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Making Sense of What’s Happening to You Now

October 2, 2013 Insights
Making Sense of What’s Happening to You Now

Transits to Your Birth Chart

Transits, especially outer planet transits, can turn your life upside down, but it can also provide you with an avenue to shake up the monotony of your life (Uranus), gain insights and lose your rigidity (Neptune), eliminate whatever is no longer working for you by sometimes addressing your greatest fears (Pluto).

The process is never simple, and the periods of your life that are hit by outer planet transits result in events or personal changes that you never forget. These characterise job changes, new relationships and romantic separations, illnesses, saying goodbye to long-term commitments… so it’s no surprise that astrologer’s clients only show up when they’re getting major outer transits – we seldom see anyone who’s not going through one of those.

Some Facts About Outer Transits

1. They last a long time.

The outer planets are VERY slow-moving – e.g. Pluto takes more than 200 years to go around the zodiac, so you’ll never live long enough to see the entire cycle, and it’s not unusual for you to feel a specific Pluto transit for up to a year. Because you’re likely to get that specific transit only once in your lifetime, it literally is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. They can really mess up your life, or effect the most amazing transformations

We’ve seen middle-age men dump their steady, long-term marriages for a holiday fling with Uranus transiting natal Venus, people cutting themselves off from family due to suspicions and distrust with Pluto transits, and others who feel a deep sense of loss and sometimes depression with Neptune transits.

However, those who work constructively with these same transits find the courage to leave unrewarding jobs during the Uranus transit, find peace by picking up yoga and meditation during Neptune transits, and finally conquer addictions during Pluto transits. How do you want to use yours?


If you would like to find out more about astrology, join me for my workshops:

I will explain the transits in greater detail, as well as how to prepare ourselves to first accept the lessons of the transit, manage its effect in our lives, and most importantly how to use the energies to grow and take control. If time permits, mini-readings will be done during the session for participants. Most of the workshops are complimentary. 

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