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Why The World Will Never Be The Same Again (The Air Era)

December 15, 2021 Career Lifestyle Insights
Why The World Will Never Be The Same Again (The Air Era)

A glance at newspaper headlines nowadays shows unequivocally that the world has changed drastically.

‘The Great Resignation – millions quitting their jobs without a new one lined up’

‘Artificial intelligence and how it can do almost anything better than humans’

‘Experts fearing a complete collapse of the financial system’


The great theories and frameworks that have guided our understanding of the world seem to fail in their ability to explain why so many groundbreaking changes are happening all at the same time.

In every installment of my ‘Air Era’ webinars (watch them here), I have explained how in astrological terms, the world has transited from the Earth Era to the Air Era.

It explains the sudden change in priorities from full time jobs to the gig economy, physical products to digital products, and individual profitability to impact of projects on collective well-being, and many other phenomena.

The Eras shifted rather abruptly in December of 2020, and our human structures are rushing to keep up.

And we are never going back.

Here’s a brief explanation of how this ‘Era’ system works.

A Short Astrological History of the Modern World

There is an astrological phenomenon, known as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, that occurs every approximately 20 years. Each conjunction occurs in a sign that belongs to a specific element, which can be Fire, Earth, Air or Water.

In 1842, the conjunction occurred in Capricorn, an Earth sign, and ever since then, up until 1961, all the conjunctions that occur in 20-year intervals were in Earth signs.

In my view, this 120-year period coincided with the beginning and the development of the golden age of the Industrial Revolution.

However, the conjunction that occurred in 1981 was in Libra, an Air sign, signalling an element change for the first time in almost 140 years.

Immediately, the world got a sneak preview of the new Air Era that was to come.

The first PCs hit the market, bringing new exciting computer technology into homes, offices and shops.

A whole generation of children became enamoured with computer games, with the advent of Space Invaders, Pac Man and Super Mario.

The word ‘file’ began to mean not just a sheaf of papers bound together, but digital code stored in an array of ‘disks’ ranging from floppy disks of all sizes, then compact discs, then thumb drives and all sorts of other types of drives.

Mobile phones and digital cameras came onto the market soon after, in an explosion of new tech products, right up until the birth of the world wide web in 1989.

While the world was astounded by the possibilities brought by all these exciting developments, by 2000, the Jup-Sat conjunction reverted to an Earth sign, for one last time (this cycle).

Now done with the initial wonder of technological capabilities, the world reverted to its commercial and profit-making interests – to monetise technology.

‘What price would Facebook IPO at? What’s the revenue model of Whatsapp? Here’s the pricing model for my online software. iPhone apps come with paid and in-app purchase monetisation types…’

The marriage of Air Era technology and Earth Era commercial structures flourished between 2000-2020, which saw the rise of stock-trading apps, e-commerce, and the rise of tech billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

The Advent of the New Air Era

On 22 Dec 2020, we had another Jup-Sat conjunction, this time in Aquarius, an Air sign.

This milestone was almost immediately accented by the successful launch of a SpaceX rocket, a precursor to the now-famous ‘mission to Mars’, and the announcement that Elon Musk was now the world’s richest man.

This Jup-Sat conjunction is very important, because it is the first of many, many conjunctions in Air signs, in fact, all the way up to 2160.

Nobody alive today will outlive the Air Era. The changes we see now are here to stay.

Many of the drastic world events witnessed in 2020 and 2021 were attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, but if we are willing to see beyond the narratives spun by conventional media, quite a lot of the economic, political and sociological changes were well entrenched well before the pandemic hit, and were likely to have taken place anyway, albeit hastened by the health crisis.

It is this crossing of the line that was drawn on 22 Dec 2020, that we now have to accept the decline and collapse of the world of the Earth Era, without which the new Air Era cannot rise.

Quite a lot of people who have watched my webinars assume that ‘transiting to the Air Era’ simply means moving operations online, or buying cryptocurrency or doing meetings on zoom instead of face-to-face.

Those are easy, and many have managed it during the pandemic years.

The real transition is much more difficult; it requires a complete change of mindset and priorities, and many, many people would prefer to cling to whatever remnants of the Earth Era remain, for as long as they can.

Earth Era concepts that will have to collapse for this transition include:

  • Educational qualifications as a ticket to upward social mobility
  • Property and homes being assets that will appreciate in value over time indefinitely
  • The stock market and other assets as a game of buy and sell for profit
  • Elected governments trusted to be made up of competent individuals who understood the people’s needs better than the aristocrats and royalty that were replaced in the previous Fire Era
  • A consumption culture built on maximising the quantity of stuff owned
  • Valuation of people solely via material and monetary factors
  • Life objectives that mainly consist of accumulating as much in monetary assets as your ingenuity would allow
  • and many more

Every person alive now who is older than primary schoolers would have been brought up in Earth Era parameters similar to the ones enumerated above.

In Singapore, where I come from, you would raise eyebrows if you didn’t cash out on a home that had appreciated in price, or if you voluntarily took a paycut to be in a job that was more ‘meaningful’.

As this article is written at the end of 2021, one year into the Air Era, the upcoming 2-3 years will see the collapse of the Earth Era structures living on borrowed time.

Those who do not see this will suffer a tremendous shock, as did the citizens of the great Song Dynasty and the great Roman Empire centuries ago.

I began the series of ‘Air Era’ webinars in early 2020 as a way to prepare as many people as possible for the shift in eras.

I’ll be writing more articles, to be published in the weeks to come, diving deeper into the Air Era mindset.

Check out the links to our past webinars here, and do share them, to enable others to prepare for the upcoming years as well.

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