabilities and conduct your own livelihood, without working for a company, a government, or an oligarch.

It requires people to continue creating solutions and contributing to society to earn cryptocurrency in a natural mode of exchange.

Not for accumulating and maximising so that we can stop working.

If you are truly thinking about security for the future, think of what problems you can help solve, so that others can pay you cryptocurrency in the future for you to deliver the solution.

Rather than thinking of how to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible to keep… with nothing planned in the future other than spending down the Bitcoin you stored up.

If there is a niggling doubt about where all the crypto hype is going, I suspect this is it.

What do you think?

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