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Into The Psychology/Minds Of Infamous CULT LEADERS

October 24, 2021 Insights Career
Into The Psychology/Minds Of Infamous CULT LEADERS

*Just a word of caution before you read further into the article… I’ll be covering pretty much the psychology that goes behind these infamous individuals, who had been arrested and incriminated for starting, running cults along with numerous other crimes.

If you’re into criminal psychology, you’ve probably heard of these infamous men, who are most notoriously known for being the leaders of cults, manipulating members of the cults to commit a whole array of crimes ranging from; house-breaking, drugs, sex, human-trafficking, etc.

I personally am very interested from an astrological perspective, looking at the psychological indicators that point to what actually motivates these men, why they do what they do, how they conduct their crimes and what makes people actually want to follow them.

I’ll also say that the men and their astrology charts covered in this article are examples of how the indicators are being manifested negatively (at least in a society- accepted context). But, for the regular person like you and me, I’d like to get you to think about how we can use the traits described, to be used in a positive context and as a contribution to others.

At this point, you might want to check out the video that I’ve posted on my Youtube channel (click here) showcasing the behind-the-scenes as I prepare this article here. While you’re at it, please do subscribe to the channel as well, so that you get a notification whenever I post a new video and content up.

So jumping back, I’ll like to start off by introducing the first cult leader on the list; Charles Manson.

Charles Manson

Charles Manson is the oldest among the 3 men on the list and he was most active back in the period of the 70s. He’s most infamously known for creating the Manson Family and being involved with a series of serial murders, one of which includes celebrity actress Sharon Tate. Interestingly and note-worthy was that though Charles didn’t directly commit the act of the murders, it was his ideology and that the family was under his instructions. – which had still warranted him to be convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit the murders.

1) Moon in Aquarius, Moon Square Uranus

Individuals with the Moon in Aquarius, often find it difficult to connect with other people on an emotional level, but find themselves able to connect and relate to others apart from their biological family – treating them as though they are as close as family members.

In Charles’ case, he often targeted individuals, many were teenage girls for manipulation who were emotionally insecure and social outcasts. Many of which the members were runaways that he came into contact with and offered a ‘family’ to belong to.

With the Moon forming an aspect connection with Uranus, it typically results in a form of dissociative drone-like behaviour. During his trial, he along with the members of the family carved an ‘X’ on their foreheads. Members of the Manson Family would often chant in sync like drones during court processions. They would also appear in saffron robes and threatened to immolate themselves if Manson was convicted. – displaying a high disregard for their own lives in the protection of their fellow family members.

2) Mars Conjunct Neptune

When Mars is in conjunction with Neptune, this tends to result in a person who could be seen as fighting towards a set of high ideals, beliefs or a purpose. Usually, because the cause may seem idealistic and inspirational, many could be drawn towards the same common belief.

For Charles, he might have taken to the extreme of having some radical beliefs and ideas of an imminent apocalyptic race war between America’s Black population and the larger White population. He was able to attract large crowds of listeners and some dedicated followers. He had told his family that Black people in America would rise up and kill all White people except for Manson and his “Family”, but that they were not intelligent enough to survive on their own; they would need a White man to lead them, and so they would serve Manson as their “master”.

3) Pluto in the 4th House

For someone with Pluto in the 4th House, it may represent someone who was born in a family where feeling safe was somewhat impaired. Sometimes, the conditions of childhood were quite dangerous, or abusive. But in an alternative interpretation, the family/environment could have allowed the native to feel particularly powerful, empowered, and able to rely on the family for a source of power.

Charles’ mother (Maddox) got pregnant with Charles during her teenage years and the biological father is unconfirmed. His mother then married William Eugene Manson but they divorced due to “gross neglect of duty” by Maddox. When Charles was about 5 years old, his mother had been sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. Following that, Charles in his teenage years was involved with crimes such as; rape, several robberies and prostituting an underage girl.

For Charles’ and his extremely dysfunctional early childhood conditioning, later on in life, he strives to express dominance and control over the ‘family’ in order for him to feel safe. David Smith, who is a researcher at a drug probation facility, studied Charles under his supervision. He claims that Charles would attempt to reprogram the followers’ minds to “submit totally to his will” through the use of LSD. Turning his followers into “empty vessels that would accept anything he poured.”

David Koresh

David Koresh is the leader of the Branch Davidians – an offshoot of the Davidian Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Much of his influence over his followers is based on his claims of being the ‘Chosen One’ and the prophet. David had used the religion, twisted it to his radical beliefs, and manipulated his followers to do his bidding. His life had ended with suicide after a spectacular 4-hour gunfight and 51-day standoff siege between the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and his followers.

1) Moon in Aquarius, Moon Opposite Uranus

Similarly to Charles Manson, David also sought unconventional family-like belonging outside of his biological family. David claimed that all marriages in the group were dissolved and that all of the women would be his “wives” if he wanted them. If he had sex with a woman, David would say she was in the ‘House of David” and that it would be considered a privilege.

Individuals with this profile could also desire to live in isolation, detaching themselves from the world. The group settled into the Waco compound engaging in basic farming activities and lived under strict rules. He often advocated for the group to isolate themselves from the world because he claims that the world is an influence that is constantly pulling and distracting themselves from ‘god’s message’.

2) Mars in the 12th House

The position of Mars in the 12th House, could be closely associated with spirituality, or individuals with the ability to influence others with dreams, imagination and pleasures. On a very negative spectrum, activities could involve a degree of sleaze and be sex-related.

David was using music to reach a lot of people, much of his teachings included the practice of “spiritual weddings,” which enabled him to have sex with female followers of all ages under the pretext of them being “God-chosen”. He also shared his imaginary belief that the group would someday be under attack by the U.S. government and began stockpiling guns and ammunition. – which eventually, when the FBI police showed up at the Waco compound siege, this belief was reinforced and ‘proven to be true’ for his followers, motivating them to believe David even more.

Warren Jeffs

Warren Jeffs is the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church), a polygamous denomination.The practice of polygamy goes back for generations in Jeffs’ family. His father, Rulon, had at least 50 wives and dozens of children (some say the number is around 80) during his lifetime. Warren became notoriously known when the FBI placed him on its Ten Most Wanted List for arranging marriages between his followers and underage girls.

(Warren Jeffs’ Birth Time Unknown, Set for Noon)

1) Moon Conjunct Uranus

(Likely present, unless born after 7pm)

With a very similar theme to David Koresh, Warren had relationships with multiple women concurrently – often sexual in nature. You might have spotted the pattern of a sort of radical and unconventional ‘family-like’ construct within the group as seen with the other two examples in this article.

There have been multiple reports and interview recounts in which members of the group would say that Warren had zero compassion in him, and his perverse nature showed up in many of the physical abuse activities and beatings he had meted out especially onto the young children.

2) Mars Conjunct Neptune

As with David Koresh, Warren primarily used religion to control and influence his followers. He had twisted and created his own denomination to fuel his purpose and intention to abuse the women and children within his community.

Warren Jeffs’ methods applied insidious mental manipulation and nurturing kids from a young age to drive a deep sense of compliance to him. It was extremely alarming that many of the young girls within the group were quite drawn to the idea of becoming one of his wives.


This is IMPORTANT and just so that this is absolutely clear, if someone has these astrological indicators in their charts, it DOES NOT make them into cult leaders or necessarily mean that they will turn to a life of crime.

The 3 men above in the article may have chosen to use these personality traits to commit the atrocities which they did. However, for the average person going about our daily lives, we can still use these traits as a positive contribution to others.


When the Moon is associated with either Uranus or with the Uranian archetype, the individual may choose to align themselves with organisations where people come together to progress the humanitarian outcome, often dealing with society misfits, eco causes, social
connectivity, technology that improves quality of life.

The common theme among these 3 men was the motivation to create large communities, where they could “contribute to” and provide the support for them. If these men had used this for a positive purpose, they would have been able to provide impactful humanitarian support for communities and individuals who may have difficulties fitting into society.

Other known personalities who also have a Moon-Uranus association in their charts include: Bob Dylan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, David Beckam, David Copperfield – many of which have gone on to contribute positively to humanitarian and social causes.


For charts with indicators of Mars in relation to Neptune or the Neptunian archetype, they usually would be socially motivated and unselfish, having high ideals and strong desires. They can be creative with vivid imagination but with a soft side and sensitivity to avoid aggression and competition. Often can be a great source of motivation and inspiration for others.

The unifying pattern across the 3 men is that they all believed in a ‘bigger cause’ or ‘purpose’ which may have been very idealistic or attractive for their followers. There are common themes in what they aim to work towards, is a peaceful isolated life away from harsh competition. Should they have used it in a positive context, they could have helped contribute to social enterprises, spiritual organisations or companies which improve the conditions for the social underdogs.

These are some other well-known individuals with the Mars-Neptune indicators in their charts: Bob Dylan, David Beckham, Heath Ledger, John Lenon, Stephen Sondheim – which they had used themselves as an inspirational figure or their music/ art as a medium to promote a greater cause or an ideal.

I hope that you have enjoyed and learnt as much from this article as I did, in understanding the psychology that goes on behind the minds of these men, which had led and motivated them to their crimes. However, more importantly on the other end of the positive spectrum, Psychological Astrology can be used to identify the context and environment, where you can be most useful in.

Should you take an interest in Psychological Astrology, especially to be used as a coaching/ counselling tool to help others, do check out the programme that I offer in the academy (click here).

Psychological Astrology.
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At Selfstrology Academy, the focus is in using astrology as an excellent troubleshooting diagnostic tool – not just to teach just the planets, signs, houses, and the boring technicals of astrology. We go to the root of what it means and how it influences real life, and always applying astrology to a practical context.

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